Is your Facebook Profile Killing your Dating Potential?


Social networking is now a way of life and sites like Facebook have revolutionized the very dynamics of inter-personal relationships. Sometimes however, what gets posted on these sites may appear far from flattering to your person and character. So go through the following points and consider if your Facebook profile is killing your dating potential.

Pics that don’t look nice.

Photos are an essential part of a member’s profile on dating and social networking sites. But while you may be more particular about the pictures accompanying your online profile on a dating site, remember that those appearing on Facebook may not always appeal to a potential date.  You may feel that your pics at a friend’s birthday bash show you as a fun-loving guy who likes to do justice to a host’s bar, but actually those Facebook photos may be making you look more like a drunken sailor. Enough to put off anyone who may have been thinking of going out with you.

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Pics that reveal too much.

A potential date checking you out on Facebook may be surprised to see that the guy/girl who looked so cool and collected on an online dating profile appear with barely a stitch in his/her photos on the social networking site. Pictures of you in revealing clothes or having a good time with several members of the opposite sex might send out the wrong signals to somebody who may be considering dating you. If your potential partner is even remotely interested in more than a sexual relationship, then such  Facebook photos may actually damage your chances with him or her.


Racial slurs and biases.

While posting comments and sharing thoughts with friends on Facebook, rarely does someone stop to think of how they might be perceived by people belonging to a different circuit. Social networking sites have brought about a loss of privacy which would have been unthinkable till even a generation ago. While it is precisely this ability to share one’s innermost thoughts with millions around the world that attracts people to social networking sites, the same phenomenon can cut both ways – revealing your inner prejudices and hatreds and making your personality appear far from attractive to a potential date. In these times, even if you do not completely agree with politically correct stands on issues like race, religion, gender and class, it is totally unacceptable and in fact illegal for anyone to discriminate against others on these grounds. While it is easier to remember and prevent such revelations in face-to-face encounters, one often gets carried away discussing such issues on Facebook with like-minded people. So you may be merely sharing your past if you happen to mention that Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf was a major  influence in high school, but it could send out some pretty weird signals to people who don’t know you well, especially since you cannot immediately explain your choice to whoever may be reading it.

Love for yourself.

The opportunity to put oneself in constant limelight is another major factor for addiction to social networking sites. On sites like Facebook, you have endless scope for talking about yourself, what you like and hate, where you went for your last vacation, what you think about the South African vuvuzela and what you had for breakfast this morning. Not to mention the words ‘Mr. Desirable’ or ‘Princess’ on your profile besides all the photos and videos capturing everything from the new condo you moved into last week to all the famous people who came for your pool party. This exercise in narcissism may feel delicious to you and the reason why Internet was invented but it may not be so attractive to someone thinking of dating you. Imagine, who in their right minds would want to spend an evening in the company of a guy/girl who cannot think beyond his/her pretty self. Relationships are all about give-and-take and as soon as a potential partner suspects that dating you would be setting oneself up for a constant barrage of I-me-myself prattle, he/she would be unlikely to turn up.

Your friends and their comments.

Social networking as mentioned before acts like a double-edged sword. If Facebook allows you to express your opinion on your ex’s culinary skills – or the lack of them – it also offers the same person an opportunity to reminisce about the time when you got drunk at your sister’s wedding and ended up in the lock-up. And even if the only people who have access to you on Facebook are your friends, certain anecdotes about your colorful past or comments on your silk fetish can ruin your chances of continuing to see the girl/guy you had particularly liked on your last date. Not everything about you is bound to be flattering and before you expose your personal life on Facebook, consider how all this may appear to a potential date.

Pages you like.

Your Facebook profile is all about your interests and favorites. So it is hardly unexpected that you should happen to list the pages you like. But remember they may not be something that a potential date would equally enjoy. Similarly, you may have sometime in the past mentioned strip clubs or porn sites as your ideal way to relax after a rough week at work.  Only it may not be something a prospective boyfriend or girlfriend would look forward to on a weekend date.

Social networking site like Facebook have emerged as one of the most effective ways to meet new people from around the world. In this age when time is at a premium, such sites offer quick and convenient ways to know and interact with interesting people through text as well as visuals. At the same time if you are hooked on to Facebook because it lets you share all your thoughts and views, remember that everything about yourself cannot be endearing to everyone. So just like on actual dates when you make the effort to put your best foot forward, try to do the same on your Facebook profile if you don’t want to kill your chances at potential relationships.