How to Become a Trophy Wife - Marrying Someone Filthy Rich

There is seldom a career option more alluring than that of a trophy wife. It is a life of glitz, glamour and opulence – lots of it! But I assume you have found the catch in the very first sentence. Yes, it is a career option after all, in that you have to work hard to achieve it and harder to keep being good at it. So go ahead and find out if you have what it takes to be a trophy wife.

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First let’s get the basics clear

A trophy wife is someone who is beautiful, successful and married to an enormously rich man, several years her senior. Such a woman is most likely to be the second or the third wife of the man she is married to. A trophy wife is regarded as a status symbol, something only the very rich and powerful can afford. The term 'trophy wife' was reportedly coined by the Fortune magazine in 1989 and has since then gained currency in lifestyle descriptions of the rich and famous. The person who manages to get a trophy wife is always a big success in his field which is usually business but also may be the arts and entertainment industry. Media mogul Donald Trump for instance acquired a trophy wife in 2005 when at the age of fifty-eight he married an attractive thirty-four year old, Melania Knauss. Again the famous writer Salman Rushdie married the lissome model Padma Lakshmi in 2004 who famously revealed that her husband was only seven years younger than her father. The couple however filed for divorce in 2007. So if you believe that being shown off by the most affluent and successful of men is the life for you, here is a brief guide on how to go about becoming a trophy wife.

Always look your best

While some trophy wives are successful in their own careers, most obtain success only with their celebrity marriages. However the common factor for all trophy wives is that each one of them looks gorgeous. To catch the eye of the richest available man, you have to be in top shape and at your attractive best. So get out the armory of creams and lotions and invest all you are worth in your appearance.

Work on your body

It is not enough for a trophy wife to look her best but she must have a luscious figure as well. So tone up your body and get your statistics right which means that the flabby thighs or the bulging tummy won’t do at all. This however is not to imply that you have to wear yourself out to size zero but only that you need to develop a tight, toned body. You must acquire a figure that will accentuate the most expensive of evening gowns and the most revealing of swimsuits if your rich husband is to show you off.

Develop the right bearing

To catch the attention of a man who has seen it all, you must offer something more than just a pretty face and a nice body. This means that you have to acquire sophistication, grace and poise so that all heads turn towards you when you walk into a room.  So work on your posture and carriage and if necessary take the help of a professional. After all as a trophy wife, you will be shown around and you are expected to live up to its requirements.

Have an edge over others

If you are aiming for the title of a trophy wife and not just looking to be arm candy, make sure that you have something extra to offer. It may be the capacity to conduct a scintillating conversation or an instinct for the latest sensation in the world of arts. Remember that a rich and successful man can have all the attractive girls he wants for a fling, but for a wife he will look for something more.  Intelligence, charm or financial acumen, find out where your edge lies and develop it with finesse so that the person whose attention you want to get finds you intriguing and then impossible to resist.

Know where to look

If you are seriously looking to be a trophy wife, you will have to be seen in the right places, in other words, venues where the rich boys hang out. Most often these are millionaires clubs where pretty young ladies are invited to wine and dine at parties and whose net worth easily runs into several millions of dollars. Also choose your venue according to where and with whom your interest lies. If you’re looking for someone from the entertainment industry you could try making an appearance at a South Beach party frequented by hip-hop stars. Or if Wall Street fat cats are more in your line, perhaps you should spend a happy hour in one of those select oyster clubs. It all depends on the kind of people you are looking for.

Consider pre-nuptial agreements

Being a trophy wife is just like any other lucrative career option and you should be prepared to cushion your exit if it does not happen to work out in the long run. A pre-nuptial contract will ensure that a trophy wife would get a fair share of her husband’s billions in case he wants a still younger and more attractive wife.
So looking to marry into money will take some hard work and a good deal of perseverance but the end result is bound to be worth those endless Botox treatments and wine appreciation classes. For you will have all the greenbacks to play with and you will be the focus of so many flashbulbs. However be prepared to have to deal with a demanding husband since the tycoon you have married will be used to having his way and will expect his orders to be followed by everyone around him. Also consider whether you would like to have a man almost old enough to be your father for a husband. If you are alright with these requirements and have what it takes to be a trophy wife, welcome to a life of the rich and famous!