Dating a rich man

Women fall for different things in a man: his personality, his manners, his character and inevitably, his position in life or simply put, his money! Most women would like to be swept off their feet by a good natured, personable millionaire, and to escape from the humdrum and toil of earning a living to a life of fast cars, fine dining, fancy villas and fame and fortune. Some women, in fact, are always looking out always for a rich man to date!

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What distinguishes one woman from another is the degree to which they are willing to sacrifice other criteria for judging men for the sake of only his money. For some, money is all that matters but for others it is only one of his qualifications besides the other main qualities like kindness and a sense of humor. The former is always searching for ways and means to find a rich man to date. As Marilyn Monroe remarked in her movie, ‘Gentlemen prefer Blondes’, 'Don’t you know that a man being rich is like a woman being pretty?'

As primates, women were drawn to men who were powerful, agile, able to provide and protect. This amounts to money, career and success in modern times and attracts the most number of women. Thus it is an instinct nurtured over thousands of years. But if instinct is what guides you all the time you may belong to an exclusive group of women who are looking for a rich man to date and who are aptly called ‘gold diggers’. And their objects of desire are mostly, ageing, loaded men, called ‘sugar daddies’.

Thousands of women today are looking out for sugar daddies. The most notorious gold diggers like (the late) Anna Nicole Smith and Darva Conger who chose to hook up with rich men openly for their money. Smith married ailing and ageing 89-year-old wheelchair-ridden tycoon J Howard Marshall for obvious reasons and has been locked up in a legal battle with his children over his billions, after his death. Darva Conger embarrassed herself by winning the gold-digging reality show on T.V called "Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire" as the millionaire she won, turned to have a criminal record. She later married a paramedic.

There are enough women who want a rich man to spawn many study courses and books on the subject. Lisa Johnson, author of ‘How to Snare a Millionaire’ runs a course on " How to Marry a Millionaire" where she claims that there are over 1 million single millionaires in L.A. county alone. She gives ingenuous tips like "Learn to play golf as millionaires love golf." Such tips are aimed at her students who want to find a rich man to date.

Gini Sayles, married to a millionaire and an expert on the subject, gives tangible advice to novices: upgrade your wardrobe to natural fabrics like 100 percent linen and silks, to blend in with the rich crowd. Try to get employment with a rich man, by which you may come into contact with other rich men. After all, Bill Gates fell for Melinda French, who was his employee.

For girls on the look out for a rich man to date, there are also websites like It got a recommendation from as ‘Best of Web’ and the Wall street Journal. It is a web site that brings together millionaire singles. Some of these websites even have multimilionaires underplaying their wealth. You may need to do more than just sign up for a free membership with some of these websites to get anywhere. You need to be pro-active, sending mails, creating interest in yourself.

In New York, the trend of young, educated women, frequenting expensive bars, clubs and charity events hoping to date a rich man, is nothing unusual. The key factor there, for landing a rich man, is "location, location and location" according to an insider. They cite Frederick’s, The Bull and Bear, So Ho House, Don Hills etc. as the hot spots that attract Wall street types and investment bankers.

But general wisdom suggests that finding a rich man to date is a risk-laden affair, as men with money are often choosy and whimsical. It is better to look for a man with a good nature and character.