Types of Rich Men to Meet and Date


Practically every single woman wishes that she could date someone who would offer her not only financial security but also luxurious indulgences, every now and then. If you dream of being wined and dined in style, here are some types of rich men you can look around to meet and date.

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Millionaire businessmen

Entrepreneurs who pull in a seven-figure profit every year can be found in the most unexpected of places. He could be the owner of a small but popular deli just round the corner or he could have made his millions retailing organic beauty products from the neighborhood salon. Self-made businessmen who turn a seemingly quirky idea into a lucrative business venture are not that rare and can in fact turn out to be some of the most delightful people to know because of their innate sense of adventure as well as hardworking nature without which any kind of success is difficult to come by. So keep your eyes and ears open for those single men who have a way with selling ideas and stuff and who knows your friendly next-door entrepreneur may actually turn out to be a millionaire.


The Inheritors

These are the ones who have been born into money, vast business empires or blue-blooded titles. Rich men who inherit wealth from their family could be some of the easiest to spot, sometimes because of the media attention surrounding them and at times because of the million-dollar title they carry. At the same time, it could be a challenge getting access to them especially for women who do not belong to the same rarified social circles as they do. However there are quite a few examples of rich inheritors choosing to date partners who may not carry an aristocratic or widely recognized business name but still may be attractive because of their looks, intelligence or personality. If you want to come across the rich inheritors, make it a point to attend social dos at exclusive polo or yachting clubs or frequent only the most happening nightclubs in town.

The Financiers

Finance professionals like bankers, portfolio managers and insurers are among the best-paid professionals in the economy for the simple reason that they are the ones who are responsible for managing the wealth of the some of the richest people on earth. To meet the financiers who easily make a seven-figure income plus bonuses and perks, frequent the posh bars and clubs in downtown business areas. Better still get a job in a bank, investment or insurance firm where you are sure to come across the money-spinners. Dating a financier is particularly great for the wonderful sense of material security they provide and if he is sure about you, it could be the precursor of a dependable and emotionally secure relationship as well. However be prepared to share your partner with his super-rich clients since working under deadlines and zipping across the country to soothe billionaire nerves are essential part of a financer’s job.

Rich Retirees

These are so many rich old men who are looking for attractive and sympathetic partners to brighten up the last years of their lives. Many of these rich retirees are self-made millionaires who most likely had no time for love and enjoyment in their youth as they slogged through to make their millions. And now when do have the time to live it up, they perhaps find themselves without a trusted partner or surrounded by bickering relatives. If you don’t mind the age gap or the prospect of having a less than sizzling sex life, rich retirees can make some of the most supportive dates, not only materially but also in terms of emotional companionship as well. To come across such men, look around wealthy retirement communities especially those located in coastal areas or in balmy climates. Working as a personal chef, trainer, caregiver or masseuse may also help you coming in touch with rich retirees who have both the time and money to lavish on their partners.

Internet millionaires

Men like Mark Zuckerberg and Matt Mullenweg are now legendary as among the youngest billionaires on the planet. Guys who write programs and launch websites worth millions of dollars are particularly sought-after since they are usually younger than their counterparts in other lucrative professions like finance and medicine. Other advantages of dating the computer guys is that they are usually easy to get along with and have little use for inflated egos or physical narcissism. The flip side of dating these guys is that you might end up without seeing them for days together or even the weekends as they go underground working on program codes or fine-tuning their websites. However if you don’t mind a few lost weekends or a little social awkwardness, dating a geek can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your personal life.

Ivy League alumni

If you are one for riches that come gold-tinted with class, then an Ivy League grad is perhaps the guy for you. The eight private universities from Northeastern United States which make up the Ivy League are not only known for their academic excellence and vast financial prospects but are also a byword for social elitism. Some of the best-paid and most influential lawyers, educators, intellectuals and executives in the land come from these institutions. You have a pretty good chance of coming across a single from this academic and social elite at one of the many pubs and cafes in and around the university or while working for a successful Ivy League alumnus. However if you intend to make an impression on such a guy, be prepared to come off as a smart and intelligent individual as well. Relying on your physical charms may not be enough to score a hit with an Ivy League grad who has been around intelligent people for the most of his adult working life.

There are all sorts of successful guys out there looking for a partner.  The thing is to decide who will work best for you - since every lucrative career come with its own pros and cons – and then go ahead to search for your Prince Charming.