Marrying a rich man - should you marry someone richer than yourself?


Well, this one’s easy. Hell, yeah…you should. Now if the question was 'Should you marry a man poorer than yourself?' then that would have to be one persuasive article…unless you’re in an Adam Sandler movie. But this is a no-brainer.

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Let’s look at pre-historic men and women and what they looked for in their potential partners. A pre-historic man looked for a woman who could provide him with children. Hence she had to be flat-stomached since a swollen belly meant she was already performing this function for someone else. Presumably, this is where the tummy tuck obsession came from. Remember this was a time before marriage as an institution was born and an evolved concept such as love was perhaps unknown. A pre-historic woman looked for a man who could gather fruit and hunt well. Thousands and thousands of years later, things have changed, but not quite.

Is it shallow for a woman to look for a rich man to marry? Isn’t it just as shallow for a man to look for a beautiful girl to marry? Who said one was better than the other? Some over-eager journalists asked Richard Branson’s stunning girlfriend if she would have dated him if he wasn’t rich. She managed a smile and asked them if Branson would have ever dated her if she wasn’t so beautiful. Full marks to you, girl. Personally, I have never seen a rich man with a not-so-good-looking wife.

Let’s look at the practical benefits of marrying someone richer than yourself or just really, filthy rich.

Let’s say you not only want your daily bread and butter but also your marmalade. And a nice steak once in a while wouldn’t hurt much. Throw in some caviar and wine and life’s just great. Marrying a rich man brings major changes in your lifestyle. And most of the changes are good ones…in fact they’re spectacular.

If you’re the kind of girl who likes to be pampered with jewelry and great gifts, then a rich husband is your means to that end.

A great car at your disposal. Even better are multiple cars that are chauffeur driven.

Hired help and a luxurious house. Make that two—your city home and a holiday villa.

You can finally hire your very own personal trainer and look like a million bucks (apart from having a million bucks in your bejeweled designer handbag).

And did I mention the designer clothes? Valentino, Lagerfield, Versace, etc. You could buy them all. Custom-made handbags and shoes too.

Apart from these materialistic but great motives, there’s another side effect of marrying a rich man. You will never be under the pressure of being the main breadwinner. Now this could have been an issue and you would be viewed as regressive and anti-feministic if your partner was an average Joe. But if he’s a millionaire, no one cares. Look at Victoria Beckham…no…but wait…she has a career in music or fashion or something…right?

A great extension of the above-mentioned aspect is that you could pursue your true calling. So if you marry your rich man, you could give up that bank job you hated and pursue scuba diving like you always wanted. You could take up pottery or art. You could write, review or critique. Become a salsa teacher. Who knows? You could end up making more money and fame than you used to in your regular job and what’s more, you’d love your job too.

Marrying a rich man is perfect if you are an old-fashioned homemaker at heart. If you like keeping a great home and baking cookies and tarts, it would help if your man was out there making those millions. 

You could finally become the charitable, altruistic, philanthropic person you only dreamt of becoming. Donate, help the poor or throw benefits and fund raisers. You can do your bit for the world.

Finally, if your rich man isn’t already famous and he’s an all-work-and-no-party kinda guy, then you could teach him a few media tricks. Throw great parties, get him in the news with some excellent PR work. Do your part for his visibility and fame quotient and maybe you’ll soon be the Vice President of his new shipping company.

This road is much traveled and some women do find their rich man very quickly. Some take a while. All it takes is a little patience and lots of hard work. Remember, quid pro quo. If a guy is rich he would usually expect to marry a beautiful woman. Therefore, if you want a rich man to marry you, you have to look and dress the part. Don’t you just love this kind of balance. No one complains and everyone’s happy.