Can your female friends find dating partners for you?

You may find the woman of your dreams at party, wedding, a church, at work or online. If you find it difficult to find a date in spite of the chances offered by such social gatherings, you can always tap your friend!

You may have many female friends but no one to date - these are women with whom you share simple, platonic friendships which do not have any prospect of turning romantic. These include the girlfriends of friends. They may try to help you by setting you up with women they know. The advantage in such situations, where female friends play cupid, is that you are likely to meet women you like, as your friends are familiar with your likings and aspirations.

Like Cher Horowitz, played by Alicia Silverstone in the teen-drama, ‘Clueless’, a female friend may play cupid to set you up with dates. Some women simply adore fixing up friends on dates. In the words of Elizabeth,  “I like to make my friends happy. Imagine if just one of my experiments turned into something spectacular? The hope of playing a tiny part in helping someone find their soul mate is enough to make me keep trying.”

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There are chances that you can trust her to fix you up with a really great woman, but there are also chances that you are set up on a blind date with the girl of your nightmares.   The latter may happen because, despite your female friend’s best intentions, you are simply unlucky.

Sometimes friends may go overboard to find you a date. Take the case of Lance Archibald of Salt Lake City, who hit 31 without a girl, despite credentials like graduating from Harvard Business School and being a pro at basketball. His friends set up a billboard on an interstate near Lyndon, 40 miles south of Salt Lake City, with his picture and a line saying, “ I am Lance. Let’s go out.’ Those wanted to respond could do so through a website crested by Lance’s friends. Amazingly, this website got a good response!

The danger with female friends setting you up with their friends is that your love life may be subject to open discussion among this clique of friends.   It may be particularly painful if you fail to hit it off or your romance ends on a terribly discordant note. Your male friends may start to avoid you if you are a cad in their girlfriend’s estimation. Or worse, your failed date may start dating another of your friends.

Fix-ups are terribly unpredictable. They have the prospect of being really great or going horribly wrong. Take the case of Robert. He had been on fix-ups, but all of them turned bad and never graduated to even a second date. For example, one girl behaved as though she was terribly bored with the date and acted the whole time as though she was doing a favour for a friend. This was a setback for Robert, but he went along with some more fix-ups, because he respected his friend’s opinion and was also flattered that she considered him worthy of dating her friends.

Diane also has been to a few fix-ups. She says she felt flattered that her friends had gone through the effort of fixing her up and she feels it is usually a safe bet that whoever is fixing you up, knows enough about your taste and personality to introduce you to a person of similar nature. But some of her dates have turned out so bad that she says, “The person initiating the connection either doesn’t have a clue about me or she has experienced a major head injury that I am not aware of. ” Yet she has not given up on fix-ups, she approaches them with a sense of adventure; as she says, "They might turn into second dates and more, or if not, they are great stories to regale your friends with.”

For those who are beaten at the dating game, there are some unique alternatives, as a very serious Mark Miller writes, "Forget singles bars, online dating and friends fixing you up on dates; if you are really serious about finding a date, you will head to your local supermarket!”