10 Cities to Meet Educated Singles

Intellectual compatibility may not rank as high as chemistry or good looks among popular factors supposed to influence choice of a partner, but there is a sizable portion of the dating pool who wish to meet singles with a comparable level of education or at least intellectual awareness. If you are a globe-trotter and wish to meet educated singles, here are ten cities you can explore.

  1. Boston, USA

    The most obvious reason for Boston’s presence in the list of cities with educated singles is the presence of many world class universities like Harvard, Boston College, Boston University, and the Massachusetts institute of technology. All these centers of higher learning not only attract aspiring intellectuals from all over the country and even world but make up a sizable segment of students in the entire population. Besides a thriving campus life, Boston also has burgeoning finance and healthcare industries, both of which attract their own share of professionals with advanced education.

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  2. Washington DC, USA

    Even though Washington dc is home to many reputed universities and colleges, the primary reason for its population of educated people is the presence of government. As the national capital, numerous federal government organizations and services are headquartered in dc. In 2008, the federal government accounted for around 27% of all the jobs in the city according to statistics provided by the District of Columbia department of employment services1. Apart from numerous government institutions, many of the area’s non-governmental organizations and defense contractors require workers with advanced degrees which draw a large group of educated men and women to the city. Such professionals not only enjoy the comfortable lifestyle and the socio-political influence that access to the corridors of power brings but in fact most of these jobs are proof against fluctuating financial conditions since the work of the government goes on all the time.
  3. Toronto, Canada

    The population in Canada has some of the highest levels of education in the world. In Canada, 50% of the adult population has completed tertiary education2, which is the highest rate among the countries of the OECD or organization for economic co-operation and development. Apart from this tertiary education spending accounts for 41% of total education spending in the country. And in Canada, Toronto is one of the cities where the most qualified people live. This is primarily because of the presence of thriving finance and service sectors which attract professionals from all over the country and even continent. Apart from this Toronto has several well-known universities like  the university of Toronto whose faculty of applied science and engineering was ranked number one in Canada, number eight in the world and number five in north America in the "Engineering And It" category of U.S. News & world report's 2010 world best universities rankings.

  4. Copenhagen

    The modern Danish economy is no longer dependent on traditional businesses like shipping and agriculture. In recent times, Denmark has emerged as one of the one of the top locations in the world for information and communications technology activities and investments, and is praised as the best test market in the world. The nerve center for all this is the capital city Copenhagen and its suburbs which are home to several science and technology parks as well as business tech parks like  the Danish science park, the international science park fyn and the cat science park center for advanced technology. Apart from these there are several grades of highly qualified scientists and researchers working in the thriving research & development sector of the Danish economy. All this implies a sizeable percentage of highly skilled professionals, students and academics in and around the city which are likely to include their share of singles as well.  
  5. Helsinki

    Helsinki is the capital of Finland where the electronics industry relies on heavy investment in research and development and has been accelerated by the liberalization of global markets. The best known name is of course Nokia, the world-famous cell phone manufacturer and world-leader in mobile communication but presence of other companies such as instru, vaisala and neles which is now part of metso – indicates that a large part of the population is employed in areas such as industrial automation, medical and meteorological technology most of these professionals work in and around Helsinki and one would do well to check out the meeting places in Espoo, which is part of the Helsinki metropolitan area; the headquarters of Nokia for instance is located in Keilaniemi, Espoo. The Helsinki University of Technology is based in Otaniemi, Espoo, along with a thriving science community that includes numerous startups and organizations such as VTT – The Technical Research Center of Finland are other sources of a highly educated population in Helsinki.
  6. Tokyo

    Japan has become a by-word for the ultimate in technological advancement. This is not only because of the fact that Japan promotes the use of latest technology in manufacturing processes but also because it pours thousands of billions of dollars every year in research. In fact Japan is a world leader in fundamental scientific research, having produced no less than fifteen Nobel laureates in physics, chemistry or medicine. Some of the country's more prominent technological contributions are in the fields of electronics, automobiles, machinery, earthquake engineering, industrial robotics, optics, chemicals, semiconductors and metals. Among the places where one is most likely to meet singles from the high-tech world are the many universities and scientific institutions in Tokyo as well as more social venues like robotic games and video games festivals or fairs promoting science and technology which regularly take place all over the city. In Tokyo a single may find worth his/her while to explore Akihabara where most of the techno-lovers can be found browsing for the latest in games and electronics.
  7. Prague

    Besides being the political, financial and cultural hub of the Czech Republic, Prague is also its most important educational center. The city is home to as many as five public universities of which the Charles University established in 1348 is the oldest university in east and central Europe. Along with many other private colleges and technical institutes, Prague also boasts of ten public research institutes and four business incubators. Then there are a few large research-oriented hospitals such as the institute for clinical and experimental medicine in Prague or the motol university hospital. All these institutions are evidence of a thriving environment for research and development and a large army of well-paid research fellows, professors, academics and scientists. In fact according to an estimate 2, the nation’s gross expenditure on research and development accounted for 901.3 million Euros or a healthy 41.5% of country's total. Some well-known multinational companies have established research and development facilities in Prague, among which are Siemens, Honeywell or Sun Microsystems – this further indicates a substantial group of researchers and technology professionals that constitute the most qualified segment of the population.
  8. Birmingham

    Birmingham is home to three universities which are among the largest in UK. The University of Birmingham, the Aston University and the Birmingham city university together with other two university colleges account for a sizeable number of people who are engaged as teaching staff or in the research and development sector. And even though professors and researchers may not make as much money as businessmen and financiers, the easy and comfortable lifestyle enjoyed by most of the academia is good enough to attract many a prudent single. Apart from meeting potential partners at university functions, fests and convocation parties, one can also explore the thriving financial and service sectors of Birmingham which draw educated professionals from all over the country.
  9. Tel Aviv

    Among all other countries of the world, Israel is noted for devoting one of the greatest percentages of its GDP towards research and development, the nerve center of which is the capital tel Aviv. As a consequence it has not only some of the best infrastructure for scientific research on the planet but also a large army of scientists, researchers and technology experts who are among the best paid professionals in the country.  Tel Aviv university is the largest university in Israel and along with the Bar-Ilan university in neighboring Ramat Gan, the student population makes up a substantial segment of the city demographics, not to mention a sizeable international community. Tel Aviv is especially a great destination for meeting budding intellectuals and professionals since the city  has one of the youngest populations in the world. Its high standard of living and great many socializing opportunities make the city a great place to find love especially among the young, educated singles.
  10. Auckland, New Zealand

    Even though New Zealand is not among the wealthiest countries of the world – its GDP per capita is less than $30,000 – nevertheless, 40% of the country’s population engages in tertiary education, the fifth-highest rate in the world. One of the most visible centers for educated people to gather in New Zealand is Auckland. This is mainly because as the largest and most populous metropolitan area of New Zealand, Auckland is brimming with professional opportunities. Financial and business services make up a significant percentage of Auckland’s economy. In March 2009, Auckland city had 353,000 jobs, of which 26.3% was held by property and business services, according to "Auckland business and economy report 2009”, published in the official website of the Auckland city council. This implies that the city has a large number of successful professionals engaged in finance sectors banking, investment and insurance as well as in communication, real estate, information technology and allied services – all of which require a high level of education and professional qualification. The means to attain this too are present in the city since Auckland has a large number of tertiary educational institutions of which the best known are the University Of Auckland, Auckland University Of Technology, Massey University, Manukau Institute Of Technology and Unitec New Zealand.


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