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In contemporary dating culture, a sense of humor often ranks at the top of must-haves in a potential partner. Since in these times financial support as well as religious or ethnic background are becoming less important factors when choosing a partner, personality traits tend to assume greater significance and one of these is an ability to make light of the world. However if you find that your date doesn’t really have a sense of humor, here are a few things to consider.

Humor incompatibility

Having a fulfilling romantic life requires effort at the best of times. But if the person you are dating suffers from a dysfunctional personality, it can mean some more hard work for you. And while things will be never be as smooth as with a completely healthy partner, here are a few tips to help you along when dating someone with a persecution complex.

Educate yourself

While a little bit of imagination can add color and excitement to daily monotonous life, overdoing the drama is not only irritating to other people but ultimately leads to a skewed sense of reality. If you have a niggling doubt that the same is true of the woman you are dating, consider the following signs which will tell you if you are dating a drama queen.

A desire to feel special is inherent in almost all humans. But when this desire exceeds normal bounds, a person is driven by the need to be the center of attention all the time. This may take the form or excessive emotionality or being drawn to conflict. All these are signs that you are dating a drama queen and before long you may find yourself in an extremely trying situation. But if you really wish to be with your girlfriend and stay happy, you may find the following tips handy when dating a drama queen.

Listen to her

Most singles have emotional issues which they need to confront in order to have a normal dating relationship. Some of the most common among these are quarreling parents, marital breakup or some kind of substance abuse in the past. However one of the most difficult situations arises when the individual has been abused a family member in the worst way possible. So if you feel or know that the person you are dating was a victim of incest, here is how you can help him/her as well as your relationship.

Learn to read the signs

Life values are among the most important things that determines compatibility between two people. If you are dating someone who does not feel the same way as you with regard to people of different races, it can pose a serious site of difference and eventually conflict.

What constitutes racism?

Originating from ‘hedonismos’, the ancient Greek word for delight, hedonism today refers to a way of life where experience of pleasure is paramount, especially as part of modern consumerism rather than artistic or aesthetic fulfillment. If you too are attracted to this idea and wish for a companion who shares your preferences, here are a few thoughts on dating someone with a hedonistic lifestyle.

A Hedonistic lifestyle

While no one promised you that dating would be easy, a partner with personality issues can make things so much harder. In particular it is distressing to have a date who avoids intimacy, invests little in the relationship or simply is never there for you emotionally. Psychologists and relationship experts now have a term for such traits which is known as an avoidant attachment disorder. If you believe this is true of the person you are dating as well, here are a few ways to cope.

A relationship with a depressed person is not the easiest of situations. Ideally an emotionally healthy partner is the best bet for a truly fulfilling relationship . However if your partner develops depression over time or you are already into a relationship and this partner means more to you than anything else, here are some ways to cope with a partner who suffers from depression.

Gather information

In normal interactions, people seem to have a sixth sense about avoiding personalities that are marked by a sense of entitlement; there are only a few amongst us who would voluntarily associate with snobs, judging and demanding people. And yet somehow while dating, many seem to get stuck with high-maintenance partners marked by entitlement mentality. It could be the supreme self-confidence or an external physical attraction that draws many to partners with a sense of entitlement.


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