Dating a Hypothyroid Girl

When you join the dating game, you realize that nobody is really perfect – almost everyone is dealing with issues like may be an incident from the past, hailing from dysfunctional families or coping with medical conditions. So if you start dating a girl and even get to like someone only to find out she has hypothyroidism, it may leave you confused and worried. But then should you wish to know the person better or indeed have a relationship, here is what dating a hypothyroid girl could be like.

Get the facts

If you suspect or come to known that the girl you are dating is hypothyroid, first of all find out all you can about the condition. Also known as underactive thyroid, hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland supplies lower-than-required levels of essential hormones which in turn undermines the body's ability to function efficiently. Though any one can develop hypothyroidism, it is usually common among women, especially in later age. While the most common symptoms are fatigue, weight gain and dry, flaky skin, if hypothyroidism goes untreated, the signs and symptoms could become severe, such as an inflamed thyroid, slow thought processes and even depression. While only a medical professional can diagnose hypothyroidism,  once you know the facts, it will be easy for you to understand some of the less than desirable manifestations of the condition like your date lacking energy or being concerned about putting on weight and if indeed if you are thinking in terms of a relationship, knowing the facts will help you understand the medication and make the lifestyle changes that usually accompany treatment for hypothyroidism.

Have patience

While external manifestations of hypothyroidism are comparatively less marked, at least in the early stage, people with the condition can find leading a normal life very difficult, much less dating and socializing. If your date is hypothyroid, she may be feeling sluggish and tired, and exhausted all the time. Her periods can be worse, and come more often than before. Menopause can be worse, and come earlier than for other women. And after pregnancy, hypothyroidism can worsen postpartum fatigue and depression, and make breastfeeding difficult or impossible. Depression -- or feeling blue -- is common, as are memory problems and being fuzzy-brained. While your date may not suffer from all these symptoms at the same time – indeed if she has had this condition for a while, she may even become an expert at managing her symptoms – but awareness about how hypothyroidism affects a woman may help you to be more understanding of her needs and requirements. Plan your dates in a way that they don’t include physically rigorous activities; be mindful of her diet restrictions and the fact that she may start feeling tired after a short while. Include ample opportunities for rest or be flexible with your plans in case she is feeling under the weather.

Be sensitive

Women suffering from hypothyroidism have to deal not only with reduced energy and slower metabolism but eventual ravages on their body too. Usually the condition leads to thinning eyebrows, significant hair loss as well as dry coarse skin out. Your partner may find her face and eyelids are puffy as well as her face is bloated. Worst of all is the weight gain  she may be following the most rigorous and healthy diet and exercise program, and yet be unable to lose weight, in fact she might even be gaining weight on that program. Things are made much worse by are advertisements and comedians who use "thyroid problem" as the not-so-secret code to describe someone who is fat; sometimes even smart aware people even come up with unthinking comments like, ‘oh thyroid problem is a just an excuse for not trying hard enough to lose weight’. Under such circumstances, it is easy for hypothyroid women to develop a negative body image – your date may feel that she is unattractive and worry that you wouldn’t want to go out with her, much less get intimate. Popular notions of female beauty are so inextricably tied up with glossy hair, glowing skin and a svelte figure that any physical trait that strays from the norm, even when brought about a medical condition, is enough to send women spiraling into depression. If you are serious about dating this girl, you have to make an effort to tell her that your find her beautiful. Ideally these would be in the nature of small compliments like ‘wow that scarf really brings out the color of your eyes’ or ‘you are looking fresh today’. Don’t go overboard with praises that are obviously untrue, like comments about her hair and weight and could end up make her feeling worse.

Encourage her to get help

Dating a girl suffering from hypothyroidism can be rather difficult. You may have to make several adjustments in your social life and even fore go many of the things you enjoy doing. However if you genuinely wish to be in a relationship with a hypothyroid girl, there are ways you can help her cope with the condition. Be informed about her medication and possible contraindications and side effects that may impact your life together. If she is deeply upset about her hair loss or weight gain, encourage her to see an expert or a therapist.  Above all, listen with understanding, respect and sensitivity when she talks about her condition. Your partner probably needs your attention and support more than she would like to admit. Make a list of resources, counselors, support groups and hospitals where she can seek help on her own. If she gives an indication, help your partner by making that first call or appointment with a therapist and if need be, accompany her to the initial sessions.

Finally ensure that you have a place to get support for yourself. This is because helping a loved one with a chronic medical condition can be physically and emotionally draining, especially if you are planning a life together. Be ready to ask for and accept support from both friends and professionals who are experienced in thyroid conditions and treatment.