How to Marry a Rich Man


Ever so often you get to hear the familiar ring of “Money can’t buy me love”, whether in songs, movies or romance fiction. But few would argue about money’s power to make you healthy, comfortable and happy too. So if you are a woman and thinking of getting hitched to a man who can give you the kind of life you have always dreamed about, here are a few ways of making it happen.

Conceptualize your dreams

Simply wishing to marry a rich man is a vague proposition. You have to determine at the outset the exact kind of life you want to lead in order to be happy. For instance you may get to hear that an acquaintance from work has snagged a billionaire and is flying in private jets to the French Riviera and setting the casinos on fire. And yet this may not be the kind of life you aspire to, yourself. You would much rather have a teak and marble mansion in the suburbs with a battery of domestic staff to wait on you and membership to an exclusive country club. It is important to understand that two people may want different things out of life, things that require different levels of money. Thus what is rich enough for you may not be rich enough for your friend, but that does not make one set of aspirations superior or inferior to the other. It is important to clearly conceptualize what you want in life so that you are not confused by someone else’s dreams, no matter how glamorous they sound.

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Put a number on it

More importantly, having a clear idea of the kind of life you want to lead will help you calculate exactly how rich a potential husband must be. Make a list of all the comforts and luxuries you wish to have and then after adding a healthy margin, try to arrive at a figure. A good way to go about doing this is to close your eyes and think of a time when you experienced wealth around you. It may have been on a tour in a historical mansion or it may have been when you accompanied a co-worker to an exclusive country club. Whatever it was, it meant money to you and you felt a desire to live that way. Try to visualize every detail of the desired lifestyle, starting from the color and texture of the furnishings to the details of the sprawling landscaped outdoors. Once you have conceptualized all this, move ahead to crystallizing your dream lifestyle into a figure which could be an annual income of anything from one million to twenty million dollars and maybe even more. Don’t balk at the number because if you are going to invest considerable time and effort in looking for a rich mate, you may as well aspire for an annual income which truly fulfills all you needs and desires.

Be realistic

If you want to marry a guy who is rich, you need to understand that this is already your foremost criterion for the ideal partner. At the very most you can look for a guy who possesses another quality apart from wealth; thus you can hunt around for a mate who is rich and well-mannered or rich and generous or rich and young. When looking to marry money, it is extremely important to have realistic goals – if you are bent on seeking a partner who will be kind, generous, funny, young, handsome romantic, sporty and rich, you are simply living in a fool’s paradise. Indeed it is highly possible that you are using your extensive list of character­istics and qualities to eliminate everybody you meet for one reason or another. In the end you may find that the one person you think is ideal, does not want you in turn. So if you wish for a rich mate, you need to have an open mind; you cannot be too restricted by your list of characteristics of a ‘Super-spouse’. And in any case at some level, almost everyone chooses to love a particular person instead of “falling” in love, willy-nilly as is shown in love-stories.

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Set behavioral objectives

If you have found a partner who is rich and decent enough for you, it is not enough to be in a stagnant dating relationship with him. You need to set behavioral objectives in your partner which will signify the various levels of your relationship and your progress in reaching your final goal – marriage. For instance level one in your relationship may signify the time your partner buys you expensive gifts. You may have reached level two when you buy something expensive on your own choice and your partner pays for it. Level three could be when assumes regular payments of some sort—i.e., rent, car payment, student loan.

Be prepared to take tough decisions

If you are determined to marry a rich man, you may have to get out of your present comfort zone and take proactive steps in finding and meeting potential partners. For this you may need to move to a bigger city or take up a job in another industry which will put you in touch with larger number of rich singles. Then again if you believe that your personal project of seeking a rich mate will not meet approval of your family and friends, you may have to cut ties with them or limit your exposure to them. Also you may have change your apartment or hang out with a new set of people. All these steps may seem scary in the beginning but are important if you are serious about your goal of getting a rich partner. Above all you will have to develop a thick skin since there will always be some people who will criticize you if they figure out that you are seeking a mate among the rich. But then keep in mind that everyone is seeking a mate according to some criteria or other. They criticize your values only because your values do not agree with theirs. In the end each of us has to live our own life and be responsible for our own choices. Your choices and aspirations are yours and as long as you are not breaking any laws, it is nobody else’s business whom you choose for a mate.