How to Meet Rich Men in Birmingham, England


Often referred to as the Second City in England, Birmingham is only second to London in terms of commercial importance and size of population. An erstwhile center of the Industrial Revolution, today Birmingham has the second-largest economy in the country. So, if you want to meet a single man who will take care of both emotional and material needs, Birmingham is one of the best cities in England to begin your search.

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Look for the Industrial Barons

Birmingham was the second largest hub of the nineteenth century Industrial Revolution which put England among the foremost economies of the world. Nicknamed ‘the City of Workshops’, Birmingham’s industrial activity was helped along by an extensive canal network, arrival of railways as well as nearby mineral resources. Even though today much of the earlier focus on industries has declined, Birmingham’s manufacturing and engineering plants remain an important part of its economy and its executives among the best paid professionals of the city. Among the most renowned products which are manufactured here are Jaguar cars in the suburbs of Castle Bromwich as well as Cadbury Trebor Bassett in neighboring Bourneville. So in your search for rich single Brummies, look out for the industrial barons or the high-flying CEOs of the manufacturing sector.

The Fat Cats of Finance

Despite its historical importance as an industrial hub, modern Birmingham’s economy is largely driven by the financial services sector. In fact the city’s services sector was responsible for about 78% of the city’s economic output and 97% of the economic growth was according to 2003 figures provided by the Office of the National Statistics, UK. Two of England’s largest banks – the Lloyds Bank and now known as the Lloyds Banking Group as well as the Midlands Bank and now known as HSBC were founded in Birmingham and today the city is the third largest financial center of the country. Very recently Birmingham was named by renowned real estate services firm Cushman and Wakefield as the third-best place in England to start a business 1. All these facts indicate that Birmingham has a large pool of financiers, bankers, insurance and wealth consultants many of who easily take away more than a million a year. That's not just someone rich from a real estate boom but people who make millions every year from their profession. So if you interested in getting cozy with the finance fat cats of the city, frequent the upscale watering holes and diners of the business district like those located on Colmore Row, Cobalt Square, the City Center and beyond like the Hagley Road. Rich men abound in these districts and finding single rich men among them should be easy.

Check out the campus

Birmingham is home to three universities which are among the largest in the country. The University of Birmingham, the Aston University and the Birmingham City University together with other two university colleges account for a sizeable number of people who are engaged as teaching staff or in the research and development sector. And even though professors and researchers may not make as much money as businessmen and financiers, the easy and comfortable lifestyle enjoyed by most of the academia is good enough to attract many a prudent single woman. So if you get a chance to attend university functions, fests and convocation parties, don’t give them a miss. If lucky, you just might make the acquaintance of a single professor looking for an attractive woman like you to brighten up his days. Some professors are also consultants to major corporations and have a large income every year. You can certainly meet older rich men among this lot.

Meet the out-of-towners

Birmingham attracts one of the highest number of visitors among all the cities in England. While a large number of them are foreign tourists, a sizeable portion is also made up of business travelers who fly in from other financial centers of the country or the world. The most important business conference location in Birmingham is known as the Convention Quarter and includes two centers the International Convention Center as well as the National Exhibition Center. The best way to meet successful businessmen and entrepreneurs would be attend the many exhibitions, trade shows and conventions which are held at these venues almost round the year. Also frequent the cafeteria and coffee shops in these locations and you may be lucky enough to strike up a conversation with a guy in an expensive suit. Look for regulars who come there for business meetings and you can meet rich and successful professionals.

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Go shopping

Birmingham is among the foremost retail destinations in England. The country’s busiest shopping center, the Bullring, is located here as is the largest departmental store outside London, the House of Fraser, on the Corporation Street. In fact with an annual turnover of 2.43 billion Sterling Pounds, the Birmingham City Centre is the third largest retail center in the whole of England. So while you browse through the upscale shopping destinations of Birmingham like the Bullring and the Mailbox, don’t forget to linger a little longer at the high-end retail stores of men’s apparel, grooming and lifestyle products. Ralph Lauren, Polo, Lacoste, Versace and Armani are some of the brands most favored by rich and fashionable men and who knows the guy shopping next to you at one of these retail stores might turn out to be single as well.

Frequent affluent neighborhoods

The long association of Birmingham with industrial activity means that some neighborhoods in the city are better developed than others. Among the residential areas in Birmingham which command some of the highest real estate are Edgbaston, Mosley, Harborne, Hall Green, Bourneville and to some extent Handsworth, Bartley Green and Kings Norton. However if you do not mind going a bit further towards the edge of the city, you could come across some pretty affluent neighborhoods like  Sutton Coldfield, Shirley, Knowle and Solihull. The easiest way to mingle with rich single men would be to buy a place at any of these neighborhoods but if you find that way beyond your resources, make it a point to frequent places where they are likely to hang out like coffee shops, supermarkets or even the local park.

Finding a rich single man to date is as much a matter of hard work as good luck. However once you know where to look and how to spot them, you may be well on your way to getting the guy of your gilded dreams.