How to Meet Rich Men in Florida

Florida in United States is not just known for its largesse of Sun, Sand and Surf. It is also the state which attracts one of the highest percentages of millionaires, whether as retirees or vacationers, thanks to its combination of natural beauty and economic policies. So if you are looking to meet and date rich men, the Sunshine state offers you one of the best chances of success.

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Haven for wealthy retirees

The coasts of United States have always attracted the wealthiest people in the country – think San Francisco’s Silicon Valley on the Pacific side, oil-rich Texas on the Gulf coast and New York’s financial districts near the Atlantic. However it is Florida which seems to be a particular favorite with the millionaires, both long-timers and the nouveau riche. A 2006 report on the top ten cities with the wealthiest households published by financial news website 1 shows that at least three of them are in the state of Florida. At the third place in the list is Naples and Marcos Island area in Florida owing to its large population of wealthy retirees as well as other well-heeled Floridians. In fact most of the area’s residents can be found owning two or three homes - whether for their own private use or to rent out to vacationers. The town also has the highest number of golf holes per capita than any other place in the United States, yet another evidence of the good life that its wealthy residents are used to. This concentration of rich retirees in Florida is good news for women looking to meet potential partners who are as loaded as they come. This is because with plenty of waterfront properties and upscale shopping arcades, Florida and its exclusive retirement havens are ideal for those with relaxation on their minds and money in their bank accounts.

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Paradise for rich vacationers

Miles of sun-kissed beaches and a balmy climate have made Florida one of the favourite draws for rich vacationers from all over the country and even from various parts of the world. Miami and Palm Beach are the hottest of Florida’s vacation spots where exclusive resorts like the Marriott’s Key Largo Bay Beach Resort, the Boca Raton, Four Seasons, Ponte Vedra, La Playa, cater to the well heeled guests. For those seeking rich dates, it would be a good idea to frequent some of these upscale locations and if lucky you might even bump into a single millionaire eager to have some company while soaking in the sun. Apart from the usual hotspots, there are yet other slightly removed beach towns in Florida like the Vero Beach which attract well-to-do vacationers as well as retirees and their families. Called the "Treasure Coast" for the riches washed up on its beaches centuries ago from shipwrecks, there's still plenty of wealth turning up in the Vero Beach area and for those looking to join the Gold Rush, this is as good a destination as any.

Other than its beaches, Florida also attracts a huge number of vacationers for its various amusement parks and theme resorts, especially in the Orlando area. Among the top draws are the Universal Orlando Resort, Busch Garden, Sea World and of course the Walt Disney World which is the largest vacation resort in the world. While theme parks are not exactly the first places that come to mind as recreational draws for the super wealthy, who knows a single millionaire might want to have some fun the plain old-fashioned way and turn out to be regulars at any of these resorts.

Centers of commerce and culture

Florida City, Miami, Jacksonville and South Florida Metropolitan areas are among the most populous cities of Florida as well as those that form the mainstay of the state economy. While Miami is a buzzing center of media, entertainment, fashion and tourism, Jacksonville acts as a hub of military, finance, transportation and industrial activities. As such these cities are where the movers and shakers of Florida’s economy are located and would be the ideal places to come across successful bankers, high-flying industrialists, media moguls as well as hot shot movie and television stars. However Florida is also known for its vibrant cultural life and is home to some of the most opulent and well-endowed art galleries, orchestras, museums and theaters in the country. Areas like Sarasota, Bradenton and Venice in Florida are particular known for attracting the wealthy patrons of art and culture. So if your romantic fancies among men tend to lean towards those with refined tastes as well as deep pockets, these cultural nooks in Florida would be among the ideal places to explore.

Attractive Financial policies of the state

Florida is one of the nine states in US that do not impose personal income tax on its residents. This acts as a crucial factor in drawing many rich businessmen who are looking to settle in a state where they need not pay a chunk of their personal income to the government. While Florida once had a tax on ‘intangible personal property’ held on the first day of the year and which took into account stocks, bonds, mutual funds, money market funds and the like, even this was abolished in early 2007. As a result the state not only attracts wealthy entrepreneurs but also rich retirees who are eager to save their assets from high taxation.

All these factors make Florida one of the states with the best chances of throwing a woman in close proximity to millionaires. However an element of luck is always necessary to ensure that the guy with the greenback is available and not already married. So do your homework, pick out the resorts and beaches where the wealthy hang out and then put your best foot forward. And who knows all that hard work might pay off in the end when you get to have your own beachfront villa looking across miles of white sandy beaches and turquoise blue oceans.