How to Marry into Old Money - Traditionally Rich Families


Even in these times of internet billionaires and mercurial stocks, old money has continued to command respect and admiration. Families who have inherited property and businesses over several generations not only wield immense clout among the decision-makers of society but are often associated with the finest lifestyles. So if you are single and looking to bask in the glow of established lineage and privilege, here are a few tips which may help you to marry into old money.

Educate yourself

Old money is simply not about earning billion-dollar profits – it implies a distinctive mindset, one which is associated with refined tastes and aesthetic leanings. The rich born into old money are more likely to have expensive paintings, sculptures and object d’ art surrounding them since the time they are born as compared to those who have made their money in adulthood; thus more often than not, the former are aware of the finer differences between Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Art as easily as they are able to discourse on the history of oil or timber trade. So in order to catch the attention of a single from this class, you need to nurture your own mind and intellect. Study classical literature, music, history and art. The difference between Debussy and Dickens may not matter to a traveling salesman but if you look nonplussed during such a discussion with the rich son or daughter of a timber baron, you can kiss your chances of marrying into old money goodbye.

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An even better preparation for marrying into money is to study business since the more you know about money, the better. Look for careers that will help you to meet single rich men. Wealth management is naturally the first option that springs to mind considering all those billionaires who are adding on to their millions every year need to know about ways they can multiply their assets or keep them safe from the taxman. However apart from banking and investment consultancy, you can also explore other financial services like insurance since the rich  need to insure all sorts of things – their businesses, factories, houses, paintings, yachts, horses and what not.

Dress appropriately

Old money is all about class and discretion. Thus the wealthy heir or heiress of an old moneyed family is likely to be traditional rather than experimental in tastes. You would do better to attract such a partner if you are guided by sophistication while adopting a personal style instead of going for a grungy or a well-worn look. As far as possible, stick to clean lines and silhouettes which highlight the value of timeless elegance over temporary trends. In fact a potential partner may even be conservative in his/her tastes so you may have to do away with micro-mini skirts and tight-fitting pants in order to get a second look. It is extremely important to keep in mind that dressing right has little to do with fashion and everything to do with style. This is because style relates directly to your individual dressing sense which in turn depends on your personal physical features. Adopt the right style by highlighting your plus points and minimizing your negative features. If possible, hire a stylist or makeup artist to give you tips on what will look best for you. This might be expensive but consider it an investment if you are serious about attracting a rich partner.

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Be seen at the right places

If you are looking to marry into old money, you may not have much success doing the rounds of pubs and bars in your city. To start with rich men and women wouldn’t be caught dead in a run-of-the-mill place and even if the hippest and priciest venues attract the rich and single, they are unlikely to be patronized by the traditionally wealthy. Instead you may have a better chance of making the acquaintance of an heir or heiress if you frequent exclusive auction houses or charity dinners. Many wealthy families have been avid collectors of artworks or antiques over generations.  Thus at expensive auction houses are likely to find quite a few rich guys bidding for their favorite piece and if you are lucky there may even be someone single among them. Similarly the rich and beautiful like to be associated with a favorite cause or charity; however while for the newfangled rich hosting such events is a sign that they have arrived, the older ones have been doing it for generations. Thus while a $500-a-plate dinner may tax your resources, it could be a highly effective way of rubbing shoulders with the inheritors of old money. Finally there are there are the traditional established clubs where waiting lists go back to several years and where one just cannot buy his/her way in. While it may take some hard work to get access to such exclusive venues, once there you have opportunities galore to chat up an heir sipping his single Malt or an heiress practicing her tennis shot.

Be discrete

While it is necessary to be seen at the right places in order to attract old money, spending recklessly is not. Discretion is the watchword here since the traditionally wealthy often look down upon conspicuous consumption as the trademark of the nouveau riche. So even if think whizzing past in a million-dollar sports car or wearing ten diamond rings on ten fingers would bring you in the notice of an heiress or a rich heir, you are quite mistaken. Instead you need to display elegance and class in your spending habits and possession; for instance you would do much better to turn up in a sedate black Jaguar for your date and then impress your partner by taking her to an invitations-only opera show.

Finally marrying into old money requires a delicate balancing act. You need to give evidence of your attractive qualities but cannot be seen as a show off. So even as you are calculating the worth of your date’s sprawling estate, don’t mess it all up asking him/her how much worth all that is. The cardinal sin is to appear too eager since rich heirs and heiresses are looking for a worthy partner, not a dumb, air headed arm candy. Above all, don’t talk about money or you may be thought of as a crass gold-digger. Instead cultivate the image of exclusivity, poise and sophistication and you may be surprised with an invitation to meet “the family”.