Why Marrying Someone Rich Makes Sense for a Divorced Woman


One of the signs that you are on your way to rebuilding your life after a divorce is when you begin dating again. This is a good time to enjoy a renewed sense of freedom and the absence of any pressures in your present relationships. However it would be a good idea to take your time before committing yourself to anyone in particular. And if at all you meet you meet someone you want to settle down with, it might make more sense to see that he is financially successful.

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The chief reason why it is prudent to go for a wealthy partner is that in many cases divorced women stand to lose alimony once they remarry. Though laws governing marriage and divorce vary from one state to another in the United States, most often the receiving party is no longer eligible to receive alimony once they remarry. This leaves a divorcee with varying expenses to meet which may range from necessities like food and clothing to children’s schooling and certain lifestyle comforts too. In fact women who seek divorces primarily as a way to earn huge amounts of spousal support from their rich husbands may even have got used to living in a lavish way from the money received as alimony. For all these women remarriage must be considered from a practical rather than emotional point of view. While remarrying if you settle for a guy who cannot take care of your and your children’s needs and comforts, you might end up making a bad bargain. There will not only be a decline in your standard of living on account of absence of funds from alimony but after some you may find the shortfall in disposable income negatively affecting your new marriage. Once you get used to a comfortable standard of living and then find that your new partner cannot provide the same to you, it becomes difficult to pull along and consequently you may end up having fights. So it is best to go for a successful man when looking to remarry after a divorce. Not only you will be able to maintain the lifestyle you have got used to – thanks to the alimony – but you actually stand to secure your kids and your own future as well.

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While it is common for divorce courts to stop the receiving party from getting alimony once he/she remarries, the actual provisions regarding alimony, length of its payment as well as situations arising from remarriage are clearly spelt out in the final divorce decree. So if a divorced woman wishes to remarry, whether or not she continues to receive alimony will finally depend upon the provisions laid out in the divorce decree. A court will rarely carve the alimony provision out of an agreement while leaving the remaining provisions intact since the continuance of an agreement to pay alimony after the recipient remarries must be considered alongside other provisions of divorced settlement like division of marital property. Sometimes in case of a divorce it may happen that the party paying the alimony keeps the home, with substantial equity, but instead of paying for part of that equity, the person makes alimony payments over time. In such a situation a court might not agree to end the alimony after remarriage of the receiving partner. Thus if a divorced woman has an astute divorce lawyer and depending upon her particular case, she might be allowed to continue to receive alimony even after her remarriage which translates into a win-win situation.

Sometimes a good way to find a rich partner is to go online. This is especially convenient for recently divorced women who may not be comfortable enough to jump into the dating game right away and yet wish to date only those men who are financially successful. There are several dating sites which specifically cater to the relationship needs of divorced men and women and even single parents. However dating someone online comes with its own set of pros and cons; on one hand you can specify from the outset the kind of partners you want to meet like those from certain professions or those who fall within a certain salary bracket. At the same time however, it is easier to fake job profiles and payscales when not meeting someone face to face. Divorced women looking for rich partners online should use extra care to check out professional and financial credentials before they commit themselves to a relationship. In the end it is always better to go for reputed dating sites where you need to become a subscribed member rather than looking for a partner at free dating sites – after all a guy who is financially well-off should not be too miserly to spend a few bucks at a site which offers chances at a potential relationship.

And finally the best part about choosing a rich man for remarriage is that in case you end up divorcing him, you will stand to gain a higher level of alimony than before. Among the conditions that divorce judges consider while determining the quantum and period of alimony is the present and future financial prospects of the wealthier party. If you have not caused the marriage to break apart and if your husband earns far more than you do, as a divorced woman you stand a fair chance of receiving handsome alimony from your newly-estranged husband.

While no relationship should be entered upon the future premise of a breakup, in the end it always pays to consider a situation from all points of view, including the practical. If you have already gone through the traumatic process of one divorce, it is only fair that the second time round you minutely evaluate a prospective relationship in view of the emotional as well as material support it can afford you.