How to Meet and Date Rich Cougars


Having a relationship with an older partner in return for certain practical advantages is nothing new – rich men have throughout history used wealth and power to attract far younger women. However now with single older women increasingly having control of resources, whether inherited or self-earned, young men too can look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with wealthy mature women, euphemistically referred to as cougars. So if you are a wanna-be cub, here are a few tips on meeting and dating rich cougars.

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Hone your professional skills

Cougar women who have the resources to keep younger men attached to them are bound to be financially well-off. So the workplace is an ideal place to look for mature single women who are engaged in successful professions and are making a good deal of money so as to be able to afford a lavish lifestyle including a young and good looking lover. Financial professions like banking and investments, advertising, media, fashion, business and the corporate world are some of the places where you are likely to find successful women professionals Best of all, these professions involve a great deal of networking and you could attend workshops, conferences, conventions for a myriad of ways to meet single and successful women even if you cannot get a job in their company or workplace. However first ensure that you create a good impression on them professionally, before you venture to establish a more personal connection.

Hang out at the right places

Women who have both the money and time to indulge themselves are extremely likely to be found frequenting upscale retail stores, shopping to their heart’s content. So hang around in sections like apparel, jewelry, footwear, accessories and other luxury products which make a lifestyle statement. Alternately make it a point to attend charity galas and fundraising dinners which often attract people who have made a fortune in business or careers. This is even truer of mature women who are single and thus free to spend their money as they wish. On the other hand if you don’t want to be part of a crowd, yet another great idea to meet cougar women would be to frequent places where they go to have a good time. The rich not only work hard to earn those millions but also like to play hard. So look in at fashionable pubs, upscale wine bars or exclusive clubs where they are likely to be found chilling out. Luxury spas and health resorts are other destinations where you might end meeting cougar women.

Approach them the right way

Now that you have a fair idea about the venues where rich cougars can be found, you need to approach them the right way. Turn out in your best at these venues if you don’t want to get overshadowed by all the pretty looking boys who throng these events for practically the same reason as you intend to. Also if you end up attracting the attention of a likely partner, ensure that you highlight some aspect of your personality like a quick wit or high-class sophistication which will set you apart from the many men who are equally eager to meet a cougar woman. Remember the competition is pretty stiff out there and no matter how persistent you are in your efforts to find a partner, you need to give evidence of something extra in order to clinch the deal. Above all, even though both parties know the real reason why you are here, don’t flash yourself as a gold-digger. Rich cougars realize the benefits of having a toy boy and are willing to spend on them too, provided you exhibit a certain class and go about it the right way. No matter how undeniable your physical assets, if you cannot bring a certain charm or finesse to the dating game, not many women would be willing to spend money on you.

Be flexible

Rich mature women who are single can be expected to be enjoy a rather independent lifestyle. She is likely to be far busier than you with her work. And even if she is a wealthy heiress or divorcee without the need to put in ten to twelve hours a day at the workplace, still she would have her own interests and social circle in which you may not figure at all. Overall she would prefer to keep a schedule of her own convenience instead of kow-towing to the needs of men in her life; she will come and go as she pleases and will not feel compelled to answer to anyone. Also the fact that she earns much more than you do means that all major spending decisions reside with her. Essentially it is an unequal relationship not only in terms of money but also the influence and regard that comes with financial success. When getting into a relationship with a rich cougar, you should be prepared for all this and if you are the kind to fume and fret while his woman is having a good time on her own, dating a rich cougar may bring more difficulties than benefits. On the other hand, if you are not the type to take yourself too seriously, dating a rich cougar could turn out to be a fun experience - the sense of freedom and adventure that such a single woman brings to the dating table is hugely attractive apart from her own dynamism and fun-loving personality.

Finally an important part in having a successful relationship with a rich cougar is recognizing when it is time to move on. Though there are wealthy single women marrying younger guys every day, a rich cougar may not be primarily looking for marriage when she starts dating you. A younger man is mainly satisfying company for such a woman who appreciates the energy and the vitality that a cub can bring, not to mention the big ego boost that she gets by being publicly seen with a hunk of a guy. Such relationship dynamics are unlikely to be long-lasting and the sooner you accept this, the better. Instead of getting financially and emotionally dependent on your cougar girlfriend, use the relationship as an opportunity to know an amazing mature woman and give each other the happiness that you both deserve.