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You seem to have it all – a successful career, sparkling wit and personal appeal – but still you may find it difficult to meet an attractive woman who is equally interested in you. Dating experts often speak of looking at places where there is a larger pool of potential dating partners for greater success. So if you are a guy and still unattached, the following list can be useful in deciding where to look since these countries in the world are some of the best places to meet women.

10 Places to Meet Single Women Looking for Men - Dating for Busy Professionals

Single men who hold good jobs are the stuff of every woman’s dating dreams. Still, most of these available men complain that they don’t get to meet suitable partners, probably because they are so tied up with their work. So if you are a single guy, eager to date smart attractive women, but too busy to while away your day in bars, here are ten places you can check out to get your social life buzzing.

If you are tired of waiting for friends and family to set you up with a date or endlessly hoping that the cute guy-next-door asks you out, it is time to take matters in your hand. Here are a few ways that can help you to meet a guy in ten days or even less.

There was a time when matchmaking was the pastime of twice-removed aunts whose own children had been married off and who thus all the time in the world to meddle into other peoples’ affairs. Or young people trusted their luck to community socials where they could meet potential partners from their own place and social background.

Going about to meet women can seem a delicate task to even the most outgoing of men but for guys who are shy, it can be downright daunting. Being less comfortable than others in social situations, shy guys often shun venues like bars or nightclubs which are the usual places for meeting women. However if you are an introvert by nature, don’t despair since there are several other options you can check out if you want to meet women.

Girls can intimidate men easily. but, if a guy is sincere and persistent enough, it increases the odds of getting some love back. It may not be easy to please the woman of your dreams but if you play your cards well, it isn’t hard either. Every step needs to be taken gradually and cautiously. Take it slow..a step at a time. Taking your friendship to the next level is the logical step. And this is the guide to tell you how!

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Heightened stress that comes from juggling a career and family has convinced many women of the benefits of staying at home and bringing up kids. Rising family incomes and greater awareness of the value of a mother’s contribution to running a family have made the transition easier. However for guys with regular nine-to-five jobs, it becomes difficult to come across stay-at-home moms to date. Here are a few tips in meeting and dating women who would rather be stay-at-home moms rather than professionals.

Often you get caught up in a spur- of- the-moment impulse and agree to go out on a date with someone you just met. Sometimes you pity him – which is one of the worst possible reasons to go on a date. Or you were caught off-guard and couldn’t come up with a good enough reason to refuse. Or you were caught up in the mood of the evening and agreed to see him again.

You may have noticed recently how all your buddies do the vanishing act on weekends. Could it be that they have their own girlfriends to go out with while you are left twiddling your thumb and wondering who to call? If so, you needn’t worry any more ‘cause here are ten sure shot ways to get a girlfriend and a life as well.

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In traditional societies, weddings are extremely important social events; these not only signify the union of two partners and more importantly two families into the marital bond but offer opportunities to open potential marriage negotiations. While in modern society, weddings are not the prime venue for partner-hunting, they can be equally useful in throwing single, attractive men your way.


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