Dating a Survivalist

The dizzying pace of change in almost every aspect of life – social, economic and environmental – has led to a vast range of responses; while some people adopt a fatalist approach of ‘what will be, will be’, the vast majority is on the lookout for ways that life can be bettered for everyone. However there is a minority who believe in being prepared for whatever the future brings, especially in case of a disaster, whether man-made or natural. Known as survivalists, they have a distinctive life view and if you are keen on dating one, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Know what it entails

A survivalist is an individual who is prepared to be completely self-sufficient, often because of a belief that eventually society will collapse through social or political disorder and only the self-sufficient will be able to survive. This is a highly unconventional view since most people realize that despite many potential threatening situations, the end-of-the-world scenario is rather unrealistic. So if you are not a survivalist yourself and are thinking of dating one, try and have an open mind to alternative views and ideas about the future of the world. While all survivalists have the same general goals in mind – that of surviving an oncoming disaster – there exists different views what that disaster will be; it could be a nuclear war, natural disaster or nearer home, a complete economic breakdown. Perhaps the most common misconception is that all survivalists are fanatics and criminals. While there actually exist some hate groups and fanatical groups that are survivalist in nature, not all survivalists have destructive attitudes like that. A survivalist is simply someone who wants to be prepared for a worst-case scenario. In fact even a special forces soldier could be considered survivalist in his skill set. So before you begin dating a survivalist, consider if you can accept views that significantly differ from your own. Going out with a survivalist merely to argue against their world view and run them down will be no fun to either party and will actually show up a petty mind.

On the other hand if you are a survivalist yourself and are looking for dating someone with similar worldview, keep in mind that details of survivalist philosophies and strategies can vary significantly. Some survivalists plan on being isolated from the majority of society, while others are focused preparing for a compound existence to hold off the outside world. While some extreme believers may invite you to their underground bunkers, it is more usual to find singles who merely wish to connect with someone holding similar views about the future.

Where to find them

Since survivalists are a minority group, the best way to meet singles would be through dating sites. Despite the limited size of its adherents, there already exist several survivalist dating sites where singles can meet and date partners with shared world views. In fact Money CNN very recently carried a very interesting article1 on such a dating website which caters specifically to this niche community of "preppers," "survivalists" and "doomsdayers." Apart from dating websites, you can also explore blogs, networking sites and discussion forums on survivalist strategies and philosophies to find out more about such groups, the cities where they exist and the times when they meet up. In this way starting from online networking, you can go on to mingle with other survivalists in persona and if lucky, perhaps find a date too.

What to do

While you may not agree with the notion of future that forms the core of survivalist philosophies, they may turn out to be extremely interesting company. They are usually equipped with distinctive skills like hunting, fishing, growing crops, finding edible plants and trapping prey since they believe in being prepared for the end of civilization and its conveniences. When dating a survivalist, it would be a good idea to include many outdoor activities like hiking, trekking , camping since they are not only comfortable in the wilderness but may even teach you an interesting thing or two about living without the usual resources of civilization . Among other skills that survivalists are usually adept at are use of several types of guns, the bow and arrow, knives and even basic hand-to-hand combat for protection. Thus dating a survivalist can make for an exceedingly interesting time, that is you care for that sort of thing. In the end, even if your relationship with a survivalist partner does not last, you are sure to have picked up useful tips in growing a garden, basic wilderness survival and most importantly self defense and first aid.

In the long run, a relationship with a survivalist is best only if you share his/her beliefs and are comfortable with a rather distinctive lifestyle. Though not all survivalists believe in the same strategies, almost all eschew the conventional comforts of civilization. Some live in trailer vans while others while living in ordinary homes will always have their truck packed like they are always ready for an expedition. The extreme believers among them may even prefer to live in underground bunkers, in the wilderness and away from civilization. Living with a survivalist can meant not only giving up urban indulgences but even daily conveniences like electric gadgets, OTC medications and something as basic as evening stroll at the neighborhood pub. All this can be difficult to adjust to unless you share fully or least partly in your partner’s world views.