Disabled dating

Dating for the disabled.

Dating Someone in a Wheel Chair

A crippling injury is one of the most fearful things to happen to anyone. But though a person can eventually get around to fact that he/she is simply lucky to be alive, it is less easy to be seen as a sexually desirable and hence a potential romantic partner in a wheelchair. However if you have met such a person and wish to know him/her better or are generally wondering how it would be to date someone in a wheelchair, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Disabled dating sites

There are sites covering virtually every topic and offering advice or information on almost any problem you may have. There are even sites for individuals who can identify with each other on religious grounds or ethical issues. Similarly people with disabilities, either mental or physical impairments, have special sites, which cater specifically to them.

They have topics of interest to this special group, forums for discussion and the chance to interact with individuals with similar problems and faced with the same challenges. It provides them with a variety of individuals with whom they can share thoughts and feelings about various issues, and possibly devise coping strategies in times of stress.

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