Cities to Find Single Women 10 US Cities where Women outnumber Men

You seem to have it all –  a successful career, sparkling wit and personal appeal – and yet why is getting to meet a likable date such hard work. Dating experts often speak of looking at places where there is a larger pool of potential dating partners for greater success. So if you are a guy and still unattached, the following list can be useful in deciding where to look since these US cities have a higher number of women as compared to men.

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  1. New York City

    The greatest concentration of women in United States according to a news report in The Boston Globe 1 is in Greater New York. Here single women outnumbered single men by more than 210,000 in the report dated March 2008 and things are hardly different now. The large percentage of single women as compared to single men in major metropolitan centers like New York City can be ascribed to the fact that women in their marriageable years tend to gravitate to these centers in order to find successful male partners. Moreover women who are smart and successful professionals themselves are likely to stay single longer as the take their time choosing partners most eligible for them.
  2. Philadelphia

    The largest city in the state of Pennsylvania is yet another major center where women outnumber men in the country. According to statistics provided by the 2000 US Census, for every hundred females aged eighteen and over, there were around eighty-one males. Moreover Philadelphia is one of the few cities where the African-American population at 43% is comparable to the white population at 45% and thus one of the best cities in US for black single men to look for female partners.

  3. Washington D.C

    The capital of United States appears to be yet another happy hunting ground for single men of the country. Here the percentage of single women heading families seems particularly high at more than 50% of all families with children less than eighteen years. So if you are looking to date unattached women in this city, be prepared to come across single moms. Also with 46% of its residents boasting of a four-year college degree, better brush up your intellectual skills too.
  4. Detroit

    Along with major metropolitan centers along the East Coast, the Midwest is another part of the country where women outnumber men in numbers. Detroit in fact has 20,000 women more than men which can be a great advantage to men looking to date in this industrial city.
  5. Memphis

    This city in American Southeast too has one of the highest concentrations of women with the ratio of men to women one of the lowest in the country at 88:100. Relationship experts in the city point out that the faltering economy of Memphis is largely to blame – the lower the economy sinks, the lesser there is to attract wealthy successful men here.
  6. Birmingham

    The largest city in the state of Alabama, Birmingham appears to be the frontrunner as far as cities with the largest concentration of women are concerned. For every hundred females aged eighteen and over, there were just around eighty men in the city according to figures provided in the 2000 US Census. The gradual shift of the city’s economy from heavy industries to financial services and education perhaps reflects the heavy tilt towards its female residents.
  7. New Orleans

    Yet another city from the American South to have a higher female to male ratio is New Orleans. Here for every 100 females, there are only 89 men according to figures from the 2000 US Census. New Orleans might owe its heavy concentration of female residents to its floundering economy, especially after Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on the city, which motivates men to seek their fortunes in other places.
  8. Richmond

    The capital city of the Commonwealth of Virginia in United States, Richmond is famous for several important government, legal and financial institutions. This might help to explain why the city attracts professional women rather than men. In fact according to figures from 2000 US Census, for every hundred women in the city there are just around eighty-three men. So if you are a single guy looking for an educated and smart woman as a partner, Richmond may just be the place for you.
  9. Miami

    Remember all those shots of Miami which show gorgeous tanned women frolicking on the beach. Well, they may not be very far from truth what with the city having a slightly higher concentration of women as compared to men. Statistics from 2000 US Census reveal that the city has around ninety-seven men for every hundred women above the age of eighteen. So take advantage of the balmy weather and head for the most popular hangouts in the city. These usually range from the exotic beaches like the Palm Beach and Sunny Isles Beach to upscale pubs and bars of the downtown area like Virginia Key, Watson and the Port.
  10. Boston

    The Greater Boston Area - including cities like Cambridge, Lowell, Brockton and Quincy - has a relatively lower ratio of women outnumbering men. However the place still has around 1600 more women than men. At the same time this near perfect balance of singles is not only rare among large cities in the country but in fact good news for all those looking for a partner. This is because singles attract other singles as evident from a number of studies which show that young people choose where to live first and then look for a suitable job there. The news report in The Boston Globe mentions a survey conducted by Forbes magazine where young singles of both genders were asked about what mattered most in the places they lived, and more said "number of other singles" rather than "great career prospects".