How to Tell If Someone you're Dating is a Gold Digger


A gold digger is someone who will latch on to a person who can provide gifts, expensive vacations, dinners at fancy restaurants, etc. In exchange, they will often pretend to be interested in you. Most gold diggers have an attitude that they have to be taken care of by you. And by “taken care of” I mean taking care of her daily expenses, credit card bills and other special needs. And, this my friend can very often cost the moon.    
Not all gold diggers are after money. Some gold diggers are in search for fame. Contrary to popular belief, gold diggers can be both men and women. Many young men proactively seek older financially independent women so as to have an easy access to money and power.  And gold digging need not be restricted to a heterosexual relationship. Most rich men attract 'friends' who are just looking for freebies.  

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It is necessary to be able to spot a gold digger if you’re the kind of guy/girl who is generous. If you’re known to take the tab very often and you shower people with gifts for no reason, being able to tell if the person you’re attracting is a gold digger is imperative. You like to have a good time and don’t mind paying for a few people just so they can have a good time with you. Well, I have news for you…when you’re indulging in these “philanthropic” activities, the attractive gold digger seated at the bar is gauging your worth and is making mental notes about how to make a move on you.

Fortunately, there are a few cues you could look for if you want to spot a gold digger.

A gold digger is always around when times are good. Think celebrations, festivities, parties, shopping sprees and the like. They’ll always be like moths to a flame. A gold digger aspires to a certain lifestyle and because he/she cannot pay for it, the second best thing is to cling to someone who can. So, they are often seen in company of people who host or attend parties. They will always feign interest in a man who travels a lot, attends many galas or loves to dine out often.

Some gold diggers will blatantly ask for gifts. Some use techniques like sulking and moping till they’re pampered. They could be irate and downright disgusted that you’re not treating them right.

Gold diggers are never around when times are bad. So if your bank balance has hit rock bottom or your merger didn’t go as well as you planned, the gold digger is out that door. If you’re going through some legal issues and you need some emotional support, call your mom because your gold digging partner is probably out at a party looking for the next victim.

When you ask a gold digger what he/she wants to do for the weekend, he/she will never suggest a free jazz concert. They will always suggest going to an elite club, an expensive restaurant or shopping for designer clothes.

Most gold diggers will often directly ask for money for rent and bills. Sometimes, they will drop hints that they are having financial difficulties. They, often, position the monetary assistance as a loan till things get better despite the fact that there are no indications of them getting financially independent. They will massage your ego and emotionally blackmail you into thinking that you are a decent person and that you don’t want to see them in trouble.

Gold diggers always have a meter running. They are always pushing for gifts and keen on going on shopping trips. They want to acquire as much as they can when the going is good. Shoes, bags, dresses, jewelry…anything that they can get out of you.

Even if they’re in a so called 'relationship' with a rich enough partner, they are constantly looking for bigger fish to fry. So if you’re with your new attractive girlfriend and she seems to have more than a passing interest in how much your partner makes, be wary.

Right from the first time you meet a gold digger, your instincts will tell you something’s not quite right. After all, who asks you about how much you make in a year. If she asks you how many houses you own, be alert. If this is quickly followed by queries about your relationship status—single, divorced, widower—and whether you have kids, avoid her like the plague. She has already visualized you as her very own walking ATM.  

Always get his/her background checked. Check for debts and scandals. If he/she has never had a proper job and has moved a lot, then don’t dismiss it by saying she’s probably bohemian. Ask to meet their family. You can tell a lot about the person by knowing about their family.

Typically, gold diggers find jobs that allow them to be on the prowl; however, they will avoid a lot of hard work as it comes in the way of the entrapment. So be watchful and alert in target rich places such as hotels, resorts, spas, clubs, etc. You will not find a gold digger in a book store or an art gallery.

You should be careful if he/she won't discuss his/her financial status with you. If he/she evades the topic when asked about the source of income, be alert. If you find that there’s some incongruity in the lifestyle and the income, consider it a red flag.

Gold diggers often use sex as a reward for a great gift or an expensive night out. So, the next time, you have a great romp in bed, think back to the evening and understand that it’s the diamond solitaire. Sometimes, gold diggers will not indulge in sexual activities unless their demands have not been met.

Most gold diggers have certain similar behavior patterns. They are selfish and will only “sacrifice” or do things when they know they’re getting something in return. They could be ambitious but will most often be lazy. They may have grand plans for life and what they want from it but will never get off their lazy behind to do anything. Gold diggers are manipulative and will always get what they want. The will most certainly lack empathy when you’re in trouble or hurting.