Jewish Dating in USA - Dating Opportunities for Jews in USA

The United States has the largest Jewish population of any country in the world. Jewish individuals have made quite an impact on America as a whole by being economic anchors  who have easily trumped all other races with their business savvy, political mainstays, comic geniuses and all around good people whose company is enjoyable to experience. The Jewish culture has become integrated into American culture in a way that has enhanced American life on the whole. Dating as a Jewish person in America breathes many opportunities, though you should definitely keep certain things in mind.

Politically, the Jewish American population is quite active, having the highest voter turnout of any ethnicity in the United States, so naturally you'll want to be aware of the country's political landscape and goings-on. With substantial financial and political influence as an ethnic group, and with large populations living in key electoral college states like New York, Florida and California, the Jewish community in America has a pretty significant say in presidential and senatorial elections, despite being a relatively small minority overall. Basically what this means for you in the context of dating Jewish individuals is that politics will probably come up, and you should be ready. As far as affiliations go the Jews have traditionally been pretty liberal, but with Republican stances on Israel over the last decade  the pendulum is swinging a bit, with more of the Jewish community becoming politically conservative. This goes especially for Jewish individuals who practice Orthodox Judaism, as they have tended to move in the conservative direction in much the same way that Catholics have; with faith-based issues as a priority. Be prepared to talk about it and be prepared to talk about it often.

Religion of course is a large part of the Jewish ancestry and continues to hold clout in the Jewish community in America today. The number of Jewish American individuals who avidly practice Judaism has dwindled over the last half century though, making for some possible roadblocks when dating, depending on how religious you yourself are. When it comes to maintaining your cultural roots, dating someone who shares your views is most likely to result in future generations sharing these views as well. In reality, mixed marriages have a better shot at shifting towards the mainstream, which in America is Christianity, with religious apathy and atheism/agnosticism close behind, than they do of shifting towards the minority. If this is something that you don't want to happen then you should aim to date Jewish individuals who feel a connection to their roots. If the merging of ethnicities and religions doesn't bother you so much then there are many people in the United States who find the Jewish look to be quite appealing so assess all of your options. The intermarriage rate among Jewish Americans is up significantly from the mid 20th century.

Traditionally Jewish parents would engage in “matchmaking” or arranging dates for their children in conjunction with other parents or friends. As a youngster if you got to experience the modernized version of this, consistent less blatant arranging and more “accidental” meetings with other Jewish youths that just so happened to be where your parents were taking you, you might have been turned off a bit; but at this point in your life your parents can be a useful tool in helping you find a Jewish date. Your parents would be flattered if you asked in all likelihood and may well know a few people who know a few people who might make you a great partner. This sort of thing isn't tremendously common among most American families so take advantage of your culture and see if your family can hook you up with a hot date. At the very least this can give your parents the feeling that they are important in your adult life and can make for some fun dinner stories if things don't work out.

While not all modern Jewish Americans adhere to a strict kosher diet, some still do, and as such you probably don't want to invite your date over for dinner and cook pork loin wrapped in bacon with a side of shellfish. Even those Jews who don't maintain a strict kosher dietary standard still typically opt to eat foods that aren't traditionally frowned upon by their culture when there's an option, so be respectful.

The last century has seen Jewish culture mesh with American culture in a way that has had great influence for both sides of the coin. Antisemitism is largely a thing of the past and at this point in society Jews are appreciated and wholeheartedly welcomed into the land of the free. Jewish dating in America is unique in that it presents certain challenges and obstacles that hum drum American dating doesn't always, but it will be worth it in the end as you carry on your legacy.