How to Meet Single Men at Weddings


In traditional societies, weddings are extremely important social events; these not only signify the union of two partners and more importantly two families into the marital bond but offer opportunities to open potential marriage negotiations. While in modern society, weddings are not the prime venue for partner-hunting, they can be equally useful in throwing single, attractive men your way.

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Ask ahead

The simplest way to meet single men at weddings is of course to go to the source. Ask the bride or groom – whoever you are related to – if there are going to be any cool single men invited at the wedding.  Let them know that you are open to being seated with single men at the reception. The bride and groom are usually the ones who determine the seating chart on the occasion, so dropping a few subtle hints that you are interested in meeting men at their wedding will encourage them to make sure that you are seated at a table with singles. If you are quite close to the groom or bride, you might even ask to see a picture of those men so that you will be able to recognize them at the wedding and won’t have to the bother the groom/bride with persistent questions since they will be in any case busy with other guests.

Mingle around

Potential partners need not be restricted to relatives or friends of the groom or bride – it could be just as easily the guy who has tagged along with a female cousin because she didn’t want to come to the wedding alone or the formerly married co-worker who has finally got the divorce. So mingle around with the wedding guests and you will be in a better position to sift out the real singles from the crowd of good-looking men. What’s more, you need not even restrict your search to the guests; keep an eye out for the hunk who has come to deliver the flowers or the young head of catering who is on his way to a budding entrepreneur. Pay a compliment or two about how nicely they have done their job and if lucky you may have got yourself a date coming Saturday evening.

Be approachable

While almost everybody has a messy relationship in the past, weddings are primarily feel-good affairs. People attend weddings to sing, dance and have a good time. So adopt a warm and outgoing attitude so that men will feel comfortable approaching you when there’s an opportunity. Be casual in your conversation and leave the sob  stories about your past or present at home. Avoid cribbing about other guests, and especially about the bride/groom – showing up anyone in a negative light is bound to reflect on you poorly and many a potential partner may be put off. And even though, many couples allow single guests to bring dates, try and avoid bringing a date to the wedding. Having a male date accompany you to the wedding will likely discourage any single male guests from approaching you. In fact an article at Fox News1 has an interesting take on the differences between men and women as regards bringing a date to a wedding. While women are more likely to let just about anyone tag along for fear of appearing single, men are reluctant to take a date unless they are quite serious about the partner.

Look your best

Show up at the wedding looking your absolute best since this will definitely give you an edge in your efforts at meeting singles.  Get a manicure, pedicure and maybe even a facial and ensure that your hair is nicely styled. Take the time to look beautiful and feel your best. At the same time though, make sure your make up is subtle and your dress appropriate. Don’t go overboard with the perfume or jewelry. Keep in mind that this is the bride’s special day and any obvious attempts to overshadow her will be in bad taste.

Keep a level head

For many, weddings are the occasion to be merry, bask in general feeling of happiness and leave troublesome thoughts behind. However don’t turn this into an excuse to pig out or get drunk. Control your eating and drinking behaviors at the reception since nothing is quite as unattractive to a man as a woman who makes a spectacle of herself. Eat, drink and dance with good cheer but in a way that does not appear distasteful.

Keep it simple

If you are lucky enough to meet someone, keep things casual. Find out what his likes and dislikes are and try to steer the conversation in that direction. Be genuinely interested in who he is as a person, and try to have as much fun as you can — but don’t force chemistry if you feel it isn’t there; above all don’t get maudlin and weepy about how alone and miserable your life is as a single – for all you know, the poor guy may take fright and head for the nearest exit.
As the wedding reception is winding down and it is time for guests to leave, you may hand him a business card and simply say, “It was nice talking to you, here’s my card” Or “Here’s my card. Give me a call sometime.” The card could have your name, email address and a phone number where you are OK being called at which may not necessarily be your cell number. Say bye quickly and cheerfully so that you can leave him wanting more. If you are seriously taken up with this guy, you can ask the bride or groom about him after they return from their honeymoon. Maybe they can even have a get-together and invite the two of you over if he is interested.

Finally relax, and have fun. Keep in mind that the primary purpose of the event is not to find you a date but to celebrate the bride and her groom on their special day. So smile, dance and have a good time. Catch the bouquet and enjoy the evening and who knows the lovely energy you radiate may attract a nice eligible guy to you.


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