Lesbian Millionaires in USA - Dating a Rich Lesbian

So do you feel like being a greedy lesbian today and dating the upper echelon of your demographic? Make no mistake about it; there are lesbian millionaires to be found out there. It's just going to take a bit more searching and precision to track them down (as opposed to an all American cheerleader girl type trying to find a millionaire man). Don't fret it though; even if it takes a bit of effort for you to find a millionaire soulmate the payoff at the end will easily cover the time cost of the journey. Here's how you start.

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You'll never find any girlfriend, rich or otherwise (but it applies doubly when seeking out the rich ones), if you don't put yourself out there regularly. Many people have this sort of idealist notion (romantic films in the media don't help) that love will just find them and that they don't have to work for it. It doesn't matter if you're the most gorgeous and charismatic woman in the universe; you're not on anyone's radar before you meet them. The odds of a millionaire lesbian's limo breaking down outside of your house while she and her driver both have dead batteries in their cell phones are pretty slim. So spend time in public and just meet people. Even if you're a confirmed introvert with isolation as a hobby of choice (as many of us are), or a reserved girl with a bit of a fear of approaching other women (you wouldn't be alone here either; men have had to learn to swallow their fears to approach women for ages) there's just a lot more to gain than to lose by going against your routines. Continuously bringing new people into your life, even if they only have very small roles in it, is very rewarding.

Networking is key when seeking the elusive millionaire lesbian. The more friends you have, the better chance that someone among your friends knows of a wealthy woman who shares your orientation. Other lesbians and rich people of all varieties are the best types of people to know (though it's certainly good to have friends from all circles; these are the two that are going to be the most likely to be able to point you to what you're looking for) for your situation. So be as elegant as possible to intrigue the wealthy and accessorize with a tasteful rainbow necklace or bracelet (a widely recognized symbol of gay pride) to draw in the lesbians. With a large network of rich and gay friends it's only a matter of time before you stumble across a person with both qualities. Chance meetings with millionaire lesbians may seem pretty unlikely, but putting yourself in the right environments surrounded by the right types of people can certainly increase your odds.  

Many cities now have gay and lesbian community centers. These can be great places to just make friends who share your orientation, but they also have the potential to connect you with lesbians of the unusually wealthy variety. Rich people have a funny way of choosing at least one cause to support with their money, and for the lesbian community that cause is more often than not going to be the fight against discrimination. Community centers like these often rely heavily on donations, and those who donate the most are going to show up periodically to see what their money is doing. You'll be able to spot the benefactors pretty easily as they'll be surrounded by grateful admirers. Go feminine with your style, look hot, and walk up and introduce yourself. Show a high level of confidence and dignity when first speaking to a woman like this. You don't want to immediately be seen as a possible gold digger, but you do want to show interest and develop a meaningful conversation that goes beyond the endless gratitude that she will hear from most people at the center. If you can make her feel as though she's talking to an equal, she may be intrigued.

High end gay and lesbian bars and clubs are also a great place to take a shot at finding that millionaire dream girl.  It may take a little trial and error to find gay bars that attract the wealthier clientele, but it's worth the search (and you can have some fun along the way at the “normal” gay bars). Generally what you're looking for in these types of atmospheres is the more refined and feminine looking girls drinking only the finest alcohol (champagne is a good thing to look for). Think “lipstick lesbians” as opposed to “flannel shirt” lesbians. Approach a target and say “you look like you want to buy me a drink” or something like that; add in a cheeky smile and chances are a conversation begins.  

Even the most feminine of lesbians (and you'll find that the very wealthiest among lesbians tend to be among the most feminine; in appearance at least) have a need and appreciation for the strength and masculinity that other lesbians bring to the table (as opposed to many of their heterosexual counterparts). At the same time though, lesbians of the wealthier variety are going to be seeking the most attractive and sexually appealing of their demographic, and that entails femininity. The point of all this is that when trying to hook a millionaire lesbian, balance is important. Always look stunning, but be willful and assertive as well.  

While it's true that lesbian millionaires aren't exactly on every street corner, there are wealthy ones to be found in the United States, if you're simply willing to look. Never downplay your own aspirations and desires. If true romance and love is something that's lacking in your life (as it is for many people) you can't expect to just fill the void with dollar bills. If money's your main priority though (and who could blame you?), then the rich lesbians await.