Twitter Dating Advice - How to Meet Single Girls and Guys through Twitter

Today the internet is much more than a minefield of information – it has brought about immense changes in the way people socialize, date and love. And to a great extent this is the result of social networking sites like the hugely popular Facebook, the earlier Orkut and the new breed of microblogging sites like Twitter. So if you are looking to meet singles through Twitter, here are some things you can try.

A bio that works

Since Twitter is a microblogging site which allows send and read text-based posts of up to 140 characters, your bio on this site should be similarly short and sweet. Be brief since very few people have time to read about how your childhood and other such experiences shaped the person you are today. At the same time it should be informative enough to let others have a peek into the person behind the bio. State that you’re single but don’t necessarily write that you’re looking to meet someone to date on Twitter since this will make you appear desperate. You can use wit or humor to make your bio catchy but don’t forget to be yourself since nothing dispels interest so quickly as artificial profiles and those that seem to be trying too hard.

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A nice photo

If you are eager to meet singles, it is not enough to come up with just a bio – no matter how interesting or witty it is. This is a visual age and the surest way you can catch the eye of a single on Twitter is to upload a picture of yourself as your main image. Since Twitter pics are thumbnail size make it a bit more close-up than you would normally do. At the same time though remember you can click on the picture to enlarge it; so don’t upload a high resolution image or else your pores will be plainly visible.

Set limits

Since on Twitter you cannot search for singles in the way you can on a dating site or even Facebook, you may be tempted to randomly add as many members of the opposite sex as you can. Even though you go overboard with your friends list, there is no guarantee that you will meet the kind of singles you want. Rather use certain criteria to add users to your list. For instance add only those who live in your town or city or better still locals with whom you share similar interests. For this you can use Twitter’s search box to search for keywords that reflect your hobbies and interests. you will at least be meeting people with common likes and interests and this is sure to be worthwhile even if you do not meet only singles initially.

Update your status

If you happen to be present at a club or event like a music concert, tweet about it. This way you will be reaching out to other tweeters - and surely a few who are single too -who are present in the same venue. This will definitely increase your chances of meeting new people.

Follow widely

Twitter has something called following which means that you are subscribing to someone’s Tweets as a follower, having their  updates appear in your Tweets timeline or allowing that person to send you direct messages. If you are eager to know larger number of people through Twitter, it is not enough to follow only your closest friends. Make it a point to browse your friends’ followers and follow friends of friends. You can write and introduce yourself and let them know how you found them. While this does not mean that you will directly reach out to singles, it will definitely help you get to know newer people among whom you may meet somebody special.

Make an effort to retweet

If someone said something funny or share an inspirational quote with you, acknowledge the source with credit and retweet it. This will help you in enlarging your Twitter network, in which there are sure to be likable singles as well.

Google singles on Twitter

Since Twitter is not designed as a dating website, you can’t select the ages, choose the locations, and search the matched singles directly on Twitter. You can however find single Twitter users by using powerful search engines like Google Web Search. To go about this you can google singles from Twitter according to bio, location or relationship status. Some Twitter users show their relationships on their Bios, so for the first, you can Google search with keywords like “Bio single” or perhaps, Bio single While the first one will be more accurate, it will give you fewer results than the second one. In case you are looking for Twitter singles from a certain location, you can google the name of the town or city too. For instance for finding Twitter singles from New York City, you can use the search term: “Location new York” “Bio single” or “Location new York” Bio single Some Twitter users make it a point to update their relationships on the microblogging site, so you can use Google to search with keywords like “I am single” or “I’m single” In order to ensure that your search results avoid inactive Twitter users, you can use refined search options to specify “Past week” as well as ensure that the results are “Sorted by date”.
Twitter was created essentially as a microblogging site which offers a quicker and more flexible way of social networking as compared to Facebook and MySpace. Thus meeting singles on Twitter may require a greater investment in time and effort but in the end the results may be well worth it.