eHarmony Dating - The Free Communication Weekend and Sites for Australia, Canada

eHarmony has always come across as a more 'serious relationship dating site'. Unlike most other dating sites which will just let you sign up, create a profile and start getting in touch with other members of their site, eHarmony takes on a more active role in the matchmaking process. Typically eHarmony will also you several questions about you. Based on this they put together a personality profile. This is rather fun to read even if you don't want to go beyond this. After this eHarmony will find matches which complement your profile. You can always specify if you want to date singles within 50 miles or in the same city or state or are even open to travelling long distances to meet your possible soul-mate.

eHarmony has free communication weekends very frequently. Just click on the link below for the country you're from - USA, Canada or Australia and create a free account at eHarmony. They'll send you an email informing you when there's a free communication weekend. Often they also send discount vouchers by email. It doesn't cost anything to sign up and takes just a few minutes. You don't have to provide your credit card information either.

Free communication weekend update

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This is an advantage in many ways for people looking for serious relationships. For one thing, a guy who is willing to go through all this is really looking for a meaningful relationship. Who would, after all, try so hard just to pick up a woman? It may seem a little trying for people who want to cut to the chase. To give the devil its due, eHarmony lets their members choose the 'fast track' option where they can interact with the members right away without any of the question-answer drill.

Yet both the people communicating need to be members of eHarmony. Here members means people who've paid money for the memberships. There's an exception though, a little loophole which can let you get in touch and communication with their members for free. Here's how:

The free communication weekend from eHarmony

Now and then, eHarmony comes out with a free communication weekend - when you can communicate for free with others on their website. This is a big saving, it lets you try out eHarmony with more features than usual for three whole days. A word of warning though. This free communication weekend offer won't let you view pictures. Also, the matches are limited to ten. The fast-track feature isn't available to free-signups during the free communication weekend. Now the point is how would you know when they have this free communication weekend. Well, you need to sign up with eHarmony for free and wait till you get a mail from them containing a special offer. Sometimes eHarmony will even send you a discount coupon for 60% off. Lots of people who sign up for free with eHarmony get promotional codes from eHarmony.

eHarmony is certainly more expensive than say a Singlesnet or American Singles. Yet if you're looking for serious singles seeking committed partnerships, a $50 fee works better than most other filters will. Which teen will cough up that much to sign up with a dating site?

eHarmony for gays and lesbians

Lots of gays and lesbians wonder if they can use eHarmony. We get occasional mail asking about this. It sounds like an idea but apparently eHarmony doesn't share our enthusiasm. They have had to face a lawsuit over this. A lesbian woman from the San Francisco Bay Area alleged that eHarmony discriminated against Gays and Lesbians.

The founder of eHarmony, Neil Clark Warren, a psychologist in this article in Time is described as a 'conservative Christian'. Apparently Neil Clark Warren on Terry Gross said that they had done research on 5,000 married couples but never done research on same-sex couples. They assumed that the dynamics were different in case of same-sex couples. Neil Clerk Warren also added that same-sex marriages were illegal in most of the United States and eHarmony was mostly looking at getting people married. So for now Gays and Lesbians can't use eHarmony but then there are tons of other sites which accept them as members. So it shouldn't be such a loss.

eHarmony in Australia and Canada

Apart from the United States, eHarmony now has special websites for those from Australia and Canada. So if you're from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbourne, Perth or Adelaide, eHarmony has a special website for you. Similarly if you're from Vancouver, British Columbia or anywhere in Canada, eHarmony has an exclusive website for you.