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Whenever Sam has a date lined up with his girl, he has his heart thumping and blood pressure soaring! Talking to his girlfriend and managing to hold her interest beyond two to three dates has almost become a Herculean task for him.

The gelled hair, Levi's jeans with an expensive T-shirt and a cool pair of shades may do the initial trick of attracting a girl of your choice, but what next? How do you proceed from there? Your exemplary sense of dressing apart, communication and presentation skills play a key role in wooing a girl.

Men and women go for dates for different reasons. But most common points of interest are intimacy, companionship, socializing, and recreation. Dates are about two people going out together to have fun, but sometimes they end up in misery for both. This depends on the quality of interaction or nature of conversation between the two of them.

Jealousy, an intense emotion when unchecked or stopped in the initial stages can cause irrevocable harm to the person who experiences this emotion. It can also probably put an end to all his/her relationships. Jealousy is one such emotion which raises its ugly head time and again, afflicting either a boy or a girl romantically involved with each other. We have heard of many acts of recklessness a boyfriend had to deal with because of his jealous girlfriend. Why does my girlfriend constantly experience bouts of jealousy? Is it something I say or do?

You may come across different types of women on the dating scene. But you may land in a tough situation when you start dating bossy women. Bossy women come in the same package as submissive types early on, but before you know it they may start ruling your home and hearth and entangle you in their tight tentacles, and then you are lost.

You have successfully sailed through your first date. Though a bit awkward and uncomfortable in the beginning, first dates can be both exciting and rewarding. How can you term it as rewarding? First dates can be rewarding if the date leads to a second one.

A second date is an indicator that you have created a good first impression. After the first date, if there is a feeling of attraction, eagerness to know the person better, you are comfortable with each other and are able to talk with each other, then your next date is more likely.

The first date determines whether there will be a second date, if at all. If the date turns into a long relationship or perhaps marriage, the first date will always be cherished.

Successful first dates should revolve around common interests and hobbies. Before asking your newfound girlfriend/boyfriend out on a date, it is wise to find out a little bit about the person, like their hobbies, interests, family background etc. Based on any shared interest or hobby you can decide upon the venue.

Studying in a girl’s school and moving on to a girl's college, Anna had never really developed a friendship with boys. When her friends discussed their boyfriends, she used to meekly wonder, "Have I missed the boat? Is it too late for me to have a boyfriend?" Time is definitely not a stipulating factor for a girl to have a boyfriend. For a person like Anna, finding a boyfriend becomes a prerogative of sorts, probably to prove a point to her peers.

How to make a good first impression

Dating can be a lot of fun if you play your cards right. It doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking experience, but an enjoyable one. Once you master the fine art of dating, you can be a winner all the way. The important thing is to get the routine down pat and get yourself to loosen up and enjoy yourself while you’re at it. The idea is not to desperately chase after women but to hone your skills in being subtle and get the desired results.

Somehow you managed to say all the right things and succeeded in getting her to come out on a date with you. But now that you have, you find the classic "Cat got your tongue" feeling. You think that you’re going to open your mouth and make some dumb gaffe or say the wrong thing and ruin the evening.

It’s your first date and you want to make just the right impression. Generally, for a lot of guys, they get pressured about where to take their date, how to behave, what to say, etc. Most often men rarely sweat over what to wear. That is a woman’s prerogative. Most women are generally less concerned about the actual date, they are aware that the pressure is on the men and all that is left to them is to go with the flow. But how to dress to impress is the chief pre-occupation of a woman. It is rightly said that clothes maketh the (wo)man.


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