How to Start a Conversation with a Girl

How often have you noticed an attractive girl sitting two places away from you and wished you knew how to chat her up? It is not that hard to get talking to a girl but you must know how to catch her attention without coming across as cheap or desperate. Here are a few ways to start a conversation with a girl and keep it flowing.

Act promptly

It is not every day that you notice a good-looking girl sitting or waiting by herself. So when you do get such an opportunity, act quickly. Just walk up to her and open a conversation. The more you sit and debate on whether you should do such a thing and what will follow if you do, the more you are likely to psych yourself out of it. Moreover if you stall for too long, you may find her getting ready to leave even before you have mustered up the courage to chat her up.

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Take in the situation

A neutral comment on the surroundings is a great way to open a conversation. You may be in a bookstore, a park or at a party - as you walk up to speak to a girl, observe the place around you and make a comment about something that looks interesting. If you are a bookshop, remark on the relaxed atmosphere they have here or if you are at a friend’s party, appreciate the music that is playing and then ask about her favorite band. The best part about a situational opener is that it can be used anywhere but usually requires some quick thinking by the person who is initiating the conversation.

Talk about her

Beginning a conversation with a comment about a girl you have just met may seem a cheeky thing to do but if you go about it with wit and finesse, you may end up impressing her as well. The secret here is to notice something unique about her and not start with a line that can be used for any other girl. If, for instance, you pay her a specific compliment on the scarf she is wearing, she will be pleased to know that you have taken the pains to notice something special about her. She is wearing the scarf not only because it is pretty and perhaps expensive but because she wants people to know that she has fine tastes and looks good in it. More than that she will be happy to talk about her favorite subject – herself. So pick on the subtle cues – and sometimes obvious ones – that a girl often emits and use them to start a conversation.

Make use of props

All those who are into theater know the importance of props. Things like furniture, plants and objects help to fix the time and place of the action. These can make useful starters for conversations too. The advantage of using talking props like books and grocery bags are that they offer a safe way to begin the conversation and keep it on neutral ground. If for instance, you are waiting at a coffee shop and you notice a pretty girl in the queue, observe what is around you. You may notice the hand-painted coffee mugs that are on sale and make a comment on them to open a conversation. Props can also be objects that you carry about. A great way to attract girls’ attention is to walk a dog in the park. And if it is a cute puppy you have gamboling at your heels, you can be sure that a girl will want to scratch its ears, which is a definite cue for you to begin a conversation.

Ask open-ended questions

Relationship experts will tell you that to catch a girl’s attention, ask her to tell you about herself. But be sure to keep the questions open-ended since nothing kills a conversation faster than a yes/no question. If you merely ask a girl whether she like the new Batman movie of whether he likes the book she is reading, she will probably answer with a simple yes or no and that will be the end of it. On the other hand if you want to chat up a girl at a library, you could begin by asking what she is reading and if it is interesting. Similarly if you meet someone at a woman’s apparel store, you could ask her what she thinks of a particular dress and if she might recommend something for a teenage sister. Not only will these questions keep the conversation going, but the girl will be glad to have her opinion sought by you.

Say a simple 'Hi'

Starting a conversation with a direct approach can work wonders more often than it is acknowledged. This strategy works best when you both are in a situation where not much is happening around, for instance, waiting in a line at the bank or fast-food outlet. If the girl looks bored, smile at her casually and begin with a simple ‘hi’. You will be making just a social gesture and if she responds positively, you can take the conversation further.

Avoid using pick-up lines

Girls on their own are generally wary of men approaching them, whether in a private party or at a public venue. And if these men come armed with some horny pick-up lines, girls are sure to give them the cold shoulder. So avoid pick-up lines like the plague if you want to have a genuine conversation with a girl. Think of something original and meaningful and you will surely be able to hold her interest. The ground rule for all conversation starters is to keep them simple and fun. Keep in mind that you have only met her and thus anything too personal or intense will make her draw back. Use wit, humor and sincerity to chat up a girl and she is sure to respond to you.