10 Places to Meet Older Men


A rising divorce rate and the tendency to marry late have opened up dating possibilities for mature singles like never before. Men and women who are comfortably settled in their professions have greater resources at their disposal and can spend more on dating. But often they don’t know where to look. So if you are looking to date older men, here are the top ten places you should check out.

Professional meetings

If you are looking to meet suitable men over forty, go to places frequented by the serious professionals. Attend lectures, workshops and seminars on variety of subjects. While some of them may allow free entrance for all, the more formal among these may require invitations or at least a fee. See if you can wrangle an invite from a friend or a co-worker. However you can be more or less certain of finding successful people at such events. So, after you have made your choice you can discuss the dangers of global warming over a delicious cup of coffee and plan how to meet again.

Back to school

Many people over the age of fifty head back to college to broaden their horizons or explore less taxing career options. for some it may simply be a matter of indulging in a favorite subject they did not have time to pursue when they were younger. Chat up the older men in class and ask if they need any help with their homework or would like to share a cup of coffee.


A special interest society

Older men have more leisure time at their disposal and are thus often involved in hobbies for which they did not have time before. So look for hobby clubs which have members from both sexes. It may be a society for book lovers, photographers, avid hikers or anything that brings people together of special interests and wider resources. Better still sign up for a dance class at an upscale address or wine appreciation course which are likely to draw in the well-heeled among men. Be guided by your own interests because if others see you having a good time, they will be interested in joining you. Finally whether or not you meet the right men you are sure to learn something new and interesting.

The neighborhood park

With the media blitz about following a healthy lifestyle, older men have come to recognize the benefits of regular walking or any other form of physical exercise. But far more than going to a swanky gym with ear-splitting music and unfamiliar contraptions, they may prefer doing a lap in the neighborhood park or walking their poodle. Thus make it a point to frequent your local park and if lucky you may get talking with a single.

The driving range

Golf is one of the most favorite sports of the successful older men. So pick up a golf club from a garage sale and head for your local driving range. There is, in fact, no need to know golf at all, since that is exactly why you are at the range – to practice! After you have smacked a few balls and looked happily incompetent, you could ask the nice-looking guy in the next lane to offer you some advice. However if your resources permit, you could even join a golf club. Not only will the view be better but the people you meet are more likely to be successful professionals.

Charity benefits

Single older men who have both the time and resources to spare are often committed to a charitable cause. There are all sorts of charity meets that you could explore to check out the guys who frequent them. Since they all involve contributing some money, it is more or less certain that the patrons have the dough to spare. The charity benefits could range from the very elite $500 a plate dinners to your local fund raising event for animal shelters. Look around and should you happen to see someone you like, go ahead and get talking about why he supports this particular charity.

Sports bars

While noisy nightclubs and hip lounge bars are unlikely to have a regular stream of older male clientele, sports bars are a different ballgame altogether. You could in fact better your chances in meeting the right guy by frequenting upscale sports bars located around consulting chambers of professionals like doctors and lawyers. People seldom go far out of their usual way when looking for a drink after a busy day at office. So after you walk into a sports bar and get a drink, asks the bartender to turn on the Red Sox game. Then turn to the decent-looking guy sitting next to you and ask what he thinks of team’s chances against the opponents.

Electronic goods fairs

Geeks and ‘wired nuts’ are not the only men thronging electronic goods fairs or the gadget sections in a supermarket. All men love electronics and you can seriously expect successful over 50 single males to be gazing lovingly at the latest home theater systems. Act like you want to buy the latest car DVD player and while you do that, check out the nice-looking guy helping you out.

Travel Clubs

It is a well known fact that older, successful men are some of the most enthusiastic travelers. Men who have struggled to make money through their thirties and forties and are now comfortably settled but without a partner often dream of going on cruises and tropical vacations. So become a member of a couple of such reputed travel clubs and you may get a travel companion of your own.

Sign up with a dating service

These days there are several dating services that cater to special professional and age groups. So sign up with one that is geared towards the expectations and lifestyles of successful older men. Dating services cost more than dating websites but come with several advantages like doing a background check on potential candidates and some will even match you up with suitable dates.