10 Places to Meet Single Women Looking for Men - Dating for Busy Professionals

10 Places to Meet Single Women Looking for Men - Dating for Busy Professionals

Single men who hold good jobs are the stuff of every woman’s dating dreams. Still, most of these available men complain that they don’t get to meet suitable partners, probably because they are so tied up with their work. So if you are a single guy, eager to date smart attractive women, but too busy to while away your day in bars, here are ten places you can check out to get your social life buzzing.

Fitness clubs

Even if you are a busy professional, you must be doing something to keep yourself fit. So the next time you walk into the gym, leave the  weights to other men while you go and check out the aerobics or yoga classes where you can be sure to find health-conscious women working out to keep themselves fit. And if you are not yet a member of a fitness club, join one without delay. It will not only help you to burn out all the job-related stress but also offer a chance to chat up the cute girl doing the nearby treadmill.

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Hobby classes

What do you do to relax after work? If you are too busy to pursue a hobby on your own, sign up for a special interest class. Most of them allow their members to meet just once or twice a week and in any case, you can go for them over the weekend. Do or learn something that interests you and will not require too much concentration. If you are one for the outdoors, join a hiking or trekking society or if you like to mess around with paints, consider pottery-making. The biggest advantage of such classes is that you not only get to do something fun but meet new people with mutual interests. Learning a new dance like the salsa will not only release those endorphins, but also give you the delicious chance to hold the comely fellow student.


Upscale bars

If the only kind of socializing that you have time for is to have a drink with friends at the bar, at least choose one which is part of an upscale hotel. The ladies you meet here are more likely to belong to a select class and not just ones looking for a casual pick up. However, be careful how you approach them, since in these places, girls inevitably become more defensive, even though they too may have come here to meet single eligible guys.

Women’s sections at department stores

Even if you are too busy to socialize, you must be going shopping some time or other. Hang out in department stores around the sections where women’s cosmetics, accessories and apparel are stacked. Bide your time and then ask a cute-looking girl if she would help you to pick out a perfume for your aunt, sister or any other female relation you can think of. Or if you are feeling more adventurous, compliment a pretty shopper on her sense of style. If she is single and willing, you will surely find much more to discuss over a cup of coffee.

Self-improvement workshops

Keep a lookout for any self-improvement workshops that may be taking place in your city. Lectures and seminars on motivational topics are the right place to find smart women who are interested in self-growth. If the timings clash with your working hours, ask your boss if you can go to one, as such events are directly related to the overall well-being of young professionals.


Spend a Sunday afternoon browsing through the best-stocked bookstore in your city. You need not hang out in any particular corner, but stay near the sections on crafts, hobbies, cuisine and travel, since they are the ones usually frequented by women. The best part of spending time in a bookstore is that not only your chances of meeting smart, well-read women are more here, but you get to have a wonderful time by yourself too. Moreover, women who come here are relaxed and have their defenses down, unlike, say in bars or nightclubs, and so they are perhaps more open to chatting up strangers.

Dating services

Everyone seems to be going online these days to meet the date of their dreams. But those who have tried dating websites, will tell you that it is a hugely time-consuming affair to match up with a suitable date. On the other hand, you could spend some more money and sign up with a dating service that caters to the needs of young and busy professionals. Such services not only do the job of screening out undesirable candidates, but may even do a background check on potential partners, so that you are not taken for a ride.

Grocery store

Even a busy professional like you must be going out some time to stock up on food supplies. So the next time you visit your nearest grocery store, look for women who are doing their own weekly shopping. If you find someone attractive buying veggies, you could try to look confused and ask her advice on what will go into the Mediterranean salad – sun-dried tomatoes or the cherry tomatoes. Apart from the fact that eating a fresh-cooked meal is much healthier than having something out of a tin, a trip to the grocery store may work wonders for your social life too.

Cultural events

The next time you go out to catch a movie, why not try the theatre, a painting exhibition or a music concert instead? You are more likely to meet women of an artistic bent of mind, or at least more culturally aware. In fact, a walk through a history museum or an art gallery may not even take more than half an hour. Just look suitably thoughtful and amble up to that smart-looking visitor to ask her opinion on the style of the Impressionists.

Speed dating events

If you are really pressed for time, speed dating events should be your choice of scene. Here, a few minutes are all you have and so the chemistry has to be just right between you and your partner. On the flip side however, first impressions rule, which may not allow you enough time to really know each other. But then that is what speed dating is about and it may be the best bet for busy professionals.

So, there are all sorts of places where you can meet interesting single women. Even if your work makes it difficult for you to have a roaring social life, you could check out the above locations which are also likely to be frequented by smart, professional women looking to have a good time.