10 Richest Hollywood Female Actors and Who they have been Dating

Besides being the leading ladies of Tinseltown, these actresses are also some of the highest grossers of Hollywood. Here is a brief list of the ten richest female actors and what they are worth in terms of US dollars.

  1. Sandra Bullock

    Leading the pack of Hollywood’s richest ladies is Sandra Bullock who’s estimated worth is $85 million. Popular for essaying a wide variety of roles from action to romantic comedies like in Speed and Miss Congeniality, she has received critical acclaim for her recent film, The Blind Side. Bullock’s recent earnings are estimated to be to the tune of $56 million.

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    After being in a series of high-profile relationships with football player Troy Aikman, Austin musician Bob Schneider and actors Matthew McConaughey as well as Ryan Gosling, Bullock married Jesse James, motorcycle builder and host of Monster Garage. However following revelations of James’ repeated infidelity during their marriage Bullock filed for divorce this year. She has however continued with her adoption of a little girl as a single parent.
  2. Reese Witherspoon

    With an estimated earnings of $32 million over the past year, Reese Witherspoon easily falls into the group of Hollywood’s highest-paid female actors. Most popular as Elle Woods in the Legally Blonde series, Witherspoon has also starred in major films like Pleasantville, Twilight, Sweet Home Alabama and Walk the Line for which she received Academy, Golden Globe and BAFTA Awards for Best Leading Actress.

    Witherspoon was married actor Ryan Philippe for a period of seven years during which they became parents of a son and a daughter. After their divorce came through in 2007, there was speculation in the media about Witherspoon’s relationship with actor Jake Gyllehal. However recently they appear to have split and moved their own ways.

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  3. Cameron Diaz

    Best known for her roles in romantic comedies like There’s Something About Mary and My Best Friend’s Wedding, the blonde beauty continues to experiment with off-beat roles like in Vanilla Sly as well as action flicks like Charlie’s Angels. Her latest hit in Knight and Day is ample proof that Diaz continues to be among the leading ladies of Hollywood whose recent earnings are reckoned to be in the range of $32 million.

    Diaz has been romantically linked with a series of actors including her There’s Something About Mary co-star Matt Dillon and then with singer/actor Jared Leto. Diaz also dated popular singer Justin Timberlake for three years during which the couple were infamously involved in an altercation with the paparazzi. As of now, Dias is believed to be dating baseball star Alex Rodriguez who plays for the New York Yankees.
  4. Jennifer Aniston

    Yet another popular rom-com actress to figure on the Hollywood rich list is Jennifer Aniston. As Rachel of the long running TV series Friends and the female lead of box office successes like Bruce Almighty, Along Came Polly, Marley & Me, and He's Just Not That Into You, Aniston is one of the most in-demand actresses in Hollywood, a fact that perhaps explains her recent earnings of $27 million and her estimated net worth of $110 million. She has also appeared in several independent films like She’s the One, Office Space and Good Girl for which she has received all-round critical appreciation.

    In the early years of her career, Aniston dated several people like her TV costar Charlie Schlatter, musician Adam Duritz and actor Tate Donovan. However it was with actor Brad Pitt that Aniston had her first high-profile relationship. After being together for two years, the couple married in 2000 in a private ceremony in Malibu. But five years later, Aniston filed for divorce amid media speculation that Pitt was seeing his Mr. and Mrs. Smith co-star Angelina Jolie. Since her divorce, Aniston has dated American actor Vince Vaughan, British model Paul Sculfor and singer John Mayer.
  5. Sarah Jessica Parker

    Best known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City movie as well as TV series, Sarah Jessica Parker has also assayed diverse roles in films like Honeymoon in Vegas, Mars Attacks!, Failure to Launch, Smart People  and Did You Hear About the Morgans?. She is known for her acting in theater as well besides being the face of several cosmetic brands like Garnier, Gap and her own line of clothing Bitten. All these put her recent earnings in the range of $25 million a year.

    After being in a relationship with Robert Downey Jr. for almost seven years, Parker was forced to leave reportedly because of the actors repeated drug abuse. In 1997, she married actor Mathew Broderick and five years later gave birth to their first child, a son. The couple are also parents of twin daughters through a surrogate mother.
  6. Julia Roberts

    Julia Roberts stormed into the hearts of fans worldwide with her unaffected charm in the blockbuster Pretty Woman. Then followed a slew of major releases like Steel Magnolias, My Best Friend's Wedding, Notting Hill, Runaway Bride, The Pelican Brief, Ocean's Eleven and its sequel but she received the greatest acclaim for her role in Erin Brokovich. Her recent release Eat, Pray, Love is also reported to be doing well worldwide. As a result Julia Roberts is one of most bankable female actors in Hollywood and because of which she reportedly charges at least $25 million per film. As of 2007, Roberts' net worth was estimated at $140 million.

    Currently Julia Roberts is married to cameraman Daniel Moder whom she met on the sets of The Mexican. A year after Moder divorced his then wife, he and Roberts got married in 2002. Together the couple have three children.

    Roberts had earlier been married to country singer Lyle Lovett but the marriage lasted only for two years. Before that Roberts had been romantically linked with several famous actors including Liam Neeson, Dylan McDermott, Kiefer Sutherland, Matthew Perry, and Benjamin Bratt.
  7. Angelina Jolie

    Even though Jolie’s earnings last year remained to the tune of $20 million, she is believed to be one of the richest actresses in Hollywood. This is primarily because of her asking fee of $20 million plus for each movie as well as her net worth of $27 million according to the 2009 Forbes Celebrity 100  List. While Jolie has acted in several notable films like Gina, Girl Interrupted, A Mighty Heart and The Changeling, among her biggest commercial successes are Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the Lara Croft series, Kung Fu Panda for which she gave voice and most recently Salt.

    Apart from her films and humanitarian causes, Jolie has perpetually been in the media for her highly visible relationships. After being married to and divorced from actors Johnny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton, Jolie is now in a relationship with Hollywood stat Brad Pitt. The couple have three biological children as well as three adopted children.
  8. Drew Barrymore

    Belonging to the renowned Barrymore family of actors in America, Drew Barrymore began acting as a child. After portraying varied characters as in films like Poison Ivy, Bad Girls and Boys on the Side, Barrymore established herself as a star of romantic comedies like The Wedding Singer, Music and Lyrics as well as Lucky You. Her most recent release was Going the Distance and despite the fact that it didn’t do too well, Drew Barrymore continues to be among Hollywood’s richest actresses with recent earnings of $15 million plus.

    Barrymore has been involved with a series of men besides being in and out of marriages which include those with Welsh bar owner Jeremy Long as well as comedian Tom Green. Most recently she was dating Justin Long, her co-star of Going the Distance. For a time Drew Barrymore was often described as a bisexual even though in 1997 she claimed in an interview that she had not “been with a woman in about two years”.
  9. Meryl Streep

    One of the most highly acclaimed actresses in Hollywood, Meryl Streep is also among the richest. Her recent earnings have been in the range of $13 million, buoyed up by the success of latest hits like Julie and Julia as well as Its Complicated. Streep holds the record for the highest number of nominations for both Academy and Golden Globe Awards, sixteen and twenty-five respectively. Among her films which have received the greatest critical appreciation are Sophie’s Choice, Deer Hunter and Kramer vs. Kramer.

    Meryl Streep was in a relationship with actor John Cazale until his death in March 1978. She then married sculptor Don Gummer in September the same year. The couple have four children, two of whom are also actresses.
  10. Kristen Stewart

    Kristen Stewart is the newest entry into Hollywood’s club of best-paid actresses. In the last year alone, Stewart has managed to rake in $12 million, primarily on the strength of her role as Bella Swan in the hugely popular teenage vampire drama, the Twilight film series.

    Currently Stewart is believed to be with her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson even though she has admitted to dating Michael Angarano who she worked with in an earlier film Speak.