How to Meet Men Who Aren’t into Sports

Conventional notions of desirable men revolve around the stereotype of sporty, athletic guys who love throwing hoops or cycling around the countryside more than anything. And yet all eligible men are not necessarily into sports. If your idea of a date does not involve noisy football stadiums and tiring hiking sessions, here are a few ways to meet like-minded guys.

Search out the creative ones

Guys who aren’t into sports are more likely to be involved in creative pursuits like art, sculpture, literature and theater. Unlike the football-crazy kind of guy, creative people will rarely be interested in whiling away time at sports bars and baseball stadiums. Rather they would prefer to engage in artistic pursuits during their leisure hours and if you wish to meet them you will have to take your search to the places frequented by the arty kind. So set aside a sunny day to explore the art district in your city – browse through its cafes, galleries, curio shops and those selling other knick-knacks. Better still attend a concert which is likely to bring together music lovers; or if your resources are strained, look for open air shows and arts festivals which usually feature a variety of performances and programs. Other places where you are likely to meet creative individuals are bookshops, art galleries, craft workshops, theaters, the opera and the like.

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Join a hobby club

A good way of meeting the non-sporty kind of guy is to sign up with a hobby club that caters to other interests.  So look for special interest societies which have members from both sexes. It may be a society for book lovers, photographers, stamp collectors, foodies or anything that brings people together of special interests and wider resources. Better still sign up for a dance class at an upscale address or wine appreciation course which are likely to draw in the well-heeled among men. Be guided by your own interests because if others see you having a good time, they will be interested in joining you. Finally whether or not you meet the right men you are sure to learn something new and interesting.

Back to school

Men who aren’t into sports may also be of the intellectual kind who are interested in learning something new at every stage of their lives. These guys may go back to college to broaden their horizons or explore more creative career options. For some it may simply be a matter of indulging in a favorite subject they did not have time to pursue when they were younger. You too can sign up for a course at your local college; then chat up the older men in class and ask if they need any help with their homework or would like to share a cup of coffee.

Browse for the book-lovers

If you wish to date guys who aren’t mad about sports, one of the easiest ways to find them would be among the ranks of book-lovers. To meet them you can browse through book-stores, libraries and attend book launches. Gone are the days when book stores would be dark and musty places with space barely enough to move an umbrella. These days book stores are not only places where you can buy books but also delightful spaces where you can flip through the pages of your favorite romantic novellas or science fiction with soft music playing in the background and even a cup of steaming espresso at hand – all conditions perfect to build new associations. Then again if you prefer even hipper options for meeting guys, how about attending a book-based event? Book launches and book-reading sessions in recent years have emerged as some of the most sought-after cultural events and often draw a large section of attractive singles from various walks of society. Indeed, there are author signings where you cannot only have your copy scrawled by a celebrity signature but also check out other guests while sipping martinis and nibbling on appetizers. Apart from these, there are many online resources connecting book-lovers too - social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace for instance have ways of reaching out to people who share the same interests as you do and if it is the printed word that turns you on, these will definitely help you locate people who're into reading.

Get to know the geeks

In popular culture, the geeks and nerds that are usually the butt jokes for their supposed lack of social skills and athletic prowess. And yet these guys often make the ideal dating partners, not only because they are smart, less egoistic and low-maintenance but also because some of them take home huge pay packets as software professionals and internet entrepreneurs. Some of the best places to meet these guys are science conventions and computer shows but if these are too highbrow for you, your friendly neighborhood nerd may even be found thronging electronic goods fairs or the gadget sections in a supermarket. All men love electronics but a good way to spot these guys would be those that would be gazing lovingly at the latest home theater systems. Act like you want to buy the latest car DVD player and while you do that, check out the nice-looking guy helping you out.

Don’t discount the outdoors

Just because you wish to meet guys who aren’t into sports doesn’t mean that you should be only looking at indoor opportunities. There are lots of guys who don’t enjoy hectic sports but enjoy walking or cycling in the park, taking their dogs out or even playing with their kids, if they are single dads. Such men can be great dating partners because while on one hand they will not bore you with home run statistics, on the other they know the value of a healthy lifestyle. Another variation of this kind may be found in travel circles – guys who are fond of seeking out new places and cultures may not necessarily be into sports but at the same time have an open, enthusiastic mind.