What are French Women Like - Dating Girls from France


In popular imagination, French is a byword for everything sophisticated and stylish, artistic and sensual. So which man wouldn’t want to date women of this beautiful country. However French women are also known to be rather different from other ‘western’ women. And so it is a good idea to get to know what French women are like before heading to the land of l’amour.

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Great sense of style

It is not for nothing that Paris is known as the fashion capital of the world. You only have to take one look at the women dressed in elegant and attractive clothes walking down the Champs Elysees to understand why the French are considered to be trendsetters in fashion and style. But the real secret behind their classy looks is that they always know what works for them individually. French women dress beautifully but they are never fashion victims. When dressing, they have a devastating ability to make accessories count. They don't spend much on make-up but they will spend vast amounts on skin-care with the result that whatever they turn out in, looks perfect on their bodies.


What dominates the popular male imagination about French women is the sense of sophistication they exude. Whatever their habits and actions, it is all executed in a classy and utterly feminine manner. Your French female friend may smoke twenty cigarettes a day, but incredibly look none the worse for it. Also French middle-class and career women sip and never drink. You will never see a French woman drunk and throwing up on the rear alley of a bar. For all the fame of French food and the exoticism of French cheese and chocolates, French women never overload their plates nor do they gain weight. And yet they never seem to do any exercise and have none of the obsession about burning calories like the Americans. Even if they have to travel a mere 100 meters, they will move their Renault Twingo from one illegal parking space to another, rather than walk the distance.

Politically aware

However despite their air of feminity and beauty, don’t make the mistake of assuming that French women are just pretty faces and no more. In fact the French are some of the most politically aware people in the western world. Politics is an important topic of discussion in France and the women too hold definite views on various policies and happenings not only in their country but in the larger international context. French women like their male counterparts love an animated conversation and can carry on heated discussion for quite some time. For all these reasons a French woman may come off as argumentative and political sometimes, but it is only their way of getting to know you; and if you can give evidence of your own intellectual and political awareness, you are sure to make a good impression on her, though you may not be able to get him to agree with you. Above all ask intelligent questions and avoid remarks that stand on stereotypes and hearsay. See your French girlfriend as an individual woman and try not to translate her personal choices into gross assumptions about French women in general. Recognize that culture influences personal style, manner of speech, sense of humor, hygiene and many other aspects of social living but after all each individual is different, so avoid inane questions like, "Is that a French thing?" when you notice her eating her or oysters wearing her scarf in a particular way.

Proud of their culture

Apart from being politically aware, the French are extremely proud of their culture. Indeed at times they are even accused of being cultural snobs but all this is really a manifestation of their sincere attempts to keep French arts and language alive, especially in the face of increasing globalization and American influence on popular culture. In fact France is one of rare countries of the world which still has a national institution – L’Académie Française –  to formally regulate the French language. So if you are looking to catch the attention of a French lady, try to speak a bit of the language. If you have not learnt it properly before, your accent will probably be terrible – but it will surely pique your girl’s interest and she may even love you for it. Above all let her talk about her favorite subjects which will most likely be French art, architecture, literature and cuisine. Indeed the French have the reputation of being rather aggressive about the artistic and cultural accomplishments of their country. So if you are going on a date with a French woman, be prepared for lengthy conversations about French culture and French life. If you wish to highlight your own culture and country, use a little wit and finesse to make your point since the French are more appreciative of the urbane and  sophisticated approach.


The French are quite independent in nature; add to this the long history of feminist theories and you will find that French women have a mind of their own and have no trouble in expressing it. So if you are dating a French girl, make sure you give her ample breathing space. Give her love and support in the relationship but at the same time don’t sulk when she leaves to meet her friends or pursue her interests without you. However don’t make the mistake of assuming that her independent nature is a sign of dissatisfaction or contempt. Ask questions when in doubt instead of acting in a jealous and insecure way. This is because one of the first things that put off French women, are weak emotionally insecure men who cannot match up to their confidence and self-assurance.

Sexually liberated

The French culture is quite liberated sexually and this makes women here some of the most amazing lovers. This is not to say that you can hop into bed with them any time you like; rather you need to seduce them and the more ingenious the way, the better. Women here like to spend enough time on foreplay and if in the mood, she could overwhelm you with her moves. Like with everything else here, elegance and sophistication too are the hallmarks of making love, French style.