Dating Indian Guys and Girls in New York City

New York City has turned into one of the most diverse populations in the country. A part of this population is the ever increasing number of single and ready to mingle Indians. Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Connecticut and even Pennsylvania are all home to large Indian populations. But, most of the time, when it comes to partying, everyone travels in hordes to the Big Apple.

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A majority of this crowd consists of students or working professionals, and many do not have much time to go out looking for some casual flirting, friendship or even love. We live in the age of convenience, and with the fast paced New York lifestyle we yearn to have the most choices with the least amount of work. Years ago, it used to be difficult to find parties that catered specifically to the Indian population. But now the options are endless, all you need to know is where and when to go.

Recurring events like Basement Bhangra at the club Sounds of Brazil, Bollywood Nights at Tonic, Lotus Fridays and Saavn’s Friday’s at Earth provide the perfect platform for anyone looking to meet singles in the area. These serve as ‘go to’ events for all of us who do not have the time to go club or bar hopping to meet new people. Even for those who are not looking to meet new people, parties like these are a great way to get out with our friends, stay connected with our cultural roots, and of course practice our bhangra moves! If you go often enough, you begin to see some of the same people, making it a perfect way to make a few additional friends or dancing buddies.

In Manhattan we have also seen a growing number for South Asian/Middle Eastern themed clubs and restaurants. Places like Katra, Kush, Horus, Karma, Le Souk, Sutra and many others go to great lengths to ensure that they provide the perfect balance of ethnic influences with just the write dose of westernization to cater to all people. Being a South Asian growing up in a different country, this is an equilibrium that everyone is always looking for. The places also provide a much more exotic setting, which is always a refreshing change from the run of the mill nightclub. Going to these places you can always be sure that there will be other desis there.

If you are not into dancing and are more interested in more of a bar scene there are a slew of other places that are very popular for happy hours after work, mingling, or are regular pre-gaming spots. The Gansevoort Hotel in the Meatpacking district is home to one of the nicest rooftop bars that are frequented by many single desi ladies. 230-Fifth is also another classy bar that has a ground floor as well as a rooftop garden that attracts all the beautiful ladies during the warmer months. Places like these are usually attended by a more professional and elder crowd, so if that is what you are looking for, they are the places to go!

For those looking for a more significant or serious relationship there are many events and groups that cater to that as well. There are networking groups that offer regular mixers, speed dating events, and parties for those looking for a bigger commitment. This makes it incredibly easy to weed out people looking for some flirtatious fun, enabling you to meet those who are like minded. There are ample websites and groups that you can subscribe to that host such events., the groups will then send you updates on which events are being held where. Though many of these require a payment for you to attend, they ensure that you don’t have to waste your time with those not looking for a relationship. Websites like this also hold speed dating events at local bars and lounges which are helpful and quick ways to meet single ladies who do not have time to waste in finding a mate.

If you are in search of a more traditional match that takes in to account things like religion and other characteristics you can turn to your local religious temples or churches. These otherwise traditional institutions are realizing that the new generation is not interested in traditional match making arrangements. In order to keep up with this trend the temples sometimes sponsor local community events to narrow the meeting pool even more. This concept gives birth to the new age ideology of “love come arranged” marriages.

With all the options in Manhattan, there are still places that are a bit more local to the other states who do not want to travel too far. New Jersey is home to lounges such as Aladdin’s in Elizabeth, and Fire and Ice in Edison for even further convenience for the area locals. Queens bustles with activity on Steinway Street, an up and coming neighborhood which offers South Asian/Middle Eastern food, music, hookah and more. And Long Island offers regular parties at Diya Lounge in Valley Stream. Whether you aren’t looking to travel far, or have a rare occasion where you want to get away from NYC, these clubs and lounges serve as a good place to meet the single women in these local areas.

The dating scene in the New York area is plentiful. There is no shortage of those interested in mingling and now there is no longer a lack of places and events to make that possible. Now all that is left to do is to get out there and use your resources to their fullest potential. So, go out, have a drink, make a friend, or a life time connection!