Black Millionaires in USA - Finding a Black Millionaire to Date and Marry


Millionaires come in all varieties in the modern world. The days of the financial pyramid being dominated and monopolized by white males are quickly changing. So what does this mean for you, as a black individual looking to find a life partner? In short, it means that you don't have to look just for a pretty face and a compatible personality; we all know that a pretty wallet makes a pretty face prettier and that dollar signs are among the best personality traits there are. So how do you find black millionaires?

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The best city in the United States to find wealthy black people is without a doubt Atlanta. The population in Atlanta is roughly 60% African American and many famous hip hop acts (and others who have the potential to become famous) are based out of this vibrant city. Furthermore, there are some some very high profile businesses with headquarters in Atlanta including Coca-Cola, UPS, AT&T, Home Depot and Delta Airlines, so even those who aren't in the entertainment industry often have some very secure and high paying careers. Atlanta is by far and away the best city to meet wealthy black people, so plan a trip.

The industry of professional athletics in the United States is chalked full of black millionaires. The NBA is absolutely dominated by black men (over 80%) and the NFL, while not quite to the same degree as the NBA, is also comprised primarily of black men (around 65%). The best way to meet these guys in such a way that you might be able to get an actual conversation is to go behind the stadium after a game and wait patiently for the limos to arrive. When the athletes start to leave it's time to pounce. It might not be the classiest method for meeting men but I'm sure you'd be willing to sell a smidgeon of ephemeral dignity for the right price, and these men all (even the third string bench guys) have enormous amounts of money at their disposal. As a man searching for the wealthiest of black women, the WNBA also presents a similar opportunity. The advantage for men in this regard is that (with all due respect) the WNBA is not exactly made up of the most attractive women in the world. They are (for the most part) unusually tall and masculine and realistically they probably weren't the romantic targets of the best looking guys in their youth. Money and extreme success are pretty good replacements but you may be able to prey on their old insecurities in some cases.  

The music industry also has its share of black millionaires. The genres of hip hop and R&B are almost entirely made up of black men and women (with exceptions; but the percentage is comparable to that of the NBA). Meeting high profile successes like these can be difficult but if you make the right connections it's possible. Try to make friends with people who have jobs at local concert venues. There are usually many security guards, lighting specialists, sound engineers and others employed at any given concert venue to help the musicians and their staffs run shows smoothly. Go to a concert and hang around the venue way too long after the concert and you'll stand a good chance at meeting some of these guys. Pretend to take interest (you may not need to pretend; these peoples' jobs allow them to interact with world famous acts regularly) and they'll probably be flattered. Develop a friendship and you might be able to negotiate some leeway with regards to getting backstage at a later show.

When you've found yourself in that ideal relationship with the black millionaire, show respect and be appreciative, but also assert your individuality and strength. Let's get real; most black people who have found their way to wealth in the United States didn't get there by privilege. They got there by overcoming odds and being strong enough individuals to better themselves consistently regardless of surroundings. Show yourself to be the same type of individual and you're much more likely to develop a mutually respectful relationship that won't end in you being dumped, which is what you want to avoid.  

Stay away from prenuptial agreements if at all possible. The whole point of marrying a millionaire is ultimately money in your pocket and a prenuptial agreement (in most cases) threatens that. Tell your spouse to be that love is your only motivation and that a prenuptial agreement goes against the romance of your relationship. If you can deliver this message convincingly and with legitimate passion then you may well be able to get through to your partner. Don't go so far as to say you'll leave unless the agreement is pulled from the table (that could blow up in your face) but make your anger with the implications of your partner choosing to draft such a document very apparent.  If there's no way out of it then hire a lawyer (it'd be pretty hypocritical of your spouse to get angry about this) and try to make sure that the prenuptial agreement is as mutually advantageous (i.e. advantageous for you) as possible.

It's hard to imagine too many things that would be better than being a millionaire, but one that comes pretty close is dating and marrying a millionaire. You can live the lavish lifestyle without putting forth all the annoying effort associated with actually earning the money you spend. And on top of that if worse comes to worse and your relationship fails you can divorce your spouse, take a boatload of money, and magically be a lot more attractive as you delve back into dating. There's very little to lose by at least taking a shot, so go make your millions.