Workplace dating

Workplace and office dating.

Unemployed citizens 'missing out on office sex,' says leading Czech party!

London, May 17 (ANI): A leading party in the Czech Republic is using a controversial video to highlight that unemployment is depriving their citizens of the joys of an office fling.

The Pitfalls of an Office Romance

When people spend the greater part of the working day together, they are bound to find someone with whom they have some common interests. This often leads to sharing a few social moments and if they hit off, things are ripe for a relationship. But before you act further upon your crush on a co-worker, consider the following dangers of an office romance.

How to Meet and Date Rich Men in Alaska, USA

Located in the northwest extremity of the North American continent, Alaska is an American state rich in both scenic beauty as well as natural resources and. No wonder then that the state is home to entrepreneurs as well as professionals touching great heights in the core sectors like energy and transportation. Above all, the sex ratio in Alaska is heavier on the male side1 which means that this state is perfect if you are looking to date rich single men.

How to Meet and Date Rich Men in Alabama, USA

One of the states making up the Old South in the US, Alabama has traditionally been an agricultural economy. However now with the diversification of economy, it is being seen as a great place to live and work – especially if you are looking for a rich guy to mentor your personal life.

Workplace love likelier to lead to marriage

London, Sept 30 (ANI): A new study has found that relationships that begin in the workplace are more likely to lead to marriage than those which start somewhere else.

What to do and what not to do at workplace revealed

New York, Oct. 1 (ANI): Is it okay to give gifts to colleagues or talk about you love life at the workplace?

To answer your questions, famous etiquette authority Judith Martin has teamed up with her son, Nicholas Ivor Martin, on a new book, titled ' Miss Manners Minds Your Business', which will guide working people towards the right conduct at any workplace, while maintaining professionalism and courtesy, the New York Post reported.

Want to land a date at work? Try these secret chat-up lines

London, July 20 (ANI): Have you ever noticed why the person at the next desk is constantly asking about your weekend or holiday plans?

Well, you might want to be careful about what you say because your colleague might secretly be trying to ask you out on a date.

Seven things not to be discussed with colleagues revealed

Washington, June 27 (ANI): In all probability, you count many of your colleagues as your friends and spend more time with them than you do with you loved ones.

Types of office bullies revealed

Melbourne, June 26 (ANI): A new study suggests that rotten behaviour and office bullying will only flourish in a climate of bad management.

While bullies and their henchmen should always be punished for their actions, there are three types of managers that help create a toxic work environment.

How to Ask Out a Male Coworker

The workplace is one of the most common places where people form romantic relationships. When men and women are thrown together for around eight hours every day, it is inevitable that bonds other than strictly professional develop. Sometimes though one is held back by professional ethics and in case of women there is also the convention of the man ideally being the one to propose a date. So if you have been eyeing that groovy looking intern or have had a long crush on the guy in the next cubicle, here are some ways to ask a male co-worker out, without appearing unladylike or worse, desperate.

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