Dating Opportunities for Over 40 Men - Date after you're Forty Plus


Getting smart, good looking people to date can be a matter of luck at the best of times. However, once you have crossed 40, dating options seem to drastically shrink in range. All the interesting ladies out there either seem to have a wedding ring on their fingers or appear to be already taken. It is enough to drive a single man back to his beer-mates and a sorry game of darts.

So if you are over 40 and looking to date smart, attractive women – take heart. There are lots of decent and interesting women who are single and looking for someone to love. The following are some unexpected as well as tried-and-tested ways to find great single women over 40 to date right now.

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Get a new gang

It is difficult to meet new people if you keep having the same 15 blokes to all your parties. A good way of bringing some new blood into your group is to organize Parties Once-Removed. This requires each member of the party to bring a guest that nobody else in the group knows. This way there will be a lot of new faces in the party and a greater chance of meeting someone interesting.

Join a special-interest club

If you spend all your free time at the golf club, maybe you need to expand your range of interests. Consider joining a book club which is bound to have lots of intelligent women as its members and if you’re lucky you might get an attractive single lady to discuss Madame Bovary over a cup of coffee. Or explore other special-interests groups like a philately club or a gardening society. Many of these will have members who're over 40 and single. It need not be one specifically related to your interests, since the whole point of it all is to go out and do new things with new people.

Go to somebody else’s party

Persuade a single friend to take you to some of the social events where he is invited. You will not only get to meet new people, but your pal may prove to be a useful guide in helping you avoid the weird lady with twenty-nine cats or the peroxide blonde who is on the look-out for her seventh husband.

Attend intellectual events

If you are eager to meet women over 40 who, like you, are looking for self-growth, then attend seminars and conferences organized by community leaders and motivational speakers. Try to book yourself into the ones organized over the weekend, as they will offer more opportunities for socializing. If some of the events seem too pricey, ask the organizers if you can contribute at the event for free admission. With a crowd of over three-fourths women at such seminars, it is bound to prove a happy hunting ground for mature single women.

Become a volunteer

Most cities have philanthropic singles' societies which offer mature men and women the opportunity to meet each other even as they make useful contributions to the society. See if your city or town has such an organization and if it does not, visit the website of Habitat for Humanity. It is a great way to meet like-minded people of all ages and what’s more, you will be helping to make the world a better place at the same time.

Dress appropriately

Men over 40 these days are fitter, more active and assured than ever before. The main advantage of dressing after 40 is that you have more money to spend on your clothes and a look of confidence needed to carry off any style. However this does not mean that you pick clothes that guys in their 20s are wearing. Avoid anything that is too tight or looks as though it has been run over by a rainbow. Choose from well-tailored suits, crisp white shirts, Lacoste polos and designer khakis. Women will love your sense of style and be eager to know you better.

Be choosy on the Internet

Online dating sites seem to be a great way to meet women who are available. You expect to sit in the comfort of your home, in your PJs and reach out to thousands of women who might be willing to go out with you. And yet, most men give up on their online dating attempts in just three months. Stick to dating sites which specialize in men and women over 40. Take care to compose your online dating profile. Find women with common interests and shared values, instead of looking for someone who is ready to get intimate at the first meeting. Look for dates who seem to be at par with your intellectual capabilities, so that even if she turns out to be less attractive than in her profile, at least you will have an interesting time on your date.

Go for a vacation

Travelling is a great way to meet new, interesting people. Book yourself on a cruise or a jungle safari and who knows, you may come across a like-minded single woman. These days, tour organizers cater to singles groups in specific age brackets. Do some research and choose a travel operator who is eager to look after the interests of mature men and women. And even if you don’t find the woman of your dreams, at least you can come back refreshed from the break and, once again, ready for the chase!

So if you are already 40 and still without a steady partner, don’t despair. Stop feeling that your options are quickly running out and you need to hook up with someone before your next birthday. Looking for hurried ways to strike up a relationship will not get you anywhere and is likely to leave your tired and frustrated. Rather focus on what you are looking for in a date and then set about meeting her. Have patience and explore the above opportunities and who knows, you just might get lucky and find the woman of your dreams – even if you are in your 40s, 50s or beyond.