Clairaudience - Predicting the Future by Hearing Voices and Sounds and ESP


Ever since mankind became concerned with thoughts of the future, it has devoted considerable time and energy to developing various practices with the help of which events and experiences can be foretold. Some of these kinds of divination depend on use of external objects like cards, crystal or even phenomenon in the natural world like lightning and clouds. However other kinds of divination depend upon the diviner’s own internal psychic abilities and one of these methods is known as clairaudience.

At its simplest, clairaudience means clear hearing - in this sense, it can denote an ability to perceive the voices and sounds as a form of extension of extra-sensory perception. In the context of mysticism and occult, it refers to the ability to hear sounds that cannot heard by the ordinary human ear, in other words, a clairaudient person has a capacity for psychic hearing, to tune into the voices and sounds related to the spirits of dead people or from another world, a parallel reality. In the context of divination, a clairaudient person is able to hear certain messages, that either explicitly reveal what would happen in the future or that can be interpreted as pertaining to a future course of events.

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Sometimes the messages heard by a clairaudient person may be preceded by the scent of something kind related to the spirit. Most often it is a floral fragrance, representing the Flower of Life or creation, continuity with the other side in different frequencies. This is also known as Clairsentience. Sometimes the medium can experience pressure on top of the head or other chakra points in the head. Among other body sensations which may accompany the reception of clairaudient messages are chills, tingles, hair standing on end, tickles or other physical sensations.

The highly subjective and complex nature of clairaudience means that the finer points vary according to various proponents or practitioners. According to some, clairaudience cannot be termed as a kind of hearing at all – since it does not involved picking up of actual, physical sound waves with the help of ear-drums; instead is a sound picked up through thought projection in the mind. There are different levels of Clairaudience ranging from hearing the odd sound or muffled voice to full conversations being heard.

Then again there are two types of Clairaudience; subjective and objective. In case of the subjective, the clairaudient can hear words and messages internally, in the mind like the thoughts and voices in one’s own head. In the objective sense the messages are heard externally, the clairaudient person feels that the sound does not sound like it’s coming from within the mind but from outside - just as if he/she were talking to another person and the sound came from this person.

Clairaudience can also be vastly different according to how each person may experience it. Some people hear the messages in their own voice; this happens when a thought projection is received by the clairaudient individual and is interpreted through his/her own voice. On the other hand sometimes Clairaudience can be experienced just as in normal, one-to-one conversation with another individual. At such times the clairaudient person can hear the other voice bearing the marks of its individual tone, pitch and cadence. This implies that the receiver can tell whether it is a male or female voice and get an immediate understanding of the spirit’s general approach, feeling or mood.

In the context of divination, clairaudience can take either of the above forms, that is the medium can hear about things to happen in his/her own voice in the head or hear them clearly as being spoken by someone else – an inhabitant of the spirit world or another realm.

Among the most famous instances of clairaudience in history is perhaps that experienced by Joan of Arc, the famous French warrior who lived from1412-1431. Joan began hearing voice at the age of 12 when it appeared to urge her to take up arms to defend her country against the invading English armies.  This was in conjunction to the famous Maid of Lorraine prophecies which indicated that a young girl from the Lorraine region of France would lead her country in battle. In fact later in her life, she became a key character in resistance against the English in the war of 100 years .

In a more modern times, Doris Stokes became famous as a clairaudient when she offered numerous free psychic reading sessions, sometimes even recorded by television camera. She also became the author of best sellers Voices in my ear and More voices in my ear based on her experiences as a clairaudient.  In her book, Voices in my Ear, Stokes claimed that she had solved two murder cases in England, claims which were later overruled by Detective Chief Superintendent William Brooks of the Lancashire Constabulary.

There are some experts who believe that clairaudience is not so much hearing things from spirits and those that have ‘crossed over’, but rather an the ability to hear one’s own voice in the mind. This voice is usually from an aspect of person - An aspect is a part of the soul or self who exists into another reality; this meaning of an aspect is usually not recognized, therefore people who are clairaudients say that they are with their spirit guides or other entities.

Experts are also divided whether clairaudience is a psychic gift, an inborn ability or whether it can be acquired. According to some this ability can be acquired upon increased sensitivity that comes from a consistent program of power meditation; as a result, one can open one's mind to hear sounds on the astral level. The more psychically open one becomes, the more likely he/she is to encounter different sounds ranging from bells to ringing, buzzing sounds and roar of the ocean. While In the early stages of opening one’s mind, astral sounds can be heard inside of the head, as one progresses, sounds can be heard outside of the head and are much more powerful. One of the most evolved stages of clairvoyance is when the individual can hear the celestial music.