What are Finnish Women Like - Dating Girls from Finland

Tucked away in the northernmost part of the world, Finland is a lovely country, endowed with rich resources and natural beauty. But its wealth lies primarily in its people who are hard-working and well-educated. So if you are looking forward to socialize with the Finns, here are a few points you can keep in mind about Finnish women.

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Like to keep their distance

If you have just landed in the country, remember that Finns are not very demonstrative people. Here people prefer keeping a certain distance to people they are talking with and depending on the situation, a Finnish woman's personal space is from one to two meters, at the very least. So don’t go hugging or kissing a woman you have just met or you will be put your place with an icy stare and worse never hear from her again. Indeed they stay away from physical contact even with the people they know. And the most that they will do when meeting a stranger is to shake hands. So when meeting someone for the first time, be prepared for a little formality on behavior even in a social setting. Keep in mind that this is more a result of shyness rather than willful reticence.

Not much of a talker

The social formality of Finns goes well with their verbal reticence. If you are out with a pretty Finnish date, be prepared to do most of the talking yourself. This is because a Finn likes to talk as little as possible and you may find that engaging in social chit-chat with a stranger one of the most difficult experiences for a Finnish woman. While you are perfectly comfortable talking about your job, friends, country or the last vacation you took, when asked a questions, she may mumble something unintelligible and quickly turn the conversation back to you.

Smart and well-educated

Interestingly though, the laconic attitude of Finns is not due to a problem with the language since most of them speak English quite well. In fact Finland has one of the best educational systems in Europe with The World Economic Forum ranking Finland's tertiary education at the second place in the world under The Global Competitive Index 2006-2007. Finland is especially productive in scientific research and in 2005, it had the fourth most scientific publications per capita of the OECD countries. Also Finland has a long tradition of adult education and by the 1980s nearly one million Finns were receiving some kind of instruction each year. Apart from evening schools, civic and workers' institutes, study centers and vocational course centers, folk high schools are quite popular in Finland. A distinctly Nordic institution, folk high schools allow adults of all ages to stay  for several weeks and take courses in subjects that range from handicrafts to economics. For all these reasons, Finnish women on the whole are among the best-educated in the world. They are smart and not only professional qualified but also aware of international trends and events. So if you are keen on impressing your Nordic girlfriend, you better oil your grey cells and find some interesting topics to chat with her.

Like to have fun

Even though Finnish women may appear rather serious and reticent at first, once they get to know you well, you can find them some of the most enthusiastic party lovers you have ever come across. The singles among them can usually be found thronging nightclubs and restaurants but they also like going out in groups. Indeed a distinctive aspect of party-hopping in Finland is the "jatkoille". On weekends, after the usual round of entertaining or dancing is over at the restaurant or nightclub, Finns gather at someone's house or apartment and continue drinking and partying; this is known as the "jatkoille" or “continuations". Foreign men are especially favored by Finnish women as partners since the former are believed to be more attentive, adorable and especially more passionate than Finnish men, especially when the foreigners in question are from "Macho" countries such as Greece or Brazil. The Finns’ love of festivities roughly peaks around two times in a year. The first season of celebrations is at Christmas which also includes New Year and is a time for large-scale shopping, feasting and drinking. The other time for celebration is the Midsummer weekend which falls somewhere near the end of June, after 21st day. Usually everyone gets at least four days' vacation at Midsummer weekend and they spend this weekend away from home like a mini-vacation.

Hot and steaming

If you wish to have a truly steamy time with your girlfriend, ask her to take you to the sauna. The Finns are rather proud of their culture of the sauna and indeed almost every Finnish house has a sauna – here, it is not considered to be a luxury. to help you get used to the heat which can reach upto Celsius plus or about 250°F plus, your Finnish girlfriend may offer you lager, beer or cider which are considered typical sauna drinks; she may also invite you to partake of grilled cheap sausage or "lenkkimakkara” which is a conventional sauna food.

However if you are the squeamish kind, consider whether you want to go to a public sauna. This is because In Finland, it is common for whole families go to the sauna and when in there, they take off their clothes. Here people are much more accepting of public nudity than in most other parts of the world.