Gay Internet Dating Tips – Creating your Profile


The LGBT community has been one of the primary beneficiaries of online dating. Singles can look for partners of their choice without fear or hesitation and they have a far larger pool of potential partners to choose from than before. But just like in real world, success in finding a suitable partner lies in standing out from the crowd which in case of online dating boils down to coming up with a dating profile which is witty and thus attention-grabbing. Here are a few tips on how to write an effective dating profile which is sure to get you the kind of responses you want.

Choose the appropriate site

These days there are not only several dating websites for gays, but even those which cater to specific relationship needs of this community. So before you jump in the world of online dating, begin by selecting the site where you have the highest chances of finding the kind of person you are looking for. Like if you are primarily interested in a serious relationship, sign up with a site which screens the marital status of its members or has a stricter joining policy.

TIP: Browse profiles of single gay men in your city looking for activity partners and dates.

Begin with the profile header

The headline is often considered to be the most important aspect of a dating profile since this is the first and often the only visible aspect when browsing for profiles. So when you are thinking of a headline, stay away from the worn-out and boring and instead use something crisp and funny like ‘Feel free to interact with me. All my shots are current!’. A few other examples could be “Just like a new job, I offer excellent benefits” or “Any good e-males out there”. You may choose a heading which refers to your sexual orientation but ensure that instead of sounding crass or defensive, it is clever and catchy.

Make it witty

Dating profiles that are fun to go through are bound to elicit a higher number of responses that those that are ponderous and self-congratulatory. This does not mean that you should include bawdy humor or dirty jokes while describing yourself. Just keep it witty and add a dose of light humor so that potential candidates can see you for the smart and fun-loving person that you are. Many sites have a series of questions which can help you to create a dating profile and some even offer to match you up with seemingly compatible profiles.

Bring out what’s special about you

Most dating profiles come across as lackluster and boring because they are a mish mash of the typical and non-informative. Rather than describing yourself in generic terms as “fun-loving”, “adventurous”, “fond of dining out”, use phrases that detail your interests in expressive terms. For instance instead of the tame “adventurous”, you could say that you a person “who loves to feel the surf against your face when sailing out in the open seas” or to describe yourself as a gourmet you could write that you are “transported by the vibrant colors as well as the aroma of herbs and spices in Lebanese cuisine”.

Not too long, not too short

Avoid long-winded descriptions of yourself if you want to get noticed. Elaborate accounts of your high school triumphs, college achievements and current successes are not only boring to read on a profile but may even make you come across as vain and pompous. At the same time creating too short a profile may make it appear incomplete. You need to tell enough to give a fair idea of yourself to a potential date without putting him too sleep.

Hold back a little

Experienced lovers will tell you that the secret to a thrilling affair is to always keep back a little bit so that your lover returns for more. Use the same principle when describing yourself in your online dating profile. Reveal your qualities but only so much as to tantalize the readers into wanting to know more about you. Very soon you will be flooded with responses to meet for a date.

Come clean on your expectations

Your dating profile is not just about getting responses. It is about getting the kind of responses you want. To make your dating profile effective as well as creative, make sure that you leave no ambiguity regarding your expectations in a partner. And this is especially true of gay dating which is made even more complex by issues of family, coming out and cultural acceptance.  Specify the age group, occupation, physical characteristics and other criteria to which you would like your partner to belong. Even if you are on a gay dating site, be clear about your expectations on sexual orientation – for instance whether you want your partner to be strictly a gay guy or if being bisexual is alright too. Don’t be vague on qualities you are looking for, like somebody who is ‘interesting’, ‘caring’, responsible’. It is doubtful whether anybody would be honest enough to own up to be boring, unfeeling and irresponsible and move on. Rather be specific about the qualities you are looking for like someone who has gone to college, who has travelled widely or one who has had a music album published.

Look your best

It is always best to accompany your internet profile with a photo since a profile without an image can rank very low on search results. And indeed your photo is an essential part of your self-description so make sure that you look your best. Don’t upload any old photo that you may have from last year’s stag party but take out time to get photo a clicked where you look neat and your face can be clearly seen. Avoid webcam pictures or video shots which look grainy or out of focus. Your photo will not only create the first impression but maybe your best opportunity to present yourself as an attractive date.  At the same time though, avoid excessively pics which have been significantly Photoshopped because if your online date eventually meets you and discovers how you really look, you may be in for some difficult times.

Finally, refresh your header message and main photo from time to time. This will keep your dating profile interesting for long periods and reach out to more people who do regular searches.