Dating a Supermodel

Dating a supermodel is the stuff fantasies are made of. Which single doesn’t dream of going out with a woman with killer looks, a hot body and smoldering sensuality? But in order to catch the attention of a supermodel and most of all ensure that she wants to go out with you, you may need to take care of a few things.

Separate the best from the rest

In order to date a supermodel, you will first have to identify one so that you don’t end up settling for a girl who has only two-bit modeling assignments to her claim. Among the factors that allow a model to claim supermodel status are usually an exclusive contract with a major beauty company – think Elizabeth Hurley who was the famous face of Estee Lauder, a position now held by Carolyn Murphy. She should have had appeared on the cover of major fashion magazines like Vogue or lifestyle ones like Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues. And if she has been a prominent face in the Victoria’s Secret Catalogue a la Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum, so much the better.

Where to find them

While it is easy to come across the average model at any fashion studio or advertising company, supermodels are more difficult to have access too. You may need to pass through agents, secretaries and even a bodyguard or two in order to chat up a supermodel. So, if you are not a billionaire or a Hollywood star yourself, the best chances of coming in contact with models lie in the professional field. Try to get an opening in the fashion or the entertainment industry where most of these supermodels move about. Photographers, designers, makeup experts, hair stylists, event managers and public relations executives of media companies are the people who interact with supermodels on a regular basis. Once you become a professional, you will not only have access to these hot ladies but also find it easier to establish contact with them – they will be more open to speaking on professional terms with you, rather than to the riff-raff.

Turn into a party animal

One of the most effective ways to meet supermodels is to attend the biggest parties in town. You only need to open the entertainment section or page 3 or your newspaper to know that some party or event is being hosted all the time – whether to promote a product or to celebrate a successful venture. Most of these events are hosted by industrial houses and companies which pay good money to supermodels to make an appearance and thus ensure maximum media coverage. So wrangle an invitation to such a party and who knows, you may end up sharing bar space with a hot supermodel.

A glitzy social life

While the most obvious appeal of dating a supermodel lies in their good looks, being with such a celebrity can take your social life to a whole new level. The thing with modeling is that you work hard but then you play harder. So once you make the acquaintance of a supermodel, you can find yourself at nightclubs and discos which have the hottest music and the craziest cocktails in town. While gaining entry here will not come cheap, you are at least assured of rubbing shoulders with the hippest guys and gals. Models, both successful and wanna-bees have a thing about partying hard and long and at the most upscale nightspots you can have ample opportunities to get to know them better.

Spruce up your appearance

Supermodels are in the business of looking good and would not be caught dead with a date who has no sense of style. So if you are a guy and seeking to be noticed by that gorgeous woman on the cover of a fashion magazine, make sure you are impeccably groomed and decked up in the best labels – perhaps sporting a Cartier watch and a Gucci jacket might not guarantee dating success with a supermodel but it will definitely attract notice and may be even act as a conversation starter. At the same time let her know that you have class and not merely money to spend. If you are looking to meet the hottest girls on the ramp, make sure you are seen reserving the best tables in the fine dining places or ordering the really exotic cocktails at the bar. Frequenting fashion boutiques and high-end stores will also offer you ample opportunities to meet celebrity singles of the fashion world.

Loosen your purse-strings

Models are high maintenance people and they have an eye for the best that money can buy. So, once you have managed an introduction to the girl you want, let her know that you are willing to spend on the object of your interest. Turn up for your date with a bunch of expensive golden orchids flown in specially from East Asia or fly her out to Hawaii, just to watch the setting sun together. At the same time though don’t go overboard with display of your wealth or you may come off as desperate and a jerk. Absolute no-nos are trying to buy a date with lavish gifts or soliciting their affections with monetary offers – remember they are in the business of appearances but not hookers. So be guided by good taste and finesse when spending and you will be sure to catch the eye of the girl you wish to date.

Be open to adjustments

Supermodels can be rather trying to have dinner with. They are usually extremely finicky about what to eat and do – this is only natural when your physical appearance is your primary asset. So be careful about planning dates around food; since even after going through so much trouble reserving tables at the most exclusive restaurant you may find her nibbling on sticks of celery. Again physical activities with potential for injury may not be good date ideas either. Instead include activities like music and art before a meal and let your date pick the restaurant.

Finally let your relationship be based on mutual love and respect. Most people make the mistake of believing they are dumb and have nothing worth saying. This is because models almost always come across to us through the visual medium – they are rarely heard. So make it a point to treat your date as someone who has brains as well as a body you are likely to earn her admiration and love for a long time to come.