How to Meet and Date Rich Men in Oklahoma


People living in Oklahoma vouch for the varied economic and cultural opportunities that the state offers as well as the overall high quality of life. And if you are looking to meet and date rich singles in particular, the Sooner State is a good place to begin your search.

Chat up Wealthy Ranchers

The economy of Oklahoma has traditionally been rooted in the land with livestock, oilfields and agriculture constituting important sectors. According to federal statistics, total area of Farmland in acres in the state was 35,087,269 in 2007 and the Cropland in farmland was around 37%1. These are indicators that Oklahoma has a profitable agriculture and land-based industry. So if you are looking for some old-fashioned indulgence in the Western style, the wealthy ranchers and livestock owners of the state might throw up some eligible singles. The capital city, Oklahoma City in fact is believed to have one of the largest livestock markets in the world where rich livestock owners and ranchers gather to conduct business. Another good way to check out other wealthy men of this part of OKC society would be spend a day at the Stockyard City.
Hosting businesses, restaurants, boutiques and saloons, this Business Improvement district offers wholesome Western style hospitality where visitors can experience life as in the Wild West and in height of the Pioneer Days. some like Vive Le Ranch in Tulsa host events like theme weddings while the RV Ranch Arena is a large recreational center in the city offering Covered Rodeo Area, 3/4 Mile Horse Track, Motocross Track, Duck Creek Casino, Silverado Smokehouse Dining as well as Full-Service Saloon.. Alternately you can drop in at ranching conventions and country fairs hosted in different parts of the city as well as look up your local chapter of Oklahoma Farmers and Ranchers Association’s to socialize with affluent members who might be single.

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Mingle with the Energy Majors

Energy exploration and production has long been a significant aspect of Oklahoma’s economy with oil, petroleum and natural gas constituting its major products. Roughly one-quarter of all jobs in Oklahoma are tied to the energy industry, either directly or indirectly and even the state has benefited from high oil prices and rebounding natural gas prices which have propelled Oklahoma out from the last recession. A recent report2 reveals that over the last 12 months, the state has collected $11.3 billion in tax revenue — an all-time high – and one of the tax sectors that showed the most growth over the last was gross production taxes on oil and natural gas. In fact the Oklahoma City is situated in the middle of an oil field, with oil derricks even on the Capitol grounds. Several prominent energy companies are either headquartered or have important presence in the state capital. Two major names are Devon Energy Corporation and Chesapeake Energy Corporation which are also Fortune 500 companies. The presence of ample energy resources has also led to the growth of heavy to light industries in the region. In fact Forbes Magazine voted Oklahoma City as one of America’s top ten recession-proof cities in 2008 when the rest of the country was reeling under the financial crisis brought on by mortgage and banking collapse. The magazine reported OK City benefiting from “falling unemployment, one of the country's strongest housing markets and solid growth in agriculture, energy and manufacturing”3. So if you want to mingle with the richest singles of the state, look out for wealthy industrialists and company executives at the convention centers, business conferences or luxury hotels in the downtown areas of major cities like Tulsa and Oklahoma City or in any of the Business Improvement Districts across the city.

Get to know the Government Guys

The Federal government is one of the largest employers in Oklahoma with several defense and federal government facilities being situated in the state. In Oklahoma City, one of the most important among these is the Tinker Air Force Base which has crucial Navy and Department of Defense missions under its operation. Then the city also houses the United States Department of Transportation’s Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center which includes several offices of the Federal Aviation Administration as well as the Transportation Department's Enterprise Service Center. Training and preparing over 3000 pilots and maintenance technicians every year, Altus AFB is one of the most important military facilities established in Oklahoma. Located in the city of Enid in Oklahoma is the Vance Air Force Base. Fort Sill is the only Army Base in Oklahoma and is located at Lawton. The presence of so many federal institutions implies that Oklahoma has a large pool of federal government officials who, while not taking home paychecks like in the private sector, wield considerable power and influence in society. Finally the best part about dating federal guys is that their jobs are recession-proof which means they can continue to indulge you unlike financiers and software entrepreneurs who must rein in expenses when their business suffers.

Drop in at upscale hangouts

Like any other state with a vibrant culture, Oklahoma has its share of bars, pubs and clubs where the rich and beautiful hang out. In OK City, the fastest growing entertainment scene in downtown city is to be found in Bricktown which used to be a warehouse district once but is now filled with bars, pubs, restaurants and discotheques. In order to meet the most discriminating patrons who have the resources to indulge their tastes, you could head for the Put a Cork In it. This innovatively-titled wine bar uses only the finest American grapes to create a variety of red, white, fruit and specialty wines with an original Oklahoma flavor besides also offering a custom wine label service for special occasions and to special guests. Yet another posh place to socialize is the Skky Bar, located in the heart of Bricktown. Skky has something for everyone, including the choicest spirits, 20 types of fine cigars, hottest DJs from around the country and a spectacular 3,000 foot L-shaped balcony that offers a breathtaking aerial view of Bricktown. On the other hand if you want the catch the eye of a successful single who is a sports fan as well, check out Coach’s or the Fox and Hound which are among the best sports bars and pubs in OK City.

In Oklahoma, Tulsa is another destination where one can find a colorful nightlife attracting the hippest crowds of the state. A much favored venue in Tulsa is the historic Cherry Street - listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, this shopping district offers many unique shopping and dining experiences that caters to exclusive tastes in food or shopping. In the evening well-heeled patrons can be found taking in a performance at one of Tulsa's fine theaters, operas, ballets, or concerts at the Walter Arts Center and The Tulsa Performing Arts Center. however for a more rocking scene, head to some of the hippest bars and clubs of the city like Doc's Wine & Food, Sound Pony Lounge or the Vintage Wine Bar for a more posh setting.

Frequent Affluent Neighborhoods

Dating experts never tire of telling that one of the most successful ways to meet rich singles is to live where they do. While bars and clubs are simply recreational centers where people frequent now and then, it is actually their neighborhoods and homes where rich like everybody else can be found most of the times. In Oklahoma City some of the neighborhoods which are known for their wealthy residential profile are Nichols Hills with its tree-lined avenues and beautiful homes, the Paseo which figured in Forbes List of Best American Neighborhoods last year, Heritage Hills for its historic mansions and Mesta Park for its charming architecture and access to commercial facilities. In Tulsa most of the affluent neighborhoods lie in the south of the city like S Yale Avenue and Delaware Avenue, Woodward Avenue and S Union Avenue.


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