Dating Opportunities for Single Dads - Meeting Single Women When you are Divorced Dad with Kids

It is quite a while now that you have been a committed single dad. Naturally during this time, all your focus has been on your kids – getting them ready for school, making them dinner, helping them with their homework and the rest. Perhaps you don’t even remember the last time when you had a great night out with a woman. Here are a few ways to get back to the dating scene even while juggling work, home and parenthood.

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Think about the kind of woman you want to date. As a single dad, time is at a premium. There are a thousand things to take care of at home but only after you manage to get out of the office. This leaves little time to experiment with women with various personalities and attitudes. So before you start making the rounds of the dating scene, consider the kind of women you would like to meet. Is it someone fun who can help you unwind after a grueling day at work and home or someone caring whom you would like to take home to your kids? Being aware of the kind of women you want to meet will help you look in the right place and thus avoid wasting time and effort on relationships which you are not likely to find satisfying.

Hang out with married friends and their set

Whether you know these people from the time when you were a couple or whether you met them later, increase your socializing with friends who are married and have kids of their own.  Let them know you are ready to date again and ask them to be thinking about women who might be compatible with you. They are in fact more likely to know a few single women, with or without children, looking to date a family man like you. Even if you are not comfortable with blind dates, meeting new people at a mutual friend’s place for coffee or drinks is reasonable enough.  

Encourage your kids to talk about friends and their families

As a parent, you need to know the kind of girls and boys your own kids are hanging out with. And what better way to do this than by having those pals over to your home and asking them about their families. As you get to know them better, you could even make friends with the parents and see more of them as families. And if you are really lucky, you may come across a single mom among them or they may help you to meet one.

Attend school events

With two out of three marriages ending in a divorce in the US, there are bound to be other single-parent children in your own kid’s class – and who knows, some of them may even have pretty moms as parents. So, as far as possible attend as many parent-teachers meetings, school fetes, music concerts and school shows as you can. And even if you do not get to meet anyone single and interesting, at least you will have come to know more about your kids’ school, the teachers and who they are studying with.

Hit the gym

This might not be easy if you are over 35, have a pile of pending assignments at work and have promised to drop the kids at their soccer practice. But try you must – at least thrice a week. It will not only help you to lose those extra pounds acquired from the frequent pizza nights and get your heart pumping with renewed energy but also boost your testosterone levels which is crucial to make any lovemaking session lasting over five minutes. And as you probably already know, the gym is a great place to meet single women who are likely there for the same reason as you are – jumpstarting their love lives.

Be wary of the bar scene

As a single dad, your priorities are probably different from that of a man who is merely single. You can hardly afford to stay out till three in the night at a bar or a nightclub and then spend the next day in bed with a hangover.  Moreover women who usually frequent these venues may not be appreciative of the special needs of single dads and therefore trying to date them may be a waste of time. So go there with friends by all means, but think twice before making it a primary place to find a woman you want to be in a relationship with

Internet dating websites

The internet is a boon for people who don’t have the time to go on umpteen numbers of dates before finally coming across a truly compatible partner. These days there are many dating sites that specifically target the needs and priorities of single parents. At the same time the best known ones have special sections for single moms and single dads looking for some adult loving. Many of these dating sites allow members to take a personality assessment test and then match them with people with similar attitudes and personalities.

Go out and volunteer

A lesser known fact about single-parent dating is that a large number of them find partners in volunteer settings. This may be because volunteer work is generally based on individual interests and hobbies. So if you are passionate about books, volunteer to help out at your community library or hold reading story-book reading sessions for the neighborhood kids. Not only will your own children be proud of you, but you may even come across someone smart and attractive who shares your interest in the written word.

As a committed father, you are naturally devoted to your kids and make every effort to give them a good life. But it is equally important that you have a fulfilling social life of your own since a well-loved dad is a happy and a better dad.