French Dating in USA - Dating Opportunities for Single French Men and Women in USA

The United States has always had a bit of a fascination with the French. Maybe it's the “language of love” accent that everyone seems to woo themselves over, where British accents that make Americans think of Harry Potter or Scottish and Irish dialects which derive thoughts of leprechauns and Braveheart don't have quite the same effect. Perhaps it's just the charismatic magnetism that seems to follow the French around wherever they go. Whatever it is; French individuals have a nice niche in the United States as uniquely appealing people, and dating among French Americans is admired by pretty much everyone, save maybe those envious Americans who wish they had a French lover themselves.

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French dating has a tendency to be a bit faster paced and more direct than American dating. That's not to say that you're guaranteed to have sex the night of meeting someone but usually if French people  like you they'll say it and be forward about the attraction, where Americans often try desperately to find signals coming from a potential date before they say or do anything for fear of making themselves look silly or getting rejected. This is just a cultural difference to be aware of and react to accordingly. Forwardness in this case does not equate to pompousness or being egotistical; it just means someone likes you. Take it as flattery and be forward right back; the initial moments of uncovering a mutual attraction are incomparably enjoyable.

If you're a guy looking to snare a beautiful French woman in the Americas, then be prepared to bring your brain along for the ride. French women are notoriously confident and don't tend to take on the submissive nature employed by some women of other cultures. Back in the early 20th century, French women from Quebec began migrating towards the northeastern United States as sort of a rite of passage and a way to attain self-reliance in a time when self-reliance was not all that common among women anywhere. This mindset stuck and is still a part of the way French women in America define themselves today. The only way to properly counter such confidence and independence is with wit, so you'll have to be sharp. Take what your date says, assess the words, and give a relevant response designed to impress her with your intelligence, as opposed to the more American philosophy of taking what your date says and trying to fire something back that will, most importantly, make her laugh. Subtlety and sarcasm, especially if you can give it a satirical edge, can make a French woman swoon if delivered well. Don't laugh at your own jokes as this can be taken as a sign of arrogance or as an unappealing cover for your fear of the joke having been inadequate; flash a confident smile instead.

Speaking regularly between dates is not always as much the norm between French people as it is in the United States. Whereas in America a guy going out with you on the weekends and not bothering to call you during the week might seem like a case of him not being all that into you, in France it may be more a case of him just reveling in his individuality while he's not reveling in your wonderful presence. The same goes for French women, who are generally very confident and don't have the codependency issues and fears of loneliness that are pretty common in their American counterparts. Let go of your needy side and allow for a reasonable amount of space when in the beginning stages of a relationship with a French individual. More frequent communication will come naturally as the relationship progresses into the more serious stages.

Politics is far more important among the general population in French society than it is in the United States, where apathy is pretty much the primary political affiliation. In order to have the best chance of success in conversation on a date with a French person you need to be entirely up to date on all current issues. Engage your date in intelligent debate about the topics and you're basically guaranteed to come off as a sophisticated and desirable individual, even if your views don't sync up perfectly with your partner's. If you want to tweak your political views a tad to match up with your partner's, then going liberal is your best bet, particularly when it comes to social issues.

The French tend to have more sex on the whole than Americans and people of many other countries as well 1. What this means for you is that life will be very good so long as you can make it past the first few dates. Have your best moves all ready for action and remember to think of your partner in the bedroom before yourself in order to ensure the most mutually enjoyable experience. Communication during intimacy is something that many people are too shy or too proud to really allow for fully, but it is the key to great sex for any couple.

French Americans, courtesy in part to migration from Canada and also probably because of the liberal views of the region, make up very large percentages of states located in the northeast region of the United States. Where about 5% of the total American population is made up of those with French heritage, states like Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine have French individuals making up over 20% of their total populations. So naturally, if you can make your way to the northeast then you've got the best chances of being with people who share your heritage. French descent is not as pocketed on the whole in the country as some other nationalities though; in reality there are French people to be found pretty much everywhere in America. 

Being French in the United States certainly has its perks, with the primary stereotype seeming to be centered around “ooh la la”, but as it is for anyone living in a nation consisting of mostly people with origins different than his or her own, the varying degrees of cultural middle ground can be hard to fully understand. Such hassles can be overcome though and French dating in America can be as gratifying as you choose for it to be.


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