How to Meet Single Men and Women Who Love Adventure Sports

Common interests are one of the most effective ways of meeting potential partners. A relationship based on mutual likes and dislikes not only makes it easier to break the ice in the early days but later on, helps a couple to remain connected when the initial chemistry has subsided. And what better pursuit to characterize the adrenaline rush that comes from being in love than adventure sports. So if you love pushing your body to the limits, the high that comes with it and are now looking for a partner who shares your passion, here are some ways to meet singles who love adventure sports as much as you do.

Join the club

With the arrival of internet, it has become a lot easier to meet singles with shared hobbies and pursuits. So browse through social networking and dating website which brings active people together who are hooked to adventure sports. Rappelling, rock-climbing, sky-diving, para-jumping are all activities you can choose from if you have a head for the heights. On the other hand if water is your element, go for deep-sea diving, snorkelling, canoeing and all kinds of surfing. Apart from being a whole lot of fun, you can get to know some single men and women who are equally enthusiastic about this sort of thing.

Go on trips

Not all cities and towns have the natural conditions for adventure sports. Those like skiing and snowboarding require high snowy slopes while others like kayaking and canoeing need fast moving rivers and streams. Even options for simpler active sports like horse riding are best available some miles away from city or town limits. So another great way to increase your chances of meeting singles is to go on vacations which are specially geared towards adventure sports. There are many travel and tour companies which arrange skiing holidays on some of the best slopes in the world. Then again there are tours which offer a whole package of adventure activities like white-water rafting, mountain climbing, hiking, camping and so one. Bikers can choose from mountain-biking to cross-country biking. Again if nothing exhilarates you as the spray of salt water on your skin, consider heading to beach vacations which have the best facilities for adventure sports like scuba-diving, deep-sea diving, snorkeling and surfing of all kinds. Once you arrive at your vacation destination, you are bound to run into fellow enthusiasts of extreme sports and it is quite likely, there will be an attractive single or two among them.

Explore wildlife

Though wildlife travel is a different subgenre of travel as compared to adventure sports travel, still the two hobbies can have a lot in common. One is the heady feeling that comes from being in the untamed outdoors and the other is element of danger that is present in both wildlife as well as adventure sports. In fact in many activities, like swimming underwater with sharks or racing with the bulls, there is a seamless merging of adventure as well as wildlife. thus if you are keen to meet singles with your own interests, explore wildlife vacations and resorts as well – even if you do not get to meet the love of your life, you are sure to have a thrilling adventure amidst the wild animals.

Take advantage of the outdoors

For those who don’t have the resources to buy memberships to adventure sports clubs or go on specialty vacations, an equally good idea is to go out biking or hiking on a holiday or a weekend. There are lots of adventure-loving men and women who won’t mind a buddy while hitting the trails and if you meet someone you like you could even set up camp together. So get out your biking gear and if lucky, you can look forward to spending a night under the stars with each other or watching the sun rise from a mountain top.

Get involved in causes

If you love adventure sports, it is unlikely that you want to see the slopes and seas which offer you such pleasure being damaged under the stress of civilization. Responsible tourism has been at the forefront of some of the most high-profile environmental causes in recent times. This is not only because sensitive ecological systems - like coral reefs - in different parts of the world at in danger of being wiped out by poachers and short-sighted policies but because the sheer stress of expanding towns and cities is putting pristine habitats at risk. So identify an environment cause that is close to your heart and get genuinely involved with it – you could even extend your efforts to protection of wildlife and exotic animals whose numbers are increasingly getting depleted as poaching and destruction of their natural habitats continue. Thus attending workshops, preparing for awareness programs and interacting with other environmental rights groups will put you in touch with a wide variety of people in other cities and even other countries who may share your love of the unspoilt outdoors and adventure activities. You can also look for fundraising events organized by wildlife rescue groups and shelters in your city and while these may not specifically be singles events, odds are at least half the attendees are single.

Finally network with other like-minded people. Go out with friends, neighbors and couples who are enthusiastic sky-divers or skiers themselves. Not only this will be a great way to meet other singles with the same interests, in the end biking up mountain slopes or cavorting with dolphins in the wide open seas will help you be in better physical and mental shape too.