How to Ask a Girl out on a Date - Teen Dating Ideas


Girls can intimidate men easily. but, if a guy is sincere and persistent enough, it increases the odds of getting some love back. It may not be easy to please the woman of your dreams but if you play your cards well, it isn’t hard either. Every step needs to be taken gradually and cautiously. Take it slow..a step at a time. Taking your friendship to the next level is the logical step. And this is the guide to tell you how!

You spy

You need details. Of all sorts! Snoop, ask around or just follow your girl to see what holds her interests.  Whatever you do, don’t get caught. The more you find out about her, the better your chances are of going out with her. Armed with the details, you can use them to make a great first impression, break the ice or just use it as an add – on in your conversation. However you use it, make sure she doesn’t get suspicious. If she does, then the game is over.

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Be casual

You may be a bundle of jittery nerves every time you think of her but you have to put on a façade when you are with her. If you look desperate or too shy, chances are that she will walk by you and never look at you again. If you find the need to strike a conversation before asking her, do that. If you feel the need to go and ask her directly, try that too. Do not be overwhelmed. She is just as human as you are. Once you ruffle the right feathers, you’ll see her getting more comfortable. With that, you can either wait a little longer or do the needful.

Test the waters

Before overwhelming her with any questions, try and gauge the situation from her end. One of the best ways to do that is to drop subtle hints every now and then about your feelings for her. You could play safe by complimenting her or be a little mysterious by leaving her notes about a ‘secret admirer.’ If she reacts favorably, chances are that she likes you already! Pick the right moment and ask her to accompany you for dinner. But if she frowns at the thought of being adored by a mystery man, give her some more time before you ask her anything.

Have a plan of action

You need to plan. First, on how you would ask her out. Let this plan include the best tricks you have. Use them to your advantage and play smart. If it works, you will benefit. But if it doesn’t, you need a backup plan. If everything fails, you need an exit plan. Planning your steps forward is a great idea because here, you take all factors into consideration. You analyze the situation from all ends and build up options to plug in any loop holes you may see. When you know exactly what you are doing, half your battle is won.

Do not use cheesy pick up lines

Many men think this works, but if there is one thing about asking a girl out, it is never to use pick up lines. Cheesy or not, they just don’t work. Rather, use your conversational skills and make magic happen. If you find yourself too awestruck by the beauty who sits next to you, probe into her life. But be gentle. Let her get the impression that you are interested in her life.  If you manage to do that, you’ll have a hard time saying anything yourself! Remember, girls love talking!

Make eye contact

You may think of this as incredibly done away with, but it still works like a charm. Do not stare at her but watch her. Yes, there is a subtle difference. Staring will creep her out but watching will flatter her. When a girl knows she is getting attention, she will appreciate it, verbal or otherwise. If you do it right, you may even give her the nerve to come up and speak to you. Look at her lovingly and not with lust and her heart will skip a beat! Eye contact is the easiest and the best way to let her know that you are interested in her.

Chivalry, please

Being chivalrous never goes out of fashion. Men should know this by now. If you do not know the girl you like too well, it may be hard for her to see your chivalrous side. But grab any opportunity that comes your way. If you get the chance to open the door for another woman, do it. She may or may not notice it, but it will definitely win you some brownie points. When a girl knows she is dealing with a man who knows his manners, it is bound to get you in her good books.

Mr. Sensitivity

This is an open secret, but women simply adore men who are sensitive. The irony here is that men can be incredibly gentle and sensitive but letting that side out in the open would contradict the very core of their existence. The trick here is to get your timing right. You can cry your heart out at a chick flick, but that is not what she would appreciate. Instead, if she knew that you volunteered at a shelter or worked with underprivileged children, not only would she be interested in you, she would also read the underlying message.

If you see yourself nodding along and agreeing to one of the methods mentioned above, it’s time you took the plunge and asked the woman, already!  The longer you wait, the easier it will be for her to decline. Strike while the iron is hot and see how well it works. The more you overplay the situation, the more difficult it would be for you to act. Therefore, let things stay as normal as they can and work your magic.