Dating a Politician

Modern society is one where government policies impact almost every aspect of civic life. Thus a politician’s career is highly relevant and interesting but also open to scrutiny. So if you are dating a politician or thinking of doing so, here are a few ways to go about it.

Consider what to talk about

Apart from religion and money, politics is usually considered a taboo subject when making conversation on the first few dates. But when you are dating a politician, some discussion of his profession becomes inevitable. On such occasions it is best to adopt a non-committal stance since when dating a politician even casual encounters can get complicated. Do not get worked up over a controversial bill or policy and start defending your position with passionate arguments. This will create an embarrassing and even uncomfortable atmosphere and you will not enjoy your date at all. Rather skim the surface of public affairs and if you find your politician partner getting heated up over a policy, smoothly change the topic. In fact it is much more likely that your date will be even more careful than you to avoid controversial political issues. If you find him/her sidestepping such issues, take the cue and move on.

An exciting life

If you like the limelight, you may find it exciting to be with a powerful politician. They are usually avidly followed by the media and it may give you the thrilling sensation of dating a celebrity. Apart from finding yourself on the newspaper and magazine covers, you may also be traveling a great deal as your politician partner makes a round of his/her constituencies.  Then there are parties and events galore where you can rub shoulders with the rich and famous as you mingle around with your date.

You can cultivate contacts

Politicians usually know all the people of influence in their areas since a large part of their job depends on nurturing important contacts. Thus if you are an ambitious person yourself, you stand to gain from your partner’s large network of business and political contacts. If you play your cards right, you may not only be able to get hold of a lucrative contract or two but take your career to a whole new level. And it is not only about financial success but larger civic participation as well. Being part of the political scene may give you the courage to participate in government policies or get involved in public life.

Be ready to come under scrutiny

When dating a successful politician, you need to be ready to allow public scrutiny into your life. Politicians are usually minutely followed by the media and since you are with a politician, your life may become an open book. There may be photographers and mediapersons waiting at odd places and times to catch a shot of you and your partner, whether leaving a restaurant or going to a movie. Indeed what you wear, buy, eat and do even during your leisure hours may be reported in the media and open to comments by one and all. Often apparently inconsequential things like you reading a particular book or catching a particular play may be construed in a political angle. Anything you say and do in public will be scrutinized and your partner’s political leanings brought to bear on your personal choices as well. So if you are seriously involved with a politician it may be a good idea to have a crisis manager or a publicist who can take care of unexpected issues.  Indeed even having a bodyguard hovering nearby may be part of your daily routine when dating a politician. And then there may be times when your partner’s romantic past or former dalliances may be bandied about in the press. While this does not relate to you directly, it may be upsetting to find yourself being compared to your partner’s exes and not always to a favorable end. So if you are the kind of person who does not enjoy his/her identity or likes and dislikes exposed to the world, being romantically involved with a political may be rather stressful for you.

Conflicts of interest

If you hold certain specific views on politics and government policies, you may come into conflict with your partner’s stand, sometime or other. Apart from politics, there may be humanity issues, world affairs or even sports where your partner’s views are likely to be colored through the prism of his/her political allegiance.  Not everyone likes to toe a given line in all aspects of life and constantly having to adhere to a particular philosophy or political stand. Living life according to a prepared script can get boring at best and stifling at worst. Thus if you are essentially a free-spirited person who does not enjoy being told what to think and do by others, a relationship with a politician may be full of potholes.


Politicians aren't exactly known for their honesty and keeping their word. So be aware that any promises you get from a politician you're dating may have to be taken with a pinch of salt. This awareness is specially important if you're investing precious years in a relationship with a politician.

Restricted outings

When dating a politician, you may have to accept certain restrictions on your movements and meetings. For instance your partner may not agree to a date at a nightclub know for their risqué clientele or edgy environment. Also moving freely in public spaces or openly indulging in PDAs may be difficult when your partner has an image to live up to. Even while having a romantic dinner, your partner may constantly be looking over his/her shoulder for journalists lurking at the next table. Certain restrictions on your personal life may get trying unless you are the kind who can easily adjust to the compulsions of different situations.

Finally being a politician is about being connected to your constituents on various levels. Thus your partner cannot afford to avoid or turn away a constituent on any occasion, no matter how personal it is supposed to be. So be prepared for constituents to crash your dates; when you go out with your partner, people may recognize him/her and want to talk politics during dinner. Your romantic evening together may be ruined this way and there may not a thing you can do about it. At the same a politician is placed to help his/her constituents lead a better quality of life. This feeling of public service together with media attention and financial success should be enough to motivate you to put up with minor hiccups of dating a politician.