Dating an Environmentalist

One of the most fulfilling relationships are those based on shared values and ideals. People are increasingly the importance of preserving the environment and saving it from further degradation in the name of economic progress. If your partner thinks along similar lines or if you are looking for a “green” soul mate, here are a few dating tips.

Know where to find them

Even though environmentalists are a growing band, as a dating pool they may still be restricted compared to professional or lifestyle types. Your best bet in meeting green singles could consist of frequenting workshops, seminars and promotional events taking place in your city which are organized around the cause of the environment. Think about joining gardening societies and nature clubs which are other common meeting grounds for people who are conscious about the environment. In fact you can join or at least frequent meetings of similar ethical associations like animal rights societies, humanitarian societies and vegetarian cooking clubs since many of their principles like consuming no meat and preventing ill-treatment of animals often overlap with environmental issues. Then again you could browse through nature and wildlife sections in libraries and bookshops and keep an eye on those picking out books about the environment, carbon footprints or the ecology.

Look up the yellow pages

These days governments are promoting green businesses and services in a big way. In fact even the ordinary populace has woken up to the need of supporting eco-friendly businesses for a better future. So look up your town’s business directory or the yellow pages and find out associations or clubs which bring together eco-friendly businesses and services. Your town’s Farmers Market or other organic stores may be places not only patronized by environmentally-conscious consumers but also frequented by the growers of ‘green’ fresh produce. And the more you hang out at such places, the better are your chances of striking up a conversation with a potential partner.

Go online

Yet another great option is to go online. Once you are on the internet you will be floored by the great number of social networking and/or dating sites catering to the environmentally-conscious. These portals are a wonderful way to make friends with ‘green’ singles, find out more about their lifestyle and if you are lucky, come across a potential partner. However before you hook up with someone, clarify your diet and lifestyle preferences since some singles may be strictly vegans while others may not mind having a hot dog every now and then. At the same time all the usual safeguards about online dating apply here as well. So before you share personal or financial information online or agree to meet somebody you have got acquainted through a website, take all necessary precautions.

Consider what you are wearing

Once you have found a eco-conscious partner you would like to go out with, you need to practice your green credentials in your lifestyle too and this includes your wardrobe. So on a date with an environmentalist, stay away from materials like leather and fur which are responsible for a lot of cruelty to animals. As far as possible stick to natural fabrics like cotton, linen, silk and wool – they are not only kinder to the environment but less allergic as compared to synthetic materials and thus good for your skin too. In fact these days a lot of experimentation is going on with organic fabrics and some like jute and bamboo are not only good for the environment but look and feel incredibly stylish as well.

Plan your dates well

Now that you are dressed to impress your environmentalist date, don’t goof up by arriving in a fuel-guzzling SUV or a ten-feet limo. Private vehicles are a big offender when it comes to carbon emissions and the bigger the vehicle, usually greater the emissions. Even eco-friendly cars like the Prius are believed to have an environmental impact. So if you are keen to mark yourself as environmentally conscious, take public transport or use a bike to meet your date. And so that you don’t appear all hot and sweaty for your date, avoid places that require you both to travel far distances. Rather opt for a closer-to-home alternative like a neighborhood park or even better have a romantic picnic in your living room.

One of the best parts about dating an environmentalist would be spending all the time you can in the healthy outdoors. For a date, you and your partner could go hiking up mountain trails or biking through the countryside. If you both are water-birds, you could go surfing, swimming or simply laze around on the beach sunbathing. However avoid burning firewood or paper to make a bonfire, no matter how romantic a beach sunset looks. Also while exploring the wild outdoors, whether the mountainside or the sea, be careful not to cause damage to the fragile ecosystems of nature.

What to eat

Environmentalists come from various religious and cultural backgrounds which influence their eating habits. So while not all of them may be strict vegans, it is likely that your partner will prefer a particular kind of diet in keeping with their ‘green’ beliefs. This may restrict your options when eating out and especially when planning a dinner date or a celebratory dinner at a fancy restaurant. So check ahead with your partner regarding his/her dietary habits and if possible, ask them to suggest a few places where they would like to dine. This way your date will not end up hungry because nothing on the restaurant menu matches his/her dietary requirements. At the same time keep an open mind when going out with your partner. If he/she is a vegan, acquaint yourself with difference kinds of non-meat and non-dairy delicacies. These days there are several meat and cheese substitutes available in the market and what’s more you may find that they taste great too.