Should you Marry a Successful Man or Someone with Potential for Success?


A fulfilling relationship depends on several factors of which a partner’s professional success is one of the most important. Financial stability in a relationship not only means being able to afford the comforts of life but also having the luxury of building hopes for the future. However not every woman is lucky enough to find a millionaire as a partner. So should you marry a successful man or get hooked to a man with potential for success and then sit back to enjoy the good things of life?

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The most obvious advantage in marrying a man who is still working his way to success rather than someone who has already made it is that in the former scenario there is far less competition. A wealthy and successful man is likely to have several female admirers, each of whom will be special in some way. There may be models with hour-glass figures, svelte professionals earning six-figure salaries themselves or rich heiresses with high political and social connections, all vying for the attentions of the guy in question. In contrast, a man who has yet to make it will have fewer women competing for his company which might present to you a valuable opportunity to work your charms. Later on, when your man proves his worth, you can take comfort in the fact that you were among the first to recognize and appreciate his potential.

A very significant advantage that a relationship with a potentially successful partner brings over one where the guy is already wealthy is that in the former, you are likely to maintain your self-respect. The moment you become interested in a successful man, you may be perceived as a gold-digger, one who is merely after his money and will jump ship as soon a better prospect comes along. A relationship with such a partneris less likely to be flattering to your self-worth and over time may even be an unhappy one because of the absence of mutual respect and trust in such a partnership. On the other hand, if you lavish your affections on a man with the potential for success, you are more likely to get the love, respect and trust as a partner who believed in him even when others didn’t and the promise was yet to bear fruit. Any relationship which is based on mutual respect and trust has a much greater probability of surviving than one based on suspicions about each other’s motives.

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Moreover a man who is still working his way to success is likely to be far younger than those who have already established their credentials. Unless one is “into the manor born”, it may take years for someone to reach a level of professional success where he is the toast of the town. And most often the years spent on slogging to the top are the best years of one’s youth – the best time to be in love. So if you take as your partner someone who has the potential for success but hasn’t yet tasted it, you can have the pleasures of dating a younger man while knowing that when success comes, you will be right beside him to enjoy it.

However the greatest drawback to dating a man with potential for success is that there is no guarantee that the promise will bear fruit. There are a hundred factors which could prevent your partner from getting that coveted promotion or striking that lucrative deal. In such a situation, you will have wasted your time and affections on a might-have-been while someone out there could have offered you a better quality of life. It is this practical wisdom of a bird in hand being worth than two in the bush which leads some women to struggle to be noted by a successful man rather than wait for a seemingly ordinary guy to prove his worth.

But before you decide to stake your all to winning the heart of the wealthy single, consider if he is actually rich or just addicted to a high consumption lifestyle. In today’s credit-driven economy, it is not really difficult to wear Armani suits and drive a BMW. You can dine at all the finest restaurants and have your wine ordered from the most distinguished vineyards from France. But unless you have assets which are increasing your net worth all the time, you cannot truly claim to be rich. Conversely, many men who seem to lead a frugal lifestyle, staying away from the glitz of lifestyle events and the glamour of the cocktail circuits are in fact millionaires who are quietly working on multiplying their wealth. So do a bit of background checking to see that your Rolex-flashing boyfriend has actually enough funds stashed away in his bank accounts and is not living his ostentatious lifestyle on credit.

Finally it appears that the best kind of guy to marry is one who is financially sound. Whether already successful or in the process of making his way, this is the type who will always be clear about his debits and credits and never be confused regarding his financial priorities. This man will rarely exceed his credit card limit since being in debt means that he lack control over his finances. But together with basic financial acumen, he will also know how to invest, where to put his money so that it multiplies. While all this nitty-gritty of finances may not seem appealing at first glance, it is the type of men who keep track of every cent spent that eventually make it big. So learn to recognize the qualities of a financially sound personality and then even when you cannot land a wealthy partner, you will know how to spot one who has enough potential to rise to the top before long.