10 US Cities where Men outnumber Women - Cities to find Single Men

One of the most significant factors which determine success in dating is the size of the dating pool. The larger the pool of potential candidates, the higher the possibility of landing a date. So if you have been sitting idle on Saturday evenings despite having virtually all that it takes to attract a date, perhaps you have been looking in the wrong places. If you are a woman, here is a list of 10 cities in the US where men outnumber women and you could get lucky.

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  1. Las Vegas

    Las Vegas – the Entertainment Capital of the world – is the place to head if you are a woman and looking for a guy. The city is believed to have a high male to female ratio with around 103 men for every 100 women above the age of eighteen. So set out for the iconic casino resorts are located on the Strip like the Wynn’s, Fontainebleau, Riviera, the Palazzo, Casino Royale, The Venetian or the grandest hotels in the world like Wynn’s, Fontainebleau, Riviera, the Palazzo, Casino Royale, The Venetian. You can also browse through men’s apparel and lifestyle stores at malls located on the Strip or in Downtown areas like the Fremont Street. Among expensive dining places where you can try your luck in finding a rich single man are Tao’s, Mix, Rumjungle, Mon Ami Gabi, the SW Steakhouse and Joe’s Seafood Prime Steak at the Caesar’s Palace.
  2. Los Angeles

    If New York City on the East Coast is the mecca for single men, on the other extreme of the gender and geographical scale is Los Angeles. This major economic, cultural and recreational hub on the West coast has a high concentration of men as compared to women. In greater Los Angeles, which includes Long Beach, Santa Ana, Pasadena, Santa Clarita, Riverside and other cities, there are 90,000 more single men than women. So apart from its pleasant weather, thriving cultural life and Hollywood, if you need yet another reason to favor this city over others, it is a healthy dating pool of single men.

  3. San Diego

    The second largest city in the state of California offers a slight edge to single women with around 115 men for every 100 women. The best places to meet men here would be the lovely beaches and the wide variety of recreational venues ranging from parks to museums, theaters and sports arenas. The higher concentration of men in San Diego may also owe to the fact that the United States Navy is one of the top employers in the city. So all you women who dig the idea of dating a sailor or a naval service personnel, get your act together and hit the dating scene.
  4. Salt Lake City

    The capital and most populous city of the state of Utah in the US is another destination if you seeking a male partner. According to figures compiled in the 2000 US Census, the city has are around 103 males for every 100 females above the age of eighteen. Known as the Crossroads to the West in the last century, Utah experienced its first economic boom as a mining center and due to the setting up of the first intercontinental railroad of the country. Men traditionally working in the mining and transport industries thus went on to make the majority of the population. And even though today Utah is better known for its skiing slopes and as an industrial banking center, the male edge in terms of population continues.
  5. Austin

    Austin is the capital city of the US state of Texas and one of the fasting growing metropolitan centers in the country. Demographic statistics from 2000 Census reveal that for every 100 women in the city above the age of eighteen, there were around 106 men. So if you are looking to date a guy from Austin, head for the numerous live music venues which the city is famous for. College teachers, students, high-tech professionals, state employees, politicians, white-collar and blue-collar workers make up other segments of the male population so you can choose from whatever catches your fancy.
  6. Phoenix

    The southwestern tilt in case of higher concentration of men in the country continues with Phoenix, the capital and largest city in the state of Arizona. The city enjoys a female to male ratio of roughly 100:103 according to figures from the 2000 US Census. This could be because of the economic history of the city as a major transportation hub which traditionally attracted male workers. Today Phoenix continues to be the transportation, financial, industrial and cultural center of southwestern United States and thus one of the best places to live, work and date in the country.
  7. San Francisco

    Yet another city on the West Coast which offers great dating opportunities for single women is San Francisco. Known for its liberal cultural and political life, San Francisco offers great employment opportunities too especially in the finance and banking sectors which is why perhaps it attracts more men than women from all walks of life. According to an estimate, San Francisco Bay Area had around 65000 more single men than women.
  8. Dallas

    The third largest city in the US state of Texas, Dallas is famous for its ranches, oil industries and more recently as a major financial center in southern part of the country. Since all these economic activities have been the traditional domain of men, it comes as no surprise that around 51.4% of the population is male and 48.6% is female, according to figures compiled by the American FactFinder, United States Census Bureau as part of the  "American FactFinder Demographic and Housing Estimates: 2005-2007”.
  9. Denver

    The capital and most populous city of Colorado, Denver is another place where single women looking for a male partner might get lucky. According to 2000 figures from the US Census Bureau, for every 100 women above the age of eighteen, there were around 103 men in the city. So now there is another reason to visit a place which in any case is nicknamed the Mile-High City.
  10. Seattle

    The largest city in northwestern United States, Seattle is a major economic and cultural hub in the region.  The 2005 American Community Survey 1 concluded that in a household population of 536,946, men accounted for 270,021 while women made up 266,919. That Seattle is great to hunt for a partner becomes even more evident when you consider the US Census interim measurements of 2004, according to which Seattle at 40.8 percent has the fifth highest proportion of single-person households among all other major cities of the country.