How to Meet Rich Men in Los Angeles - Date Millionaire Guys in LA


Meeting and dating rich men is the stuff of dreams for many young women. The cardinal rule however in this matter is to know where to look. So if you are from Los Angeles and are eager to come across the guys with the greenbacks, here are a few ideas.

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  1. Expensive Restaurants

    Look for fine dining places and restaurants in Los Angeles where the main course can set you back by several hundred dollars. The Craft at 10100 Constellation Bld and the Breeze at 2025 Avenue of the Stars are two locations popular with movie stars and their agents who may be discussing the finer details of a contract over lunch or real estate moguls striking a deal. On the other hand if you are looking for some night-time action head for the Dolce Restaurant at 8284 Melrose Avenue where both the ambience and the crowds are trendier. However if fusion or foreign cuisine is more your style, opt for places like Asia de Cuba at Sunset Bld and Mr. Chow’s at Camden Dr Beverly Hills where the number of paparazzi hanging at the doors is indication enough of its rich and famous clientele. While getting a table at such restaurants may be difficult you can try hanging around till somebody cancels a reservation. And even if you cannot afford the main course, sample the appetizers or order a dessert while you check out the guests and vice versa.
  2. Upscale cafes

    A millionaire may not prefer to go for five-course, sit-down dinners every time he feels like having a bite. So browse through some of the trendiest cafes and hot-dog stands in Los Angeles like The Stand, once again located on the Avenue of the Stars or others with five-star ratings like Café Tropical, the Alcove Café and the Los Felize Café. The best part about these places is that their informal atmosphere helps the rich guys to relax and thus makes them more amenable to a social encounter.

  3. Swanky bars and pubs

    If you on the other hand like to mix your charms with the cocktails, then Los Angeles has some of the swankiest bars for you where the $100k-plus-a-year guys hang out. The X Bar located in the Hyatt for instance is a great place to bump into not only the super-rich but also the super-famous from the entertainment industry.  However if you are looking for something funkier, the literally underground Edison and Cole in downtown city  as well as the Tiki-Ti at Sunset Bld are some of the top watering-holes in Los Angeles and have found a place in the best 25 bars in America by the men’s magazine GQ. Among other lounges popular with the jet-setting crowd are the Elevate Lounge at Wilshire Bld as well as Viper, best known as the brainchild of Hollywood sensation, Johnny Depp.
  4. Nightclubs

    Los Angeles nightlife is one of the trendiest in the country and when it comes to the rich boys letting down their hair, this is the city to be in. AD with its multi-level dance floors including one for the VIPs, the Airliner, Cohiba and the Kids Cotton Club are some destinations where you are as likely to be rubbing shoulders with Leo DiCaprio as with the hedge-fund manager who forks in more than $100k a year. While many of the dance clubs in LA are built around the Hollywood theme, there are those that relish punk, hard rock and Goth as well and where you may find a millionaire or two reliving his wild days.
  5. City events

    Los Angeles is the hub of American entertainment industry which makes its social and cultural calendar packed with exclusive events. So look for premiers of movies, television series and award shows which the rich and famous are sure to attend. Post-premiere parties or post-award functions are in fact ideal venues to mingle with all those guys who appear to be loaded. The Nokia Theater is a regular venue for hosting award shows and programs while other movie theaters in the higher price bracket are the Arclight and the Landmark.
  6. Niche events

    Most millionaires have their pet interests and philanthropies. It would be a good idea to look out for exclusive fund-raising dinners and charity galas which usually carry a price tag of $500 plus a plate. Then there are art shows and auctions which attract the guys interested in such pursuits. Gooding  & Company, an auction house in Santa Monica sold a 1936 Bugatti in the price range of $30 to $40 million earlier this year. Mingle around at these events and try to chat up a wealthy-looking patron on the finer points of a Monet landscape or Ming pottery. However the downside is that it is not easy to get access to such events and you may have to cadge an invitation from an organizer or accompany a rich relative.
  7. Up market areas

    A little bit of homework always goes a long way if you are trying to cross paths with an eligible and male millionaire. Check out those Los Angeles addresses which have the highest residential property rates and where its richest denizens live. Areas like Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Sunset Bld, Santa Monica, Brentwood, Hollywood Hills, Malibu and Pacific Palisades are sure to figure in such a list. Then frequent the cafes, shopping centers, beaches and parties in these locations and if you are lucky you may just bump into the man of your gilded dreams.
  8. Get a job

    Finally remember that millionaires are turned on by brains that can match their own money-making acumen. So look for a job, a trainee position or even volunteer work that would throw you in proximity with the richest single men of Los Angeles. And since A-list millionaires rarely leave their offices to chat up women in bars or match-making events at their local church, your professional intelligence and dedication at work may in fact offer you a better chance with meeting and dating the really rich boys of this City of the Angels.